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  1. Just thinking then, if I always want 150cc unlocked on SMK or progress in SMW, will I need to have a save game slot in one of the banks at the bottom on the main menu? 

    The battery backup on my SNES games still work to this day, so I’m used to progress / unlocks automatically saving

  2. From all the people in my office (gamedevs between age 25-45), there wasn't much buzz for the NES mini, me and one other person got one. 

    SNES mini this year, think about 20 of us all desperately want one, bring on The 29th 

  3. 10. Will Haven - 'Open the Mind to Discomfort' EP

    Ohhhhhh sweet, nostalgia fix, gotta give these lads a listen again \m/

    Never gave Voir Dire a proper listen after all these years but it didn't seem to have the hooks of their older material

  4. Crackdown 3 will have a single player campaign mode to match the depth of the previous two titles, thankfully without zombies.

    Freaks darling, they were called freaks ;)

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