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  1. 1 hour ago, gooner4life said:

    Maybe it's a digital only release over here? I'll probably order the ps4 version from Amazon in that case. I couldn't put down Pirates curse on the 3ds. I 100% in about a week.


    Havent imported a game for ages. Am i better off going with Play-Asia or Amazon or is that not much difference?

  2. 6 hours ago, Adrock said:

    You guys.....


    I dont have the space or the time to buy a mega drive but I really bloody want to now. Emulation might have to be the answer, but thats not as fun.

    I'm searching eBay as we speak. I'm going to go for a US or JAP console for 60hz goodness with an Everdrive and RGB cable. I will never play it but Sonic 1 every now and then never hurt anyone. Does anyone have a Megadrive they want to part with? 

  3. 5 hours ago, Cosmic_Guru said:


    Seems so.  After XII they've abandoned that.  On the upside, I don't remember having to grind (other than optionally to find some rare drop or something) in any FF from XII onwards.


    3 hours ago, gospvg said:

    There is a wait mode which should make it easier during battles.


    1 hour ago, Tailfly said:


    World of Final Fantasy is turn based and a pretty decent RPG. I'm still pretty early on in the game but enjoying it a lot.


    I need to get back on it!

  4. I'm going to wait too but having played the demo i kind of like it. I haven't played a Final Fantasy since 7 so it was quite a shock. Are turned based battles gone forever? I loved the story of the other FF games but hate grinding.

  5. 20 hours ago, Vorgot said:

    Wow, Master League is a step up in difficulty after just playing MyClub for a few games. Could be a long season for Burnley as their manager has no bloody clue how to use all the formation and tactics options :) Still, a 2-1 loss on opening day is not a disaster.


    Tons of slowdown during replays, feels really janky, but the gameplay is smooth and really nice. Has a more solid feel to it than the last FIFA game I played (14 I think). Tussles on the ball seem more realistic, I like it. Still horribly guilty of chasing after a player and pulling my man way out of his position though.


    I first played the PS3 version and noticed the replays straight away. After playing on my PS4 the replays are smooth but not sure it's worth upgrading your console just for that!


    I think the graphics and detail are really good. I have still been playing the PS2 version of PES and this is the first PES on a modern console that ticks all the boxes. Okay, the keepers are a bit rubbish and the ref won't get his card out unless you murder someone but it has the perfect balance between realism and fun. Unless the new one is super cheap (which it won't be) i will be playing 2016 into next year too.

  6. My PS4 is set to auto download updates and i have already edited the Premier League kits, names, emblems etc. Am i going to lose everything? :mellow:

  7. Does anyone know a good place to buy Vita games? Specifically US releases?


    I was going to buy DJ Max Technika Tune from PlayAsia but i don't want to get stung by import charges. Am i better off paying the extra £6/7 and buying it from a UK seller?

  8. 6 hours ago, Nathan Wind said:


    I've been looking at videos of the EZFlash IV and it's strengthened my resolve to hold on for the Ever Drive. The software just looks so shit. I remember all the similar farting about it took to get my R4 working properly on the DS years ago and I don't have the patience any more. The drag and drop simplicity of an ED is worth the extra price for me. I'm old and stupid.


    I have an EZFlash IV Micro SD and it was a pain to convert all the roms, one by one! Only a handful of games don't work but i have a pretty good rom set already converted now ;). I am also hoping for an Everdrive but for now the EZ Flash paired with a Micro is so much gaming in such a small package!

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