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  1. Has Code Geass stopped for a while or something? I was looking foward to it but its not there at all.

    I've been watching episode 10 of wangan midnight, its not initial d but its improved as the series has gone on, I felt proper empathy for the guy in the skyline who's wrecked his life/marriage and spent it all on his car.

    Im up to episode 5, pretty good so far. Is it true that the series wont be subbed after episode 11? i know raw episodes are available up to 18.

  2. Some hot setups so far, mines pretty old & shit compared to some but hey :ph34r:





    Thats a nice collection you got there. (is that a 64dd hiding under that n64 aswell?)

    Ive got a rear projection tv, but i don't use it for gaming. Doesn't everything look soft and stretched?

    sir podger - nice setup.

  3. As im coming to the end of Geass series 1, which group release is the best for series 2? ive downloaded the GG release of a few eps which seem to have good quality.

  4. I tested an unreleased new KFC product today. Its a panini with a normal or zinger chicken piece and mozzarella cheese and chutney or italian marinara sauce. Tasted quite nice but seemed like it was lacking some salad.

  5. Nando's.

    I know they're virtually everywhere but we recently visited the Trafford Centre one on a quiet work day. I had half a 'hot' chicken with fries, corn and a Portugese roll. Very, very nice! Also, the free soft drinks top-up was a good idea, and the fresh lemonade was pretty tasty.

    Next time I'm going to try the extra hot version though, as I was adding more extra hot sauce to my chicken.

    Quick tip for stingy students,

    Some Nando's do a 2 for the price of 1 deal on Mondays and Tuesday for Students with valid NUS cards.

    I know you can get burgers and 1/4, 1/2 chicken and so on using the deal.

  6. I don't really understand this comment considering Nistelrooy left Man Utd a year before we got Torres?

    I mean it would have been good if we had got Nistlerooy when he left. Then we signed Torres (this season) aswell they would score plenty of goals between them.

  7. Do we not need another Torres? Cos at the moment we are not competing in the Prem. We need to win the Prem!

    I would have been happy with Van Nistlerooy from the mancs to partner Torres, but they would have never sold him to us. Maybe Benitez will go back in for Heinze from Madrid?

  8. Riise, Kewell and Voronin will probably be leaving at the end of the season. Maybe Crouch and Finnan aswell. Im still not convinced with Kuyt, although Benitez plays him over Crouch to fit into the formation. We will need a left back, right back, left midfielder and a striker.

    I really hope Crouch stays but this will only happen if Benitez plays 4-4-2 or 3-5-2.

    I would like to see Benitez give Insua a go if they cant get a top quality left back.

    Possible signings for me -

    Right back = Rafinha

    Left back = Lahm (someone mentioned him in the thread a while back, quite a good attacking player)

    Left mid = Robben (Probably impossible, but we need someone with a similar attacking play without the injuries)

    Striker = Henry :lol:

    Its going to be really interesting what Benitez does in the transfer window. Does anyone think we will see another big money star signing like Torres?

  9. Sonic 1 Megamix was good. But that was "only" a heavily modified version of Sonic 1 playable in a standard MD emulator, whereas in this case they seem to be rebuilding the engine, sprites and everything from the ground up.

    Sonic Project Mettrix did that too, and the engine was pretty faithful as I recall. Although it was never finished...

    Sonic Robo Blast 2, which used the Doom engine, was another ambitious one. (It

    it's still being developed!)

    The doom one looks good, better than a SEGA attempt.

    wow... fantastic stuff.

    God i wish the wii was HD. Would love as Super Mario All Stars HD. Yes i wouldn't mind playing them all AGAIN

    Mario All Stars = Yes

  10. Following a recommendation from someone on here (cant remember who, soz) im 45 episodes into Monster, and im hooked, its amazing :blink:

    Can anyone recommend any anime similar to love hina? comedy type stuff?


  11. I don't know how many other have played it, but its one of my favorite games. Ive had it on snes since the early 90s but i am real crap at the game and have never completed it ;) . There are 4 missions, i can only finish 2. The games music is amazing too. Has anyone else finished it, had any experiences with Lethal Weapon (SNES)?

  12. Plugs into the GC memory card slot and lets you dump Wii/GC games to SD cards, or play GC games directly from them.

    Ive got snes working fine, but how can gamecube games that i legally own be loaded from an sd card? i thought it only allowed games to be loaded from disc

  13. Putting the names in all caps shows what Konami are all about. Making a change that no-one requested and actually makes it worse for it. Didn't anyone think for a second that reading all-caps is much harder that reading normal case, so for something that is usually glanced at it should be as readable as possible? IDIOTS.

    Its pro evo 6, just dressed up a bit. I agree making the names in caps is stupid and i wish they added something new to the ps2 version.

  14. Played 3 games on ps2 and its basically pro 6 with a face lift.

    Only major things i can tell

    -player names are uppercase

    -new advertising and sponsors

    -new colours on menus

    -updated squads(havent checked every team)

    -new commentary - excellent comedy

    I have smashed a few long rangers in but it wasnt that hard to do in pes6 either.

    Its a shame there is no dive button, or anything new added to the ps2 version :)

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