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  1. using all last gen (xbox1, gamecube and ps2) plus snes and dreamcast through rgb on my panasonic 28inch widescreen CRT.

    Also using my 360 through the same tv and with an rgb cable looks nice :P

    Im happy and dont see the need to upgrade yet.

    CRT = :lol:

  2. Madcatz are doing a couple of sticks.. one with the Sanwa parts, and another one with standard parts. Might be worth waiting on impressions on the standard stick, as it might be fine for your needs; and probably a fair bit cheaper too. There's also the 6 button 'Saturn style' pad if you don't fancy a stick... again, probably worth waiting on what others say before taking the plunge. As geldra says, Madcatz don't exactly have a peachy record with their peripherals.

    GG's to geldra, revivial, devil goh, gerbick, singho, jatpool and his mate tonight. Great fun :)

    Shame singho kept lagging and dropping. Looks like the game can't really handle 6 player lobbies too well :(

    Might be on tomorrow afternoon and definitely the weekend if anyone is up for more.

    Ye GG to all, i only managed to get 2 games in and even though many matches went the final round, was really good to watch. Lyrical Donut played some really good games, some top matches :(

  3. Its good Hori have the license too as I didnt hold much hope for the Mad Catz ones.

    Giving the current abuse of SSF2HD has had on my old Hori I will be due a new one come Feb.

    I hope the madcatz ones do come in the UK (there supposed to) at a decent price. There is a regular stick which i guess will be similar to the DOA/VF 360 Hori which is $70 and a tournament edition with supposedly Sanwa Stick and buttons for $150. I wonder how much they will be here?

  4. I've discovered that my main problem with this was the speed, ironically. I did the vast majority of my SFII playing on the original SNES and arcade versions, y'see.

    I take it online games are set at a default speed?

    Yep but it can be changed, slower or faster

  5. Getting quite a few people disconnecting which is annoying, but not during games which is the weird thing. Just entered a tournament and won every single round and the final without playing a match. Every time my match came up, selected my character and its about to go to the match but the other player disconnects/gets disconnected :wub:

    Looking foward to playing some rllmukers but my headset doesnt arrive till next week and this 360 pad is hurting my hands.

  6. Fucking hell, I can't play this at all. Moving to a new 360 pad helped a bit, but I can't even beat arcade mode on medium ffs! Daren't even try it online.

    Dont bother playing against computer its really hard, but ive whopped plenty of people online :wub: completely different to playing against computer.

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