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  1. The latter " A Flock Of Seagulls " albums, perfect example of the worst 80's music you'll ever hear
  2. DS9 seasons 1-2, correct me if I'm wrong then but was it mostly about religious issues and tensions between the Carsashian's and the Bajorans? Seemed to me once Sisko shaved his head it really kicked off
  3. My recommendations: Movies 2,3,4,6, TNG, TNG movies, DS9 season 3 onwards, skip Voyager and Enterprise
  4. After watching the first two seasons on Syfy in HD, me and the wife have gone all out and bought the complete TNG box set. We've got so used to watching an episode a night, we can't wait for season 3 to eventually appear. I always enjoyed watching TNG as a kid, but coming back to it, watching it in order has really got us both hooked!
  5. I keep going back though, I wished they'd make up their minds to either really go for it, or except defeat now
  6. Can't believe how bad this is, 30 minutes in and people are leaving already Newcastle are already on their jollys
  7. On the train home from the match, I didn't think it could get any worse, but it really has, all that dancing about with the ball, fancy hollywood passes, waste if time. Bradford needed one chance and scored, we needed 20 and scored 2. Well played Bradford, they deserve their day at Wembley
  8. Got the horribly rare feeling of standard Villa nerves +semi-final nerves + slight excitement that we might actually win. Horrible.
  9. Walking past Billy Boyd (hobbit) outside a sandwich shop in Dundee Walked past Alex McLeish in an Aberdeen chippy (if I'd have known what he'd do to my team years later I would given him an evil stare) Arthur Smith (comedien off grumpy old men) outside Wolverhampton train station, very tall Roberto Di Matteo sitting outside Starbucks in Leamington Spa looking smug
  10. Burton can't sing any more, he can bark and growl but singing, he seemed to struggle but it didn't spoil the performance. The guys they've bought in didn't have much presence but never mind. The set was Soul of the Machine/Obsolete/Demanufacture stuff with a few new songs thrown in. Ending on Replica always helps too
  11. Fear Factory/Devin Townsend gig last night was superb FF celebrating 20 years of their debut album, very nostalgic, playing the classics followed by the most enthusiastic man I have ever seen on a stage peddling his music, very entertaining stuff
  12. Seeing Devin Townsend / Fear Factory this Thursday. I'm going more for FEAR FACTORY but I want to give Townsend a real go, anyone recommend his best albums/songs? I've only got the Ziltoid album
  13. not all of them: http://www.g4tv.com/...-of-two/review/ http://www.egmnow.co...e-power-of-two/
  14. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theolivertwins/dizzy-returns
  15. I've preordered the Epic Mickey 2 retro TV box, reason being, it's big enough to get all the sigs from the team that worked on it all over the box. should be a nice momentum for all the hard work that we did For what's in it though, I'd like the desk toy and the memory stick but otherwise it's a lot extra to pay
  16. http://collectorsedi...hL._AA1500_.jpg That's a pretty awesome special edition, seems to be European exclusive but wait, the UK gets this http://www.game.co.uk/en/disney-epic-mickey-2-the-power-of-two-exclusive-collectors-edition-187045?pageSize=20&searchTerm=epic%20mickey%202
  17. Any news on prices Tesco etc are doing for this?
  18. Noticed Fear Factory are touring with Devin Townsend December time, tickets purchased!
  19. I'd say go for it, worth the gamble, or consider coming back to the UK and working with Peter on upcoming projects, sure seems tasty
  20. urgh people were getting up and walking out before it ended
  21. sad but probably true, the 360 truly has become the new Wii
  22. Hoping Crytek demo Ryse this time after they were in a good position to show it off in the flesh last year, the trailer didn't have the same impact
  23. great day for football yesterday, even better for us Villa fans today
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