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  1. Im leaning towards a US wii. Im more bothered about the online stuff working as normal rather than my gamecube compatibility (worst comes to worst, i still have my cube). I think its a bad decision for the gamers that can tell the difference between composite and rgb (Majority on here), to leave rgb out. My rear projection tv has component i think but doesnt do prog scan, but is crap for games anyway, i want to play on my 28inch widescreen crt. :(

  2. That would be utterly retarded. Though it's not that farfetched... :wacko:

    My TV doesnt do prog scan but i think it should definately be supported for pal gamers aswell as US/JAP. Especially with the scandal over wether the wii is region free or not and NOE hating us so much. Considering going for a US wii if the online stuff works as normal. WHY HAVENT NINTENDO INFORMED US IF OUR US/JAP GAMECUBE GAMES WILL WORK ON A PAL WII CONSOLE!!! :)

  3. Fifa 98, N64

    Indoor match

    Turn bookings off

    All the players get injured when you foul using ^c, and you only have one player on each team running. Its a laugh. A good tip is if an injured player gets the possession of the ball, use skill to move, its much faster than trying to run.

  4. Considering getting the snes one, but its price is a bit steep isnt it

   : 1 x 64M SNES Flash Kit (UK)

    Total Products Price: £ 64.99

    VAT: £ 11.37 (17.5%)

    Postage & Packing (24 hour special delivery) £ 4.25

    Total Price: £ 80.61 ($ 151.54 - Euro 113.66)

    Does anyone know if chrono trigger and mario rpg work with it?

    Because i own the originals :rolleyes:

    Also, how many times can they be written to? 1000? more ???

  5. if u ahem *obtain* a jap version (dont know about us version) then it could be playable online aslong as the dnas codes matched up.

    And a ps2 identity changer is available which allow import games to be played online.

    I Think.

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