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  1. all one of you has to do is get a child and pretend he is your son.

    tell watchdog you are a bit tight with the credit crunch and were hoping to pick up a 360 from Sainsbury's for his birthday. unfortunately all the stock has been bought by a rival retailer who were then reselling it for a much higher price than you can currently afford. isn't that a monopoly or something.


  2. Having just played a few games of pes 2009 on xbox 360 i can say it seems better than 2008. I think overall fifa 09 is better but pes isnt a bad game, its just sad to see whats happened to pes as it was really good up to pes6/2008 on ps2, and its not improved. Fifa 09 isnt the best game in the world either, i found scoring really difficult but will try it again with shooting on manual (as someone has mentioned in this thread).

    The most disappointing thing for me is the player animations/motions, and 8 way directional turning. Fifa suffers with the same problem players dont run naturally. Why cant we have full analogue control :rolleyes: lets just play winning eleven 6:fe on gamecube :(

    Oh and the camera is giving me a headache when it zooms in and out

  3. Just played 4 games on the demo version of pes 2009 on PS2 and for some reason, it feels like its broken compared to 2008 and pes6. I cant explain why but the game is hard, and isnt enjoyable like 2008. It looks more or less the same but it plays worse. i hope the full release will be better, but seeing as Makelele is in the default France team shows how much Konami care about the ps2 (im sure hes retired from international football). Also, Brazil don't have Ronaldo in the squad :rolleyes:

  4. What's that? An opportunity to post a picture of my stick?


    If you're modding a DC stick and you want to keep it a DC stick, the soldering is dead easy. The pads to solder to on stick and buttons are massive and well exposed, and there's virtually no chance of doing major damage by overheating if you're sensible. If you've got all the tools (especially the Dremel and decent curved file) it's a pretty easy job. I strongly recommend using Sanwa parts in a DC mod (and in general, really...) since Seimitsu sticks will come up short due to the shaft length.

    That looks wicked, going to order 2 sanwa sticks and 12 buttons for £65 from http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SANWA-JOYSTICKS-AND-...p3286.m20.l1116

    Is that a good price?

  5. Me and my TF2 clanmates have been on a huge Street Fighter binge recently, playing Super Turbo over GGPO for a few hours each night. I might have to give that book a read sometime :)

    Just downloaded and had a few games on super turbo, its really good, didn't get any lag either. Only problem is using a 360 control pad for street fighter just isn't the same as an arcade stick :P might get a dreamcast to pc converter i think. It would be cool if we get some forum matches going :)

  6. My first visit to Trocadero yesterday and i managed to have a few goes on 3rd strike. It was a nice sit down cab and even though the medium punch button didn't work got to about the 6th round which i was happy with :unsure: The controls on the real arcade machine made playing the game much easier (way easier than my dreamcast arcade stick when pulling off moves). Ive found that people are modding the dreamcast stick using sanwa sticks and sanwa buttons.

    http://www.tychom.org/stick/ Fitting the stick and buttons seem easy enough, but im not sure about the wiring. Does it involve soldering? has anyone done this before and is it relatively easy to do?

  7. ^ Top videos again, much appreciated, always good to watch.

    So i want to get good at Third Strike but im crap, anyone got any tips for a beginner? My setup is a Dreamcast with dreamcast arcade stick. Im crap at parrying and i struggle to pull moves off consistently. My choice of character is Ryu :)

  8. I got my pal snes of someone from this forum, has a 50/60hz switch and a region switch so your sorted for 99% of Jap games and all pal games. US NTSC carts don't fit in the cartridge slot so require the slot widening or an adapter. Most pal games can be forced to run in 60hz but some dont work properly. (Like super mario world which makes the screen flicker).

  9. It's pretty good I suppose, games mostly driving/shooting, there's a large section with a bunch of dancing games, lots of old shooters, ummm... there's like a Japanese arcade style section with back-to-back fighters (third strike and whatnot).

    Yeah it's worth a visit like.

    Ok cool, il try and check it out, not like theres loads of cabs down by me. It would be nice to see the touch screen arcade cab here though :D

  10. RIP : DrumMania V2 machine in the Troc :D

    You never know though, I've got a good feeling this'll show up somewhere in the UK, seeing as it most likely won't be anywhere near as expensive as most other arcade cabinets.

    Just looked up this troc place you speak of, is it true they have over 400 games? (I'm assuming arcade games) How big is the place! A shame its in London but i will be down London in two weeks time, worth checking out?

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