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  1. nope, no widescreen unfortunately

    Oh well, i suppose its asking to much. Im happy to hear it plays well though. I dont understand, is it really difficult to port the ps2 version to 360/ps3/pc but with improved graphics? Because everyone was saying how well the ps2 version of pro 6 played over the 360 version.

  2. Been playing this now for a couple of hours, it's absolutely sublime, really, much better than I was expecting.

    It's slower than the 360 demo, has no slowdown, and (most importantly) so far it has not been frustrating in the slightest, with nay a misplaced pass nor unrealistic high shot in sight.

    I've already scored some lovely worked goals, and shooting from long range, the ball has a glorious weight to it and feels just perfect.

    A special mention hs to go to the commentary, still not FIFA standard no doubt (not that I have played a FIFA since megadrive days) but it's easily the best they have done with it, although Lawro's voice is starting to grate, but that's just because it's him.

    New sponsers are Vodafone (goal replays) and IGN (final scores).

    Not tried any other games modes apart from Exhibition, anyone got any questions I can answer then let me know.

    Honestly, if the 360 version is like this then I will be very happy indeed. This is a massive improvement on the demo, which I for one thought was good, but not great. Roll on Friday, all I want is this exact same PS2 game, but in Hi-def and then I will be <_<

    Il have a look for this now. Widescreen option by any chance?

  3. Listening to it on five live. Supposedly Robinson spilled a free kick and Voronin followed up the rebound. I hope he lets a few long rangers in, it would do good for our teams confidence, and maybe Carson will get a look in for england :ph34r:

  4. Either im blind or Andy Gray is, but im sure the Marseille striker was just offside before the other player scored the goal. Andy Gray was convinced it was a goal, hes a twat. Liverpool haven't been good first half, we need to move foward and put them under pressure, instead of sitting back.

  5. Riise is back aswell as Aurelio so we have Arbeloa who could cover in the middle if needed. We seem to have picked up a fair number of injuries again. Anyone think Kewell will play more than a handfull of games this season? he played some part in a reserve, i wonder if when he is fully fit Rafa will give him any games?

  6. WE6:FE had some great commentary, especially when you scored.

    Gogogogogogogogogogogogogogog Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal




  7. Peter Brackley is a quality commentator (excellent for serie A - pronunciation of foreign names), but the dialog and commentary in pes 5, 6 etc is too robotic. Fifa commentary always sounds very natural, but the game is always crap. Oh well, still looking forward to the new pes.

  8. i think crouch needs to be given a chance. I'm sure he will score more goals than Kuyt, but some will argue Kuyt works hard for the team. If i was Rafa i would want the strikers to score goals more than anything else.

  9. Has anyone heard Numskull - Numworld?

    Im a big fan of the Luniz (ive got operation stackola and lunitik muzik), but i want to listen to this Numskull solo before buying it. I cant find it anywhere, anyone listened to it?


    Ive just listened through every track and the album is decent if you like the luniz

  10. I dont know where tottenhams money is coming from because they seem to spend big every season, but they go un-noticed. United have spent a huge amount on 3 players and supposedly another 20-30 for tevez - there the new chelsea

  11. Ive started watching monster based on someones recommendation a few pages back , seen up to episode 14 so far and its the best series ive seen in a long long time. Great stuff :)

  12. Where did everyone order their new away shirts from? £52 is the cheapest I can find with Torres on the back (obviously...).

    I don't know if you've got a sports soccer store by you but i think there selling the shirt for £31, without name

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