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  1. heh, weird memories of Freaks from Crackdown 2 returning
  2. Get in! Considering how much music he used to produce over the years, this is long overdue
  3. Hope Woy realises Delph is English one day, UP THE VILLA!
  4. Went to this on the opening week, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, didn't realize they were changing up the arcades week on week!
  5. 1. Links Awakening 2. Mario Land 2 3. Donkey Kong 94 4. Micro Machines 5. Wario Land
  6. Reading a lot of "best metal albums of 2013" lists Seems Deafheaven's "Sunbather", Gorgut's "Colored Sands" and Subrosa's "More Constant Than The Gods" are getting the plaudits, enjoying all three at the moment Only album I've looked forward to this year was Carcass', plus the chance to finally see them live was fantastic! Any more major nods for new stuff? I'm so out of touch
  7. So glad to see Ollie's hard work and determination pay off. You could see it was a very promising project while Blitz was still going.
  8. Best group of people I've ever worked with, gutted it's over, time to move on
  9. Been watch TNG through over the last 6 months or so, after suffering through Sub Rosa, "Lower Decks" which followed, was one of the best episodes we've seen in ages!
  10. I work with Wil, gonna have to hunt down that cover
  11. Do you remember the Honda choir advertisement? The advert was short and fine, problem was what was shown after it....a 20 minute making of documentary We saw that documentary 5 times over 6 months :/
  12. Big relief, going to Villa Park tomorrow for a tour around the place too, thank god we're safe
  13. I've not kept up with anime releases in years but I'd recommend Bebop Berserk Escaflowne Evangelion Trigun Very interested in that Bebop Blu Ray release!
  14. I'm really convinced of this: The first film (except for Connery) which there's a new Bond introduced are the strongest in the franchise My favourites Moore - Live and Let Die Dalton - The Living Daylights Brosnan - Goldeneye Craig - Casino Royale agree?
  15. utero2001

    Depeche Mode.

    They're on Jonathan Ross tonight, I'd hope they get some interview time as well as a little sing song
  16. First two episodes of season 24 Felt like being hit in the face with an emotionless explosion of colour. I watched a few episodes from season 1 over the weekend, god that show was good, so much heart and soul went into making them.
  17. Season 24 starts tonight on Sky
  18. utero2001

    Depeche Mode.

    Listened all week with my little headphones, wasn't too taken with it. Listen once on a proper stereo system, much, much better!
  19. I had a few videos of 2 parters when I was a kid. More Than Meets The Eye, Megatron's Master Plan and The Return of Optimus Prime, The Rebirth are still pretty good. I picked up the remastered box sets at Uni, a good laugh to watch through with housemates
  20. Is is common daan saath to refer to things as TOILET ? Also it seems the last thing the Giant Bomb crew want to talk about is videogames any more
  21. I think Chet & John's and The Same Coin are really finding their feet, both great entertaining podcasts. So glad to see a games podcast that's concise, informative and to the point (chet & john)
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