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  1. I played the demo a while back, there's a good game in there somewhere but I just couldn't cope with the controls. It was fine until a few enemies got wind of me, then it all went tits up. It's a shame but this has done nothing to change my opinion formed by Portable Ops that MGS in this format is just not suited to the PSP.

    Tried the demo again, and this is the biggest problem. The control work fine when your sneaking around, but when you get caught, its just all over the place. I found the tank boss in the demo difficult for the same reason. It could do with an auto camera, or at least a zoomed out mode or something.

  2. Vimster gave me the insipration to learn a bit more about Renoise after we were chatting about tracker programs in the retro folder. I've had a tinker with it and I've come up with the imaginatively titled


    It's old school jungle, tracker stylee. It even includes the old brute force time stretching through changing the trigger position. All the timestretching is done using hex values, and it was an utter, utter ball-ache to do, but I love the way it sounds. I stumbled on how to make the 'giant space wasp' sound from Goldie's 'Saint angel' while I was making it, and that's in there from 0:34.

    The next step is working out how to make a reece bass sound, I've got a fair idea but these things never turn out sounding how you want them to.

    Just listened to this, im feeling it!

    Proper old skool sound you got going on there, nice mix. From 2:20 the bass sound your using sounds like an 8bit chip sound.

  3. I use a USB charging cable for my Micro there's a seller on Ebay that has them for a quid. Works fine for me.

    Ive had a search and cheapest i can find are £4.50.

    Have you got a link?

  4. I have somehow lost the grey adapter that comes with the original TE arcade sticks (360), that lets you plug the headset into the arcade stick. Does anyone know where i can get one or something that will let me use my headset?

    I want to get on the lobbies with voice!

  5. There a few PS3 users in this very thread who have said that online is sublime on the PS3 version, spouting claims such as 'best netcode in any fighting game evar' - but keep in mind that everybody here is now aiming to pick up the 360 version for Rllmuk lobby action. So if you don't want to miss out on that you should maybe consider going 360 instead. Just sayin'.

    Cool, im looking at the 360 version as i dont have a ps3, but just wanted to know what the online was like :quote:

  6. I know we have been hit bad by injuries but watching games this season Torres seems like hes on his own and is running all over the place to get the ball. I think playing 2 strikers would help. We have scored lots of goals but the link between midfield and strikers seems to be missing something. Ok, theres no Alonso but with the players we have i think Torres and Kuyt/N'Gog would be the best option.

    Its been frustrating this season at times to watch us score the 1st goal in the game and then struggle/take the foot of the gas instead of going for the second goal. When were losing we still look good like last season as in the team tries hard to get back into the game.

  7. Under Rafa? It's not going to happen. I'd much prefer us to try this:






    Our bench would look a lot stronger then as well:






    Babel/Maxi (looks like he'll be here soon enough)


    Kuyt's lack of lose control has been exposed this season. I'd have him playing in and around the box where he has shown he comes alive. He's got this great knack of following everything up, as having the habit of being in the right place at the right time; a poacher's instinct, basically. Him playing high up the pitch would also obviously free Torres up a lot. I really can't see Rafa ever trying it but I'd love to see it. We worry far too much about controlling the midfield - something that we've not even managed to do properly at all this season - and it's just stifling our play.

    I agree with your point on Kuyt, hes definitely not a right midfielder and he might even get a few goals up front. The main thing is freeing up Torres because when hes up on his own the other team will just put 2 players on him.

    But this is Rafa and 2 fowards is too attacking for him.

    I would like to see Gus Hiddink.

  8. I really hope the Maxi R deal goes through but i cant see him replacing Benitez favourite player Kuyt in the starting line up. Unless hes going to play him left midfield (please no) or shock, horror - change the formation to 4-4-2.

    What do people think about 4-3-3?


    Johnson Carra Agger Insua

    Aquilani Gerrard Mascherano

    Benayoun Torres Babel


  9. This has probably been asked before but i want to watch neon genesis evangelion, but dont know where to start. Can anyone give me a list of what to watch and it what order? thanks

  10. This arrived this morning..


    ..and what perfect way to watch Kuroda's Q go postal than on this fine piece of technology which arrived on Friday.



    Size reference! the box I'm holding in my hand is F-Zero GX for the GC.


    Best of all, no lag. Perfick. (It's an SD projector btw, Panasonic PT-AE300E for £130 off ebay)

    Badass! do you find it weird playing a screen that big though? i prefer playing fighting games on my 28inch sd tv. Probably just takes a bit of time getting used to.

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