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  1. word on the street is that they were MS bundles:

    360 premium and WWE 2007.

    Who in their right fucking mind would BUY that tat? Let alone put in any effort to steal them...

    Funny enough i was offered a 360 premium bundle with wwe2007 from some guy at a pub saying it retails at £350on the net and said you can have it for £250, told him to keep it.

  2. If you're just starting the final case of PW1, it might be the 5th case but it's probably a third of the game.

    :wub: At the start of the case i was thinking it was going to be quick and easy, but the case does seem to last forever,found it the hardest so far aswell.

  3. Managed to change difficulty, makes it much more challanging. Managed to play 3 online games aswell. The game online is so slow and laggy/jerky. I managed to win the 1st game 1-0. The next 2 games it was even worse, but i managed to score first and the other user would disconnect :lol:

    After a few online games, playing against the cpu seemed so much better and faster.

  4. Played a few more games today and whacked the difficulty level up. It was much more challenging and felt like a better game, but it's still too damn slow to be worthwhile. The through passes are a nightmare too. Literally hit and hope that it goes in the "obviously" correct direction.

    Found the same problems with the through passes, can get really annoying. Quick Q, how did u change the difficulty?

    Anyone know of menu translation? want to play a few games on wifi if anyones up for it

  5. ^ I couldnt find an option to change the camera angle (Definately needs a better camera) but managed to get the radar on the touch screen.

    I played a few games last night, and ball does seem to be very floaty. The passing and shooting arent fantastic to be honest. I would have been much happier with a port of the ps1 pro evo 2. Havent played online yet, not sure what im selecting but managed to get to a screen which looks like its searching for a game but didnt connect.

  6. Sony ever thought what will happen if games cannot be legally imported? they will be pirated , but at the moment blu-ray burners are not really going to be at a price for the majority to get there hands on one.

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