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  1. Bomberman at around £30 would of sold well. It's cheap enough to be people's second game at launch or cheap enough for someone who only wants Bomberman. I want the game but i'm going to wait to see if it drops in price. Zelda on launch for £50 and Mario Kart in April for £45 and i will be OK until Mario comes out towards the end of the year.

  2. 8 minutes ago, sid said:



    why is zelda £79.99 on amazon


    tell me that's not the price of the games.


    will be getting bomberman and zelda.

    I can't even find Zelda on the Amazon site :(

    No option for the colour joycon pack either. Should i be saying SKU? :(

  3. 4 minutes ago, Chooch said:

    Was it gameseek who took the £200 pre-orders? 


    Interested to see how that pans out.  

    Maybe they're hoping most people cancel their preorders? :(


    I was looking forward to getting my first games console on release but I'm really not sure now. If Mario Kart was available day one it might have twisted my arm. Surely Nintendo UK know what games are available at launch, put a list on your website or something :(

  4. 7 minutes ago, Lorfarius said:


    Nobody knows. Nintendo haven't said a word. It's insane this had such a huge momentum over Xmas and could have easily been the number 1 Xmas toy everyone went for but they farted out by all accounts about 200K units with a few more trickling down before the 25th. Then that's been it.


    I bet a lot of that was people really wanting them for gifts so they've missed a huge opportunity.

    I agree they missed out on the xmas sales but surely there is still a market for them. It's strange how they said there will be stock before Christmas now nothing. I'm worried they won't sell anymore, as stupid as that would be.

  5. On 03/01/2017 at 08:38, deKay said:

    Sun and Moon were FIFTY POUNDS in Game yesterday.




    Not even the special edition one or anything.


    X/Y/OR/AS were £45 second hand. Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was £40.


    Fucking chancers!


    X/Y are £25 at base.com just in case someone is after it.

  6. Loving this game! hoping to sink a few more hours into it tonight. I find the difficulty just right too. It's not too easy and i have died a few times on the second level! I like the variety in the levels too.



    The sliding level when you jump over the barrels and the hoops with the mermaids on were nice ideas that i haven't seen in a Shantae game before.


  7. My copy arrived and it's in a nice box with a soundtrack. Only played 30 minutes but i have defeated the first box and the only way to describe this game is it feels like the previous games but with a lot more polish. Great dialogue as always and it looks great in HD. Only 5 worlds so might not be too long but i know it will be pure entertainment all the way through. Am i playing this on my own? :mellow:


  8. Anyone played/clocked this yet? My copy is arriving on the 9th January.


    A minor gripe about Amazon USA. I ordered it 13th December but they have shipped it on the 24th December. Release date was 20th. I hope our American friends didn't get the same treatment. I ordered Pokemon Sun from Amazon UK and received it a day early :/

  9. 1 hour ago, Jamie John said:

    It's more a thread for people who, possibly, spend too much time gaming and not doing other things.


    In other news, my game for January will be Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, which I'll be picking up in the PSN sale, once January 1st rolls around. Whether I'll actually get round to playing it next month remains to be seen. 

    Yeah, I think it's a great thread actually. Do most people even finish a game in a month? Unless it's something i am really into and I'm playing it everyday then most games take months to finish or just get left unfinished. I'm going to try and stick to this too.

  10. 16 minutes ago, suzzopher said:


    They claim licensing and ratings are the issues. Issues that were okay for twenty years of portable gaming for them and nobody else has those issues.


    Nintendo don't do too many global releases, Zelda and Mario are pretty much day and date globally but for most of their other releases they are staggered. I'd imagine that they saw a lot of lost revenue in the past on Game Boy and DS as consumers would buy the games from the region that got the game first and not the region they necessarily lived in. So I'd think Nintendo would have to look at changing to global releases across the board or be okay with once more giving the consumer the choice of where and when to buy.

    I was thinking about this too but surely it's a handful of gamers that import because even on this forum full of hardcore gamers, lots of us wait for the UK/EU release.

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