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  1. PSP revival! I charged mine over the weekend as I felt like doing a few laps of the Nurburgring on Gran Turismo. I still think the 2000 model (slim) is the best one to go for!
  2. SNES version is one of my favourite games of all time
  3. DKC looks really good for a GBC game but also plays horribly after watching that video.
  4. Don't mean to bump an old thread but this game needs more exposure! It has been fully translated and what a game/interactive story! Just finished the game over a few days (approx 16 hours) and if you like the Phoenix Wright series i would definitely recommend it. Now i'm starting Snatcher.
  5. It's the prototype but MartinBiohazard is trying to fix all of the bugs. It's definitely playable but is frustrating at times because you can get stuck in rooms. The other thing i have found is opening some doors and trying to inspect some items (the payphone) causes the game to crash This is the development thread http://z4.invisionfree.com/Resident_Evil_1_2_3/index.php?showtopic=2332&st=240 I wonder how much of the game was actually completed before it was scrapped as some of the play through videos on YouTube are over 1.5 hours. i haven't even seen that release, thanks for the link.
  6. I don't know if this has been posted before, but having just played an updated build, i really wish the game was finished. more Resident Evil 2 goodness. If you have ways of playing ps1 iso's or a psp, i highly recommend you check it out. Only downside is there are quite a few bugs so it does crash when opening certain doors etc. http://www.1up.com/do/blogEntry?bId=9118934 I don't know if i can put a link to D/L page on here but if it's ok i will add the link or if anyone wants it just shoot me a pm. The guy behind it (MartinBiohazard) is working on a new patch.
  7. Was thinking about getting one but some people mention the SP+ backlit screens suffer from motion blurring?
  8. Just had a few matches and i have to say, what a game. Simple controls, addictive gameplay. Thanks to Siri i have a good base pack of wrestlers and having 8 wrestlers in the ring at once is mental.
  9. This sounds like my local car boots. Got no games My only options were Snes console and Mario all stars - no pads, av lead, ac adapter £15 GBA original with some unknown Gameboy colour game £15 Got a Simpsons Monopoly and playing cards for £4 so not bad in the end,
  10. I was there on Saturday. It was much better than i expected. Didn't get a chance to play on any of the arcade cabs due to the queues to get on them, but managed a game on a home made, well made Street fighter 4 cab with a PC inside. Had a go on a pinball game as well. The set ups on consoles was 10/10. I played on Amiga 600, a good few games of Sensible Soccer with 2 Mega drive pads plugged. It had WHD loader i think and a good selection of games. Next was a 4 player Gamecube set up on a projector, Mario Kart and F-Zero. We then moved to a Dreamcast connected to a 42/50inch screen via VGA for some 4 player Virtua Tennis. I was on this for ages and the guy who was in charge of the set up even joined in for a doubles game. In the main hall with all the cabs, they had more console set ups. N64 with 4 pads plugged in and a pile of games to play (20+). Started with 4 player Diddy Kong racing until we found Goldeneye. Deathmatch in the Facility and then a tag team match on No Mercy. Also managed a quick go on Duck Hunt on the NES. The thing that impressed me the most was how relaxed everything was. I was expecting everything to be locked to tables, consoles in locked boxes but it was like playing games at your friend's house. (A rich friend's house!) I hope nothing was stolen, but there was Gameboys on tables with a box of games - nice relaxed environment 9/10 can't remember the last time i played for so long. Had a headache at the end of the day
  11. I will be attending along with a few friends. Looking forward to it Does anyone know if there will be any tournaments etc?
  12. Had a go on this (All Stars) and the game is harder than i remember, or i am just crap. Got to 5-3 before i turned it off. I used a game over on a few of the levels constantly dying at the same point in a level.
  13. Is anyone playing this? I loved the first game so i thought it would be worth a try. According to the IGN review it's even less of a game than the original Corpse Party is. Just watched the trailer and it looks more like a Phoenix Wright type of game.
  14. That embedded video was brilliant, part 2 is good as well. Supposedly in the Mario All Starts release Luigi can jump higher than the Famicom version, had wind removed but i can't find any differences apart from the ability to save. Finishing the game in one sitting and one continue is mental. I might attempt this as Mario All Stars, just to see how far i can get.
  15. I want to play the original now as it has been years since i played it. Looking forward to see how you get on.
  16. Good luck I have finished lost levels on super Mario all stars and also on super Mario Bros DX. I don't think it's that hard. I haven't heard about this world 9 before so I will do some research.
  17. Went to the local Cash Converters hoping to find some SNES games but they had nothing. The guy in the store was friendly and said he would check to see if any had come in. No games but he then told me one guy who works there sells everything on Amazon e.g Zelda L.T.T.P for £20. He said if it was sold in the store it would of been £1-2
  18. Is that the Greek place? Walked past and it looked good. Will have to check it out next time i pass through!
  19. Is it possible to make it using an oven tray?
  20. Really enjoyed it but as other have said, don't make us wait for years
  21. I still prefer to play on a SNES but if you can get the Wii SNES control pad it should feel the same.
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