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  1. :D aaah haway man Meh! Stop being so realistic. Probably true though.

    Has anyone played any 2d fighters over that ggpo service?

    Ive played super turbo, 3rd strike, Alpha 3 and Garou mark of the wolves and all work well. Hardly any lag and some really good players. Im playing with a crappy 360 pad and need a stick asap, holding out for a SF4 arcade stick but ive got a feeling they wont be coming to UK :D

    Oh and everyone on 360 add me will be downloading this tomorrow.

  2. Is this game definitely coming out for UK PAL PS3 owners tomorrow?

    I hope so and Wednesday for us xbox users, but the release date doesnt say anything about worldwide release date. I dont know about other xbox live games because ive never followed a release of an xbla release, are they usually worldwide simultaneous?

  3. Im about to pre-order Street Fighter 4 for the xbox 360 from game website for £27 using a £3 off voucher, just wanted to know if i select standard free delivery will i still receive the game on release day (its a friday) or possibly early? Also do game take the money for pre-order straight away or do they charge your card (debit card in my case) when the game is ready to be dispatched? reason i ask is because closer to the release date their might be an arcade stick with game bundle available.

  4. Are the Hori ones no good?

    I haven't used one so i cant say so but i haven't heard/read good things about them, in terms of reliability and motions with the stick. Modding them seem to be difficult as well if you want to use a different stick and buttons. Someone from the 3rd strike thread probably knows more like Willei.

  5. Sorry if I missed it, but do they plan to release a special Hori stick for it? Like they did with Soul Calibur?

    I'm trying to get one to use with it now, seeing as though I own VF5 - but as I can't seem to find one for less than £50, I had considered waiting for an SFIV one. If I do this though I'm going to trade off VF5 as it's unplayable without it.

    Supposedly, wait for it, MadCatz are making the official sf4 control pads and 2 types of arcade stick - A cheaper one, and a more expensive one with arcade quality parts (or so the people are speculating on Shoryuken forums) People have used the prototypes in America with mixed reviews. If they are any good (hoping for sanwa stick and buttons) and actually get released in UK il definitely get one because there is no good 360 arcade stick available without making your own :lol:

  6. I heard that thing has more lag than is reasonable for playing fighting games. It's badly overpriced too.

    I should get to play SF4 at a Neo Empire event this Sunday. Might take a few videos of some of the better UK players too. Every time I talk to someone who's played it they dismiss any criticisms I have of it on the grounds that I haven't played it. I'm hoping they'll be proved right! ;)

    Report on controls, arcade sticks use please! ;)

  7. Any impressions from the eurogamer event?

    Main reason i posted was that i found some info froma friend about the pro-evo updated 360 D-pad. Suposedly they need to program the game to use the extra directions that improves that pro-evo 360 pad - so pad players might want to hope they add that programming, get a PS2/360 converter, get used to an arcade stick (or other)

    Do any converters exist for PS2 (or anything) to 360? i thought Microsoft controllers have some special chip which don't allow other controllers.

  8. Soldering to the buttons and stick easy. Solding to a circuit board can be hard depending on what you're doing. I consider soldering to a PSX pad to be pretty easy, but I probably wouldn't have done starting out. 360 pads are all kinds of hard to solder to, but the kind of PCB you get with a stick is usually pretty easy to solder to if you want to reuse that.

    I use an 18w iron and it's fine for this kind of light electronics work. I'd suggest using a low powered iron to begin with as you'll have less chance of screwing up by overheating the PCB. Annoyingly, it'll also be a bit harder and will require more patience as everything will take a little bit longer.

    Thanks for the info. Are OBSN-30 the best buttons becuase im sure ive heard of people using OBSF-30, whats the difference?

    Original plan was to modify my dreamcast arcade with sanwa stick and buttons but the parts alone are going to cost £30 (from gremlin solutions) is it worth it? now that ive got a 360 im going to need a stick for street fighter 4 as well, and for hd remix so was also looking into making a wired 360 arcade stick. Am i better of just trying to get a 360 hori ex2 (which ive heard arent great) or wait for the madcatz street fighter 4 sticks (which look good, but no one knows how good they will be)


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