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  1. HOPEFULLY the troc will have one of these machines in London, there are videos on youtube of the test gameplay btw

    Its a shame we don't get nice things like this in the UK, most likely to get randomly vandalised :(

  2. Although they still make the ps2 version its an easy money maker for them. Give the game a quick lick of paint and they can make plenty of money. The problem is they don't know what the hell there doing when making the next gen versions. I would have thought using the PS2 version as a starting point, and then just revamp the graphics was too easy/hard because it hasn't been achieved yet. I think that's what most fans would want, a game that plays well (offline and online).

  3. North-east, I believe.

    Oh, and once you're out of the desert, drive around it for a bit and get the Aqualung enemy skill. Just as good as Beta, but water-based. Don't think you can get it again for ages after that, if at all.


    I wish I didn't know all of this. I make the game far too easy for myself. :lol:

    I actually find the battles a bit annoying so the faster i can get through, more time to enjoy story,exploring etc

  4. By the way, for the Midgar Zolom, don't worry about the elemental materia; just wait 'til you reach Costa Del Sol, go into the hotel basement and get the fire ring. Then cross the ocean again and go back to the swamp. You'll be immune to Beta, but remember to equip Enemy Skill!!

    Thanks ive just got past Costa Del Sol, im in the Coral prison, its a desert and im stuck there ^_^ I need to do a chocobo race but first i need permission from the master or something. I think its this guy in a hut with two guards surrounding him, but hes also says i need permission of this mysterious master who i cant seem to find :(

  5. The game data with the exception of cutscenes (proper cutscenes, not FMV scene transitions - for example the train to the gold saucer) is identical on all 3 discs.

    Jatpool - I didn't even realised it was in Shinra HQ until I just did a google. You'll have to wait until you "lose" cloud and can visit Nibelhiem with tifa leading the party. You'll need to have played the piano in her house during the flashback in Kalm first though. You don't really need it, but it can come in handy.

    Thanks, will go back later then.

    I did play the piano in the flashback, (also attempted to take something out of her underwear drawer :blink: )

  6. A bit off topic but im about 10 hours in (at the place where i have to pretend to be a shinra soldier and attend the ceremony for Rufus), but i haven't got the elemental materia. Now do i need it and is there anywhere i can get it from? Asking mainly because i want that beta ability from that beast in the water Midgar Zolom i think? cheers.

  7. Not watched it but I've read a fair ammount of it. First section is a sort of Daily Life section and is fairly boring stuff. The arc after that, the Vongola Rings, is moderately enjoyable, on par with most shounen nonsense (everyone coincindetily getting a one on one fight with their ideal opponent etc). The current arc had some good ideas but is let down by going on for fucking ever jesus christ why won't you stop for the love of god please stop in a rather Bleach-esque manner.

    So, uh, basically if you have nothing else to do do, go for it.

    Edit: If you're after something to watch, Gintama waves at you. With examples:


    Thank you for that recommendation, watched ep 1 and 2 and it seems great. A lot of stuff going on about nothing :)

  8. Also read something interesting on the Liverpool website just now about Riera.

    Guillem Balague believes the winger will make the most of his second spell in the Premier League after claiming City did not take full advantage of the 26-year-old's strengths. "He was not given the opportunity to play in his natural, attacking, position at City," he wrote on his website. "He spent his time there being used as a wing back: his natural position is a winger in a 4-2-3-1 formation."

  9. If Benitez insists on playing 442 at least use some players with pace on the wings. Babel, El Zhar should be playing. I don't know about Riera but he is a left sided midfielder so could solve the left side problem. I think even Pennant deserves a go as Kuyt should only be used as a foward, and I'm not sure what Benayouns best position is but like Kuyt doesn't really work as a wide midfielder. Failing that Gerrard can play really well right midfield, but as everyone will start saying isn't his best position.

    Its a shame Benitez didn't go in for someone like Quaresma who definitely has the ability to play in the Premier league but his attitude is questionable so would have been a big risk (and have we even got money for players?)

  10. They're clearly saving up the animation budget for the final episode with a glorious scene where, in incredibly detailed animation, Schneizel has delicious man-fucking with his poor-quality-gun-holdin'-motherfucker of an assistant.

    The names of the characters in Code Geass are amazing.

  11. I didnt see Kuyts goal, what was it like?

    Torres and Keane didn't have much service. Kuyt and Benayoun, all i can say is :) Surely Babel will be starting regularly soon (left/right mid or part of a front 3?). I don't know about Riera but maybe he will solve the left midfield position?

    Im just happy were through :P

  12. I've learnt from my time in the anime community that all fansubbers are trolling until proven otherwise.

    The fact that someone photoshopped their frontpage to make it look like they dropped Geass, then a gg member who happened to be lurking /a/ requested the text version, and then they put it on their site makes me somehow doubt they are entirely sincere.

    And you were right, episode 20 is available now (gg)

  13. God I don't think I've ever had a more frustrating night.


    Sorry to hear it wasnt as good as it could of been. I heard the anouncement in the stadium, but we were inside at about 7. The parking is a problem but we parked by a school nearby, only a short walk from the stadium. The first half wasnt great, but its a shame you didnt get to see Torres.

  14. There was also some, "You can stick your fucking Barry up your arse!" chants as well.

    I heard this chant very quickly. Didnt hear any booing for Voronin though, i was in block 108 kop.

    I thought Alonso had a really good game and the fans were singing their heart out for him. Plesiss (sp?) also was comfortable on the ball, Dossena attacked well in the first half. It was a really good day out for me, being my first game at Anfield.

    I even met Alan Kennedy outside and he was kind enough to sign my shirt :wub:

  15. If you get there early enough, you'll be able to bag a residential space (unlikely on a weekday, though).

    There's loads of makeshift car parks that will charge a fiver within 5-10 mins walk of the ground.

    Cheers, will make it an early trip and hope to find somewhere decent!

    I really hope Alonso stays, and if he does go, please not to Arsenal :)

  16. ^ I would be happier to see Alonso staying, Kuyt going.


    Im going to my first game at Anfield tomorrow against Lazio and need some advice off the forum pool fans.

    Where is the best place to park a car when going to watch a match? preferably near to the stadium.

    Thank you

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