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  1. 7 hours ago, Sloth said:

    This is £7.99 on PSN at the moment for anyone that hasn't picked it up. It will probably end up on playstation plus next month now that I've bought it, but for that price its not too much to worry about.

    i paid £15.99 and i was happy with it at that price. 

  2. On 14/01/2017 at 12:49, NEG said:

    Nintendo Switch version confirmed, here's some Tails following you around gameplay!



    I only like Sonic 1. Didn't like 2 or 3 mainly because i think it plays so much better when played slowly. This looks like Sonic 1 and it looks great. I'm looking forward to it but i hope the new levels are as good as the classic ones :/

  3. 8 minutes ago, sir shrew said:


    But they could vary it up now, no?

    Sure have classic mode, but with physics being what they are they could expand the grid-based gameplay into more open arenas, ramps and hills, rolling bombs around and have them detonate with a circular proximity blast rather than along gridlines. The scope for new power-ups is huge and with online and lan play arenas don't need to be limited to one screen/floor. Y'know, re-invent Bomberman for 2017.


    As a retro revival it looks ok and the art is spot on. But it should've been a budget title. 


    This. Keep the normal classic Bomberman but adding new modes and options never hurts. The only thing i would say to counter this is me, my brother and my cousin recently had a long session playing the SNES versions of Super Bomberman 1,2 and 4 and we ended up going back to the original Super Bomberman as the levels were getting quite confusing and the original stages just work better. We also need Micro Machines on the Switch.

  4. I have the official case and although it's soft it stops the console getting scratched and the built in kick stand is way better than the piece of plastic on the back. In terms of protection the Hori case looks way better and i might get one of those too. I also have a case on the way from America. Who has the most cases so far? I am on two, possibly three soon. :lol:

  5. Hot oven with tray in the oven whilst pre heating. I tried with one of those circular metal pizza tray things with the holes in and it cooked a lot better but still not cooked in the middle.


    How long should i preheat for? 30 minutes? an hour?

    Does top or bottom shelf make a difference?

    I have an electric fan assisted and a normal gas oven. The electric one cooks way faster in general. Which one is better to use?

  6. I have tried various times but i if i put all of my toppings onto my dough then onto an oven tray it just cooks the pizza on the top and base/middle is uncooked. Tried on a high heat and low heat.


    Am i better off pre cooking the base first then adding the sauce/toppings etc after it browns a bit?

  7. I'm mega hyped. Ordered a pro controller and official case from the Nintendo store to add to my grey console and Zelda. This thread is generating sales. Never has a console on release date and i thought i might as well go all out.

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