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  1. Ive preordered from simply games for 28.97 :unsure:

    I was going to get my xbox chipped and wasnt gonna bother with live but that will change once it comes out.

    Spending £60 to play this online (£30 for live), but should be worth it :wub:

    looking foward to some competetive matches with the experienced evo players on the board.

    I pray that the control scheme is something like WE6:FE (Analogue control).

  2. scored my first and best ever free kick on WE8 yesterday.

    i was Brazil against Argentina.

    Carlos, long way out, just in front of halfway line semi circle (you know where i mean).

    smashed it 3/4 of power bar, curled around the wall and into the top corner. :)

  3. the game is on dvd-rom(according to the case)

    i think this is to try and prevent patching(can be done on dvd)

    i have a dvd writer so if someone wants to send my there original copy of the game when they get it :D

  4. lol, it can still be my fav game, even if i havent found all exits

    (on the gba version.)

    im pretty sure i got all the exits on the snes version (i think lol)

    p.s great game.

    p.s yoshis island is nearly as good once u turn the sound off.

    stupid baby crying all the time :ph34r:

  5. smw is my fav game of all time.

    ive completed it a number of times but never got all 96 exits.

    i currently have 92 on my gba version :D

    id love a remake of this game, still 2d but 3d characters ;)

  6. i have it with a maxtor 120gb hd, pal ps2

    most originals install and play fine

    copies also install fine (i have a messiah 2 mod)

    the only problem i had was installing we7i wedoit version. (cdr - dvd rip)

    apart from that and dvd9 games i think its good ;)

  7. Yoshi's Island is good for £2 :D

    I popped in to Cash Generators today, but all of the SNES games were a fiver- and there was nothing special. I picked up a mint copy of Ghost in the Shell for the PS1 for £5 though :P

    yeah a lot of the games say £2.49 on the back

    i just say to the guy (whoever is working there), " last time they were £1.99 (they were!), and he usually says okay.

  8. i think £18 (also £2 delivery i think) is much better than the overpricing of uk gba games.

    i still think there 2 expensive when u can get a gamecube game for about a fiver more!!!

  9. after slowly rebuilding my games collection of snes games i have found both shops to be quite good fro retro stuff

    (mainly snes)

    today i picked up for £1.99 each (all cart only)

    mortal kombat 2

    mortal kombat 3

    puggsley scavanger hunt

    mario world 2 - yoshis island

    super gameboy

    in the past i have also got

    sensible soccer (classic game)


    royal rumble ( still waitin for a copy of raw to appear)

    super tennis

    sf2 turbo

    havent seen anythin such as zelda lttp or secret of mana.

  10. im definately getting one although ive heard it doesent work with modchips (backups)

    oh man i have a *cough*messiah2*cough* aswell.

    at least i will be able to load gta3,vice city and pes3/we7I onto there and have reduced load times

    also no strain on the laser

    PS. PS2 network adapters 17.99 at play

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