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  1. i have quite a few to finish GC re0 re1 monkeyball 007 nightfire everything or nothin true crime windwaker ps2 getaway vice city silent hill 3 xbox pgr1 pgr2 splinter cell 2 thats all i can remember off the top of my head, a good 10 more games probably. i havent even opened. GC eternal darkness pikmin viewtiful joe
  2. The only game i completed this year is mgs2 on ps2 on very easy. i feel ashamed but dont have much time these days for putting hours into game, once my exams are over, many games to wade through and complete.
  3. just watched the trailer and i have to say it looks quite good.
  4. do you have to be an insider to download? Sorry, just realised you have to be an insider for the high res videos
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