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  1. I think we established grey is the safe option if you want to play in public or at a wake but neon means your life is fun. I went grey because I'm scared.
  2. Yes but changing the notification settings before opening YouTube is a bit tedious. I just want to use my Switch
  3. I would be happy with just a YouTube app. I don't need it but it would be nice to watch stuff in bed on a screen that is bigger than my phone. The browser is less important. Watching a video without a WhatsApp notification every few seconds would be nice too.
  4. I know, i know but the hardware will have enough grunt to pull this off. I remember the DS browser was pretty bad but it was severely limited by the hardware. If the browser is good (if it has a browser!) then things like YouTube should work through the browser. The reality is we will get a YouTube app that will probably stop working after a while (like you said) but i want to dream.
  5. Not that it really needs it but if the Switch has a decent web browser it would be the ultimate tablet too. I don't have a tablet but the games on here (with proper controls) will wipe the floor with everything in terms of gameplay. Touch games are OK and some are really good but playing a Mario/Rayman/Sonic with a pad is something that can't be replicated with a touch screen. This is going to be the ultimate stay in bed all day device. Do a bit of browsing, play a game, watch a film, i'm hyped again.
  6. I never used the 3D only because i don't like it in general and as most people say, it's hard to get into the 3D zone and stay there. I will carry on with my old one for now and keep an eye out for a cheap New 3DS.
  7. If anything it would work out better. You wouldn't get your joycons mixed up.
  8. I'm buying a pack of toothpicks for cleaning to go along with non latex gloves (in case of allergies) for my Switch travel pack.
  9. For the few times i get to play it in public (like on a train) this will be amazing. Random person on train "What's that?" dataDave "Nintendo switch. it's a game console" Random "What game are you playing?" dataDave "Fifa, want a game?" Random "Sure" dataDave "Can you please put these disposable gloves on before you touch my joycon" Random ":(" Play with a stranger, play with a friend! Me and 3 friends are going on holiday in July and we will have two switches so we will try and play on the plane and in our apartment in between drinking. I'm hyped.
  10. @FreemanI want to order this case but does it fit inside with the joycons attached? Looks like it does, please ignore and ordered!
  11. I'm in the same frame of mind but it looks like the only sell the opposite neon joycons so it's only possible to make a full red/blue set buy buying the neon console.
  12. Forgot about the split play, i will definitely wait now.
  13. How many of you guys are buying pro controllers? The dock for the joycons looks uncomfortable (buttons too close) but i think i'm going to hold fire until i try it.
  14. I'm buying two grey ones as you make so much sense.
  15. Grey makes sense but i wish the console was black and the pads were black for full stealth mode. I would then wear a ninja outfit and play in public.
  16. I know it makes sense, but i seem to like making strange decisions and then regretting them. I wish there was no option and just one colour
  17. I don't care about the power so much because if we look at the 3DS with it's super low res screens, it's not important because the games are so good. This will be 720p/1080p, a nice sharp screen and far beyond anything we have seen on a handheld and better than the WiiU as well. The main thing are the games. Although we are being drip fed at the moment i think by the end of the year there will be some really good games on the Switch.
  18. Do you work for Nintendo?
  19. Lol. The only thing that makes me want the grey is for the 1% off time when i play it at work or in public. It looks less like a toy and more like a tablet for discreet gaming* *as discreet as it can be with a large screen and two controllers
  20. I have an old 3dsxl (hacked) but i am tempted to buy a new3ds (not xl) as it's smaller and lighter but am i taking a step backwards? I also have a hacked Vita so i can use it for emulators. Is it a pointless purchase?
  21. Also i still can't decide between grey or neon
  22. Back in stock at Nintendo Store. https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-switch/consoles.list Supposedly they are ready for launch day as well. I don't know if i should cancel my Amazon order and order from here instead as you get a two year warranty from Nintendo. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/neon-switch-back-stock-279-99-nintendo-uk-store-for-launch-payment-dispatch-2610777?page=2#comments
  23. Looks like it http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/01/those_legend_of_zelda_my_nintendo_discounts_are_limited_to_one_purchase_in_europe
  24. So much positivity in this thread. You guys should dip into the Nintendo Switch thread too. Apart from the trailer a few weeks ago i haven't seen anything for this game. I just want to be pleasantly surprised. I hope i actually finish this one too as i have never finished a Zelda game
  25. I agree but i am basing the prices in comparison to all of the other games which are £35 (1 game, 1-2 Switch!) to £50. Due to the lack of games, buyers will have little to no choice. Pay a high price for what's available or wait. It's not like we have loads of games to choose from but at the same time, no one is forcing us to buy it on launch in the first place.
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