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  1. the musics pretty good, but I found it just way too boring. - down to tastes really - but think - two female assasins- sounds cool, but... - NO BLOOD - get the f**k out, people are supposed to die in this! - the two main characters are simple card board cut out types that have appeared in most animes over the last few years - they kill about 200 + bad guys in the series, only a few of their deaths are that interesting (the first episode had the best sequences) - all the bad guys look exactly the same and can't shoot for shit - theres toooo many still shots of two people pointing guns at each other when you know whos got the common sense to fire - some episodes try so desperately to make you feel sorry for the people who get shot and for their sibblings, and fail. - the cartoon looks bland, no cool effects and to much re-used footage the problem with it being set in france is that its nearly there, but not totally there really in representing the country, it makes a change for chcking them in japan or outer space I suppose. etc. and tbh usually if me and my ol housemates watch an anime, normally at least one of the them likes it in some way - and we got some wild and stupid tastes, unfortunately non of us liked it. and I go to an ultra nerdy anime society at uni (which has come on a bit), the majority rule NOIR the same as I do wish I did like it really, cus its a waste of like 9 CDs otherwise
  2. You wasted £20 there mate have you seen NOIR yet?, do you realise how bland it is?, I think its one of the most overated animes of the last few years, it could of been good but it just wasn't for me - or my five other housemates who decided to try it out. NO blood, no character development to speak of, an obvious ending, bah and its based in France
  3. Cheers for the info, I might try that out when i get back home
  4. Damn. I brought Reservoir dogs about a month ago on DVD. All the other tarrantino films out mostly have 2 disks and the version I have is very basic. I think I'd buy it though again for the deleted scenes etc. And the part at the end so tarantino can talk about whats happening with Mr.Pink outside
  5. This may sound very noobish, and I can't be arsed to ask someone whos watching abba stuff downstairs but what stuff do you need to plug your tele into your PC? I was thinking of getting a chipped XBOX so i could watch downloaded anime downstairs, but this seems a little cheaper
  6. Yeah, Bills talk is cheesy. Hell that guy who trained B up, he was cheesy as hell, but he was great. Compare the script of killbill2 to the first. Did the first really have a script? Of course pulp fiction relies really well on the script, where as killbill is more visual and action based (obviously), and quentins really gone for making as many references to ol kung fu movies as possible. When we saw k.bill2 on the friday it came out (i think) I came out thinking, ahhh that was good, my mates were a bit um, a bit ahh - but hell it was differant and the DVDs on pre-order when it becomes available. gota get everything with tarrantinos name on it
  7. Damn right. But in the case of anime (and if you really like it as much as most people) then about 90% of what you see is downloaded. It is right actually buying bootleged stuff really. Paying someone for stealing a series. I think I have about 3 series bootlegged, and I won't be buying any more hell I even bought Blue Gender officially and I regret that
  8. No way, depends if you value Trigun that much. I don't tbh, somethings you gotta have official Only anime I've brought originally on boot and then official was EVA, and that was from the picture quality (and me being nutty on it) £20 for a few episodes is ridiculas for anime,
  9. Top Five ANIME EVANGELION BERSERK FLCL NADESICO EBICHU I've got TRIGUN on dvd somewhere. I thought it was okish. I think I got a little sick of the crappy mid series episodes where it was too episodic, no linkage really. some of the darker episodes such as El Diable bloody rock - Vash actually gets hard for 5 mins. other than that it looked sadly a bit bland in places - sorry I'm very picky
  10. Its my first post so I better be carefull. KillBill 2 was a good film. In some ways much better than the first but in other ways not as groundbreaking. I love the tarantino films, got um all on DVD over the last year or so. Thing I love in his films are the cool scripts, they seem to be so real to life and go off in any direction. So the point in the film when she finally finds Bill was my favourite part of the film. I thought Bill's character was pretty cool. He may of waffled on a bit though but I love that in tarantino films. The soundtrack is awesome, something really cool to listen to while you work, it does'nt have an outstanding song as the first film had with "Battle without honour or humanity" but it still rocks.
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