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  1. 11 minutes ago, Doctor Shark said:

    Not sure why I'm getting negged for calling out Capcom on their bullshit. This game is a total ripoff, it serves them right that it's not sold, so to throw their toys out of the pram and say they're reassessing things is a proper dick move. 

    I can understand people are pissed off but it would be good once some of us have played it to give our own opinions. I'm looking forward to playing tomorrow and hopefully the online is up as well. Looking forward to a few games with the rllmuk massive.

  2. Haven't played it yet but the reviews are no surprise. The price can be seen as a touch expensive but all that matters to me is that the online is smooth and that's it. Colour edit mode and the option of new graphics/sounds is nice but I don't really care. I think £25 would of been a fairer price for the retail but I'm still getting it. At the same time, if it was £10 digital download only it would of sold a lot more. I'm happy i can get it on a cartridge and stick my poster on the wall in my games room :)

  3. I have never had an original DS or phat as some people call them but they're supposed to be the most comfortable. I remember the screens not looking too good but supposedly the last models they released had the ds lite screen with the brightness settings. Is this a myth and has anyone seen one? I'm falling in love with the DS again, so many great games.

  4. Just got a DSi. I really like the matt finish and it feels more comfortable compared to a DS Lite. The slightly bigger screens are nice and the games still look good unlike on my 3DS XL where they're super stretched in comparison. I know it doesn't have a GBA slot and the battery life is not as good as the DS Lite but it's a nice little upgrade. I need to play it for an hour or so to test it properly but first impressions are very good.


    Is anyone using a DSi XL? It looks like it has a gloss outer shell and matt inner and an increased battery life but is it like playing on 3DS XL but with better battery life?


    I'm going to end up with every model :lol:

  5. On 04/04/2017 at 16:05, Nathan Wind said:

    Look at that little beauty.  Not a mark on it.  Chuffed with that, although my hands are cramping up just looking at it...




    That's magnified x100 under a microscope.

    I find the micro comfortable even for long sessions. Average sized hands. SP is cramp mania. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Mike S said:

    I find this to be almost unplayable using the pro controller. I'd misplaced the charging cable for the pad so played for the first 3 or 4 days in handheld mode and everything was fine but a few days ago, having found my cable, I tried playing on the TV using the Pro controller.


    Everything seemed OK at first, and obviously losing the hand cramp of the joycons was nice, but I soon noticed that my timing for the little boost you get when jumping off ramps, etc was totally out when using the pad. Using the attached joycons I hit every attempt almost without fail but using the pad I am lucky if I can get the timing right 50% of the time. I'm not sure if the problem is down to the pretty awful spongy feel of the pad buttons or if there is some sort of input lag through playing on the TV. Either way, I have gone back to handheld mode as it was just too awful on the TV...


    Weird and annoying.


    I'm also pretty sick of the connection issues.

    Haven't had any problems with timing with the pro pad and TV setup. I have had lots of connection problems in regional mode but as other have said global seems to work all of the time.

  7. I'm in two minds now. I was going to buy two or three cheap DS Lite's (£20-30) for my nieces and gf but i'm thinking they will probably have bad batteries by now because of the age of them. I then thought about the DSi as it's the same price and being newer i thought there is a better chance of the battery lasting longer (although according to the official specs the DS Lite has a better battery life when new). The other option is a 2DS (£50 used £75 new) that will play everything but a lot bigger and i'm not sure if it will be suitable for a 4 and 5 year old. Last option is a used 3DS. Someone help me.

  8. Undocked my Switch after a session of Mario Kart and the fan was super loud going crazy. I waited a little and it calmed down but i noticed when playing in handheld the Switch is getting quite warm. I don't know if the fan was loud when playing Zelda as i have always had the sound on but playing Mario Kart today with no sound and handheld i can hear the fan. Is this normal? Am i getting paranoid over nothing?

  9. 48 minutes ago, gizmo1990 said:

    Don't understand the reasoning behind digital purchases being always to hand. I've never found it much fuss to carry around the odd cart with me, especially as most cases have space for at least 2 spare. I suppose if you're the kind of player which flits constantly between lots of titles it may make some sense. But then again in my experience, most people play a limited range of titles in rotation.


    Each to their own though. Physical all the way for me. When it comes right down to it I just feel like I end up getting more value. And of course the Switch cases are lovely. :) 

    Both of my cases have space for games. I'm physical all the way too but i can see the arguement for a game like Mario Kart to be digital as you can can jump in for a quick race without changing the cart in between playing Zelda. It's no hassle for me to swap the games as I don't change games very often.

  10. Just added everyone from the google docs spreadsheet! I have added mine to the spreadhseet. My friends code is 6288-5394-6209. ID is ca18s13 just in case you're wondering who is adding you :) I will mainly be playing Mario Kart!

  11. Do you think this will be able to play New 3DS games but in 2D? If it was significantly cheaper than a New 3DS XL and can be hacked it would be the perfect emulation machine. I'm still thinking of getting a New 3DS as it's more portable/lighter.

  12. Has anyone replaced their European Zelda box cover with the American/Japanese one? I want to do it but I couldn't find a scan of it and also the printing size confuses me.

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