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  1. 6 minutes ago, Strafe said:


    I have both colours pre ordered and have no idea which one to take. 


    I kind of think I should get the grey one and buy neons separately but I won't have any multiplayer games to play. Or friends.

    I think we established grey is the safe option if you want to play in public or at a wake but neon means your life is fun. I went grey because I'm scared.

  2. Just now, Lorfarius said:


    You do realise you can change notification settings?

    Yes but changing the notification settings before opening YouTube is a bit tedious. I just want to use my Switch :( 

  3. 8 minutes ago, HarryBizzle said:


    What a load of bobbins. The idea of watching videos on my tiny iPhone screen while a 7 inch tablet sits unused because Nintendo couldn't be bothered to get their act together is frankly, ridiculous.

    I would be happy with just a YouTube app. I don't need it but it would be nice to watch stuff in bed on a screen that is bigger than my phone. The browser is less important. Watching a video without a WhatsApp notification every few seconds would be nice too.

  4. Just now, Napole0n said:


    In a best case scenario you probably get a not too terrible browser and a creaky Youtube app. I wouldn't expect anything more than that if NIntendo's track record is anything to go by.

    I know, i know but the hardware will have enough grunt to pull this off. I remember the DS browser was pretty bad but it was severely limited by the hardware. If the browser is good (if it has a browser!) then things like YouTube should work through the browser.


    The reality is we will get a YouTube app that will probably stop working after a while (like you said) but i want to dream.

  5. Not that it really needs it but if the Switch has a decent web browser it would be the ultimate tablet too. I don't have a tablet but the games on here (with proper controls) will wipe the floor with everything in terms of gameplay. Touch games are OK and some are really good but playing a Mario/Rayman/Sonic with a pad is something that can't be replicated with a touch screen. This is going to be the ultimate stay in bed all day device. Do a bit of browsing, play a game, watch a film, i'm hyped again.

  6. On 2/3/2017 at 12:59, Freeman said:


    Depends.  Did you use the 3D on the old 3DS?


    The head tracking stuff on the new one is much, much better, so you don't get that

    The screens are nicer, and the speakers are better on the new ones too.


    I've only used a regular sized New 3DS for a couple of minutes in the menus mind, but agreed with what reviews of them said at the time which was that the new regular sized is as good, if not slightly better due to sharper screens, than the full sizer.

    I moved from an old Pikachu Nipples edition 3DSXL to a Majoras edition New 3DSXL, but got the Amassador New 3DS regular at the same time and had a sneaky peak prior to sticking it away in my collection..


    I never used the 3D only because i don't like it in general and as most people say, it's hard to get into the 3D zone and stay there. I will carry on with my old one for now and keep an eye out for a cheap New 3DS.

  7. Just now, the_debaser said:

    Imagine right you're on the bus and you sit beside a super hot girl, and you pull out your Switch and start playing. Then she says, oh man you've got a switch, me too, let's link up and play some Mario Kart or Rocket league and then you say, yeah sweet, maybe we could also go out sometime for a few drinks and she says yeah cool look forward to that and then she pulls out her switch and it's a bloody neon one and you're like sorry girlfriend just not gonna work out between us. 

    If anything it would work out better. You wouldn't get your joycons mixed up.

  8. 4 minutes ago, dataDave said:


    You take your Switch to work for some cheeky FIFA. People get angsty about having to wait their turn, so some other flash cunt buys a Switch himself to free up the waiting queue for a game... but what's this??? 2v2? One pair of players per screen? Oh what!?


    What if you could have several units linked locally, and then everyone in that group joins an online game vs. some other group somewhere? That would be immense. EA themselves are bigging up the unique social aspects of this version on their site, so who knows what they end up being.


    @jatpool Ha! Yeah, I'm a stickler for hygiene on my controllers. There's nothing worse than having to scoop out that brown grime from the seams every twelve months, however I do find that oddly satisfying.

    I'm buying a pack of toothpicks for cleaning to go along with non latex gloves (in case of allergies) for my Switch travel pack.

  9. 6 minutes ago, dataDave said:

    I'd settle for a portable 360 version of FIFA regardless. It would look ace on that screen, on a train, playing with a complete stranger because we're able to detach two controllers.


    Also, I have a neg-stalker, how cute.


    For the few times i get to play it in public (like on a train) this will be amazing.


    Random person on train "What's that?"

    dataDave "Nintendo switch. it's a game console"

    Random "What game are you playing?"

    dataDave "Fifa, want a game?"

    Random "Sure"

    dataDave "Can you please put these disposable gloves on before you touch my joycon"

    Random ":("


    Play with a stranger, play with a friend! Me and 3 friends are going on holiday in July and we will have two switches so we will try and play on the plane and in our apartment in between drinking. I'm hyped.

  10. On 1/31/2017 at 14:34, Freeman said:

    Oh cases...

    (as I do) I spend WAAAY too much time deciding which case to buy.


    I wanted something that subtly suggested that I'm a geek that knows better (i.e, geek who gets Nintendo games).

    Most of the available in the UK cases are dull.

    I quite like the slightly cryptic (to those not in the know) Sheikah Eye of the US Zelda LE, but figure that'd be way too expensive.

    There is a Link Tunic case, but it's very blue, and white isn't a good idea.

    I'm not mad on MASSIVE logos, so don't like the Zelda one with links face on but do like the repeated pattern beside it.

    The other 4 zelda ones (blue or black with outline of links face, or with outline of sheikah eye) were ok.


    I opted for this one from Amazon.com:


    I'm sure it'll be available in the UK anyway, but money was burning a hole in my pocket, and I'm patient so ~£16 from Amazon.com it was :)


    I can always buy another one if it's shit..





    @FreemanI want to order this case but does it fit inside with the joycons attached? 


    Looks like it does, please ignore and ordered!

  11. 7 minutes ago, gizmo1990 said:

    After lusting after a Neon Switch I'm not bothered now, I'm fine with my Grey pre-order. It's not like it's a one shot deal either. The coloured joycons can always be (expensively) picked up seperately, if you really want em.

    I'm in the same frame of mind but it looks like the only sell the opposite neon joycons so it's only possible to make a full red/blue set buy buying the neon console.

  12. 8 minutes ago, _Pow_ said:


    I think I'll do all my gaming with the joycons split, it's good for sprawling.  I'll probably get a second set for my niece/nephew and they can use the clip thing that comes with it, rather than a pro-pad.


    Ninty need to market this as the ultimate 'shut those little fuckers up' tablet. Have it do youtube and internet shit and play movies and android mobile games aswell.

    Forgot about the split play, i will definitely wait now.

  13. Just now, joe bazooka said:

    And you must keep in mind that while grey may sound boring they'll often be attached to the fantastically vibrant screen and that screen will be ON. Think, you're playing Splatoon 2 at a pool party. All that colour on the screen rendered at a flawless 720p. Could you actually handle anymore colour?? Be honest.

    I'm buying two grey ones as you make so much sense. :wub:

  14. Just now, joe bazooka said:

    Right. Here's what I think. I've given this a lot of thoughtm


    I think grey is the way to go. Hear me out. Sure the coloured ones look cool but let's face it, Nintendo are gonna make all sorts of colours and you're gonna want them all. You start of coloured and you're not gonna want a grey one down the line when they bust out teal ones. But just like having a black suit ready for a funeral. It's important to have an understated set of Joycons for playing at the wake. So grey.

    I know it makes sense, but i seem to like making strange decisions and then regretting them. I wish there was no option and just one colour :(

  15. Just now, mdn2 said:

    All this stuff about the Switch being underpowered: I genuinely don't see it. I look at some of the stuff on the WiiU and think it looks better than its bigger brother stuff. And now I can play this stuff on a portable? It's like witchcraft to me. 


    I don't care about the power so much because if we look at the 3DS with it's super low res screens, it's not important because the games are so good. This will be 720p/1080p, a nice sharp screen and far beyond anything we have seen on a handheld and better than the WiiU as well. The main thing are the games. Although we are being drip fed at the moment i think by the end of the year there will be some really good games on the Switch.

  16. 30 minutes ago, the_debaser said:

    Get both. 

    Lol. The only thing that makes me want the grey is for the 1% off time when i play it at work or in public. It looks less like a toy and more like a tablet for discreet gaming*


    *as discreet as it can be with a large screen and two controllers :P

  17. I have an old 3dsxl (hacked) but i am tempted to buy a new3ds (not xl) as it's smaller and lighter but am i taking a step backwards? I also have a hacked Vita so i can use it for emulators. Is it a pointless purchase?

  18. Back in stock at Nintendo Store.




    Supposedly they are ready for launch day as well. I don't know if i should cancel my Amazon order and order from here instead as you get a two year warranty from Nintendo.





    Some guy on HotUKDeals posted the following, not me!



    A few people concerned if this is launch stock. I have now got confirmation from Nintendo UK that it is indeed launch stock. Please see their response below :)


    Thank you for contacting us regarding your recent order placed through our UK Online Store. 

    With regards to your query, we can confirm that all pre-ordered items from our Online Store will be dispatched for delivery, before its announced release date. You can then expect delivery of your goods on or before the date of release.

    Confirmation of the dispatch of your goods will be added to your order, as and when they are available. This is normally done a few days before your order is dispatched.


  19. 49 minutes ago, Paulando said:

    Zelda games have 30% off at the moment, so I bought Ocarina of Time 3D from the eShop website for about £11, and it said something about using a member discount on it to get it to that price, and now every Zelda games is showing as full price again.


    Are you only allowed one discounted game in this sale? You can't even add a few to a basket and get the discount off them all as you need to purchase them separately, the tight gits :lol:


    Oh, Nintendo.

    Looks like it :(



  20. So much positivity in this thread. You guys should dip into the Nintendo Switch thread too.


    Apart from the trailer a few weeks ago i haven't seen anything for this game. I just want to be pleasantly surprised. I hope i actually finish this one too as i have never finished a Zelda game :(

  21. 1 minute ago, gizmo1990 said:

    Well value is subjective sure. Personally, especially today, I find £30 an awful lot of money to spend on a game. However, I'll happily pay that if the title has sufficient value. Again that's subjective but I really would have thought there's some common ground here. In this case, anyone who thinks Bomberman offers the same value as Zelda after seeing both, is either nuts/fanboy/collector or has more money than sense.

    I agree but i am basing the prices in comparison to all of the other games which are £35 (1 game, 1-2 Switch!) to £50. Due to the lack of games, buyers will have little to no choice. Pay a high price for what's available or wait. It's not like we have loads of games to choose from but at the same time, no one is forcing us to buy it on launch in the first place. 

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