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  1. That left me sickened - went to that game as well.

    But, it's games like that that have made them champions - getting the points when they don't really deserve them.

    Which is sort of the opposite of what's happened to us sometimes during our league exploits.

    Just been offered a freebie for Sunday - dunno whether to take it. Suppose it will be nice to see them off to Athens and it'll probably be Robbie's last Anfield appearance.

    I would go, i phoned the ticked line for ages trying to get tickets,no luck ;) Hopefully robbie plays and scores a hatrick ;)

  2. Heh. Been clearing out my phone's inbox, and have discovered a text from my ManYoo supporting mate saying "never mind mate, there's always next year" from when the beat us at Anfield. Think he's getting that one back!

    "Spirit Of Istanbull" odds on the final:

    Milan to lead 3-0 at half-time 50/1 BET

    Liverpool win on penalties after 3-3 draw 175/1 BET

    Liverpool to win the trophy having been 3-0 down 200/1 BET

    Maldini, Gerrard and Alonso all to score 250/1 BET

    Milan lead 3-0 after 45 minutes, match drawn 3-3 after 90 minutes 500/1 BET

    Paolo Maldini first goalscorer / Xabi Alonso last goalscorer 750/1 BET

    That last on is worth apunt, surely?

    Who is offering these odds, becuase te last one is definately worth a go :lol:

  3. im at work, but have a headache, and reading this thread

    Scouser - i hope to secure some tickets before travelling, but might just go and watch it in a bar in Athens

    Need to sort ut my passport, arrange flights, hotel and some money, doubt il be there, but going to try :lol:

  4. I think Bellamy is a good player, but needs to be given a decent run in the team.

    I think Rafa should go for this team against chelsea.





    Finnan/Arbeloa (Depends if Finnan isnt injured)







    Other possibility (as Rafa loves them) is to play Finnan right back, Arbeloa left back and play Riise left mid

  5. Are you sure about that, can you provide me more evidence so I can pick up Network adapter cheap 2nd hand from Gamestation if this is the case.

    Just try it. Put an original(or copy)/import game into your ps2, then turn it off (onto standby) Then turn the ps2 on (holding in the power button for about 6 seconds) If the game doesnt load/you get an error you know the chip is disabled. It works for me and i have a messiah 2 (unless the guy who installed it lied :) )

  6. I got winning eleven 10 Japanese league on PS2. But my PS2 can't go online as it is Messiah 2 chipped which mean it doesn't support online gaming. (I think)

    I have a messiah 2 aswell. If you hold in the power button when turning it on (for a about 6 seconds) the chip is disabled. Does WE10-JL have online play?

  7. I recommend the Mayflash 3 in 1 Joybox USB adaptor. Literally just about every other USB convertor I own has some sort of problem with it, either with daft mapping of buttons, varying amounts of lag, or failing to register all the inputs in a short but quick string. As someone who mainly plays fighting games and shmups on the PC, any of the above is unforgivable.

    I'd like to specifically un-recommend the Game own brand adaptor though. I had one for three months and found it to be awesome until it just broke for no reason. The replacement I got with the exact same chassis and packaging was absolutely crap with input lag noticable even in sedate games. A friend bought one on my recommendation and found his to be just as bad. It's a bit of a roulette whether you get a good one or not, so why risk it? Just go for the Joybox, especially since it converts Saturn and DC pads/sticks as well.


    thanks a lot, going to get one to use my dc arcade stick with it.

  8. It's bollocks yeah.

    All they've done is make it available to buy. They could've done the Mario Allstars version instead ;)

    edit - p-dogg o/\o

    its the nintendo way, release one game at a time, even though we have purchased it on nes, snes, gameboy colour, gameboy advance. They probably wont release compilation games like all stars.

  9. Update #2: To follow-up on the OE-A PSP news below, release group DMU have just released the world's first PSX dump for PSP! The release name is Hot_Shots_Golf_2_USA_READNFO_PSX_For_PSP-DMU, and the NFO File is also available for those interested! Finally, for those curious on the size of a PSX title for PSP, the release consists of 9 RAR files with the following files and sizes included: DOCUMENT.DAT (11.6 MB- 12,218,784 bytes), EBOOT.PBP (143 MB- 150,733,537 bytes), and KEYS.BIN (16 bytes).

    Update: Although the validity is unconfirmed at this point, we can share with everyone a video of a Wii back-up being played via a Wii bootloader from a standard 512MB SD card- with an alleged release date of January 1, 2007. Until we receive confirmation this should be treated as a RUMOR, however, with the way the Wii scene has exploded over the past 24 hours just about anything may be possible.

    From PS3News.com

    Theres a video on the website aswell, most likely a fake, looks fake

  10. super mario world - 96 exits replay value, best game made

    donkey kong country - lots of varied levels, challanging, replay value

    super mario bros 3 - new enemies, very different to other mario games (bonus games) ability to have racoon mario :(

    crash bandicoot - one hit kills, one of the best 2d/3d platformers as Thor has mentioned.

    yoshis island - original graphics, new gameplay element, annoying baby, difficult levels

    Another game i would consider is mario lost levels

  11. It is an amazing game. I think that most people have a particular game that really cemented their love of games and for me this is it.

    It has so much atmosphere - the jungle at night, storm rains lashing the leaves etc. It's superbly evocative thanks in no small part to the graphics which even now look pretty amazing. Also, some of the music is fantastic, especially the underwater theme.

    Gameplay wise it is hard indeed. I love the way that once you know the levels well enough though you can plough through them without so much as a pause for breath, particularly Stop & Go Station and Blackout Basement. Mine Cart Carnage too. I've also been finding that I still know all the secret rooms and stuff without even thinking about it - I just find myself going straight for them automatically as they're imprinted on my memory. God I love this game :)

    Shame it's almost unplayable with the Gamecube pad though.

    I like mine cart madness aswell (where you can jump out of the barrel) but carnage is better. :)

    Donkey kong country on the snes is one of my favourite games of all time. Completed it loads of times, its like mario world, you can just keep playing it over and over. Im going to be playing this on xmas day along with marioworld i think. Retro ftw

  12. I'll add you tonight and I'll post my code too.

    Fed up losing against randoms who seem to be able to go 3 times as fast as me and appear to snake all over the track. Is this an exploit or something?

    Where do people get those avatar thingies then? Anyone able to help?

    afaik there is at least one patched version of the game with differnet mutiplayer tracks. (yarrd versions)

    The avatar thingies can be created, its called an emblem or something check on options.

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