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  1. Last time i tried the emulation was quite crap. I could get super Mario World to play with sound disabled at full speed
  2. I like this version better than the O.G
  3. ca18s13

    Pulled Pork

    I made this last week and it turned out good but a few things i will do differently next time. Leave the fat on i cut some off the top with the thick skin but i think this contributed to the pork being a bit dry Reduce cooking time as my oven is super fast. It was a bit overdone on the top, but cooked in the middle. The flavour was really good. I used cayenne chilli powder as recommended by someone earlier in the thread an it was really nice.
  4. I use a blaze one which is good. I got mine from eBay. It has separate phono connections if you need them.
  5. ca18s13

    Pulled Pork

    I will also be attempting to make some pulled pork. I will be cooking in an oven and someone in the thread mentioned double wrapping in foil but should i then put it into a casserole dish? It might sound stupid but i have never attempted anything like this before! I'm have found Oli's method, thanks!
  6. Lol the deck is called something else but it sounds something like that. Also, they are not Top Trumps but a similar sounding company. i will check when i get home. All of the cars are modified/tuned. I will post up a pic later. Edit - Ace Trumps - Tuners
  7. Went to my first 2 carboots ever this Saturday. First one had hardly any games apart from the multiple copies of 360/PS2 old fifa games i read about on here. There was 1 PSP fat with 6 crap games for £50 and a PS2 Slim that looked like it had been buried in someone's garden for a few years for £30. I purchased a stack of Pokemon cards for 50p. When i went through them it had loads of doubles and about half of them were energy cards Arrived at the second boot fair and it had the trader stalls with hundreds of crap PS2/360 games. Found a Pokemon FireRed cart for £8 at a trader but it might have been a fake. Picked up a top trumps car tuning deck for 50p. As i was leaving i walked past a box of CDs, 10p each. I only wanted 1 Dialated Peoples promo with 5 tracks on it. I looked through the rest and most of them had 1 or 2 tracks on (all promos) by artists that i have never heard of. The lady said you can have the box for £1. Bought them and counted 100cds. Not bad for a penny each i suppose Hopefully i see something retro related next time (Mainly after SNES stuff)
  8. ca18s13


    Ive enjoyed Dodonpachi so hopefully this will be just as good. Deathsmiles 7.99 http://hmv.com/hmvweb/simpleMultiSearch.do?searchUID=&pGroupID=-1&adultFlag=false&simpleSearchString=deathsmiles&primaryID=0
  9. Panasonic 28 inch widescreen CRT. I use it for 360, ps2, snes, gamecube. A few years old but still a good picture and no lag on fighting games
  10. cool, im definately goning to check it out.
  11. Just got 3rd strike. Im trying to learn Ryu. Il add the rllmuk gamertag as the online if played with randoms has just been lag and heavy beatings so far.
  12. I also. Is there a definite release date yet?
  13. Good games all. 1st time in a rllmuk lobby and hope to get in a few more.
  14. ca18s13


    Just finished eden of the east. Was good. Going to watch the films now. Anyone watching steins gate? Ive watched the first 2eps, not bad
  15. GGS guys. Im learning viper at the moment. Im trying to learn to cancel HP Thunder Knuckle and i can do it 1 out of 100 tries. Can anyone do crHP, HP TK cancel, crHP with Viper, its solid!
  16. Anyone going to the Bullring Fight club or has anyone been already today?
  17. There is a SSF4 tournament in Birmingham today, £6 entry £50 prize. Anyone going? Time Today at 18:00 Location Net Adventure Cyber Cafe Created by: Blue Fireball Gaming, Richard King Sae-Heng More info Net Adventure Cyber Cafe 68-70 Dalton St Post Code: B4 7LX very close to Snow Hill Birmingham, United Kingdom I got an invite through facebook, but i dont think im going to. Its probably going to be on PS3 and i have a 360 stick
  18. Yeah, he was good. You did ok in the one match i watched, Bison mirror match. I struggled big time with Cammy, even against Viper. I didn't even play his Bison
  19. Played a few games with Carlito earlier GGS Hope to get in a few more with the rest of the rllmukers.
  20. ive played the first few levels and its pretty good so far.
  21. Some Initial D style tracks would be nice. I know Forza 3 already has the Japanese mountain tracks, but a few different ones wouldn't hurt.
  22. i think i was in a rllmuk endless battle yesterday. Joffocakes room. Played 1 game with Cammy against Dan, and nearly lost! After that i started random selecting like everyone else and played with Makoto. I got battered, cant even remember who i played! I know Joffo is on here, Bono93 as well? GGS guys
  23. I thought this as well at the start, but after you play a few missions you get used to it.
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