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  1. McLeish wants Karl Henry for next season, takes the piss when Makoun was as Villa Park on Sunday. Fingers crossed McLeish goes
  2. Alright Fozz, you work on this? Hope all's well mate
  3. Picked up some SNES games from a friend I had Asterix on the NES years ago, you could finish it in ten minutes though Interested in the Battle Toads sequel, don't think I've tried this one before
  4. Glad I picked this up after all the positive word of mouth. It does so many things right and probably gonna be my GOTY
  5. Got a spare ticket going to see Paradise Lost in Wolverhampton tonight, any takers?
  6. New Paradise Lost album came in the post, seems like some of their best stuff since the mid 90s Going to see them play in Wolves tonight too, excite!
  7. Glad I went to the match, 60 minutes we were great, then we went and bloody scored, you could see the relief on the players. Shame they totally switched off and their heads dropped. I just don't get it.Lerner was there tonight and met McLeish in the tunnel for a chat, so fingers crossed he gets sacked tomorrow. It'd be refreshing if McDonald took the reigns for the last few games. Plus - MOTM to Heskey, I've never see him play so well and put so much effort in wearing a Villa shirt. Him and Weiman make a great partnership
  8. I've always seen Mario games as a "For life not just for Xmas" situation, but the recent Mario 2D games (as well as Kart) have been soleless tripe. I find they have no magic or personality, just cheap dross pushed out to market with no thought or creativity involved.
  9. Kirby went from great to gash after the NES though, I think the franchise has only just picked back up again with some great Wii titles
  10. Superb! Gonna pick this up in the week Glad I've still got my big X-Wing box filled with floppy disks Love X-Wing and Tie Fighter, quality wise Star Wars games have never been even close to this ever since.
  11. They've really cottoned on to that a lack of innovation and personality sells more products
  12. would recommend this, great co-op play over live, buy it new though http://www.play.com/Games/Xbox360/4-/30100424/Crackdown-2/Product.html?searchstring=crackdown+2&searchsource=0&searchtype=allproducts&urlrefer=search
  13. very frustrating, Ash you little diving scumbag, really hope City win the title now
  14. 16 bit Boards of Canada! The game's fantastic too, wonder if it'll have replay value
  15. Gutted we didn't get the win, Liverpool are lucky they still have Gerrard playing so well, Shay Given deserves a Man of the Match nod there for keeping us in it.
  16. Reminds me, I should stop my subscription, spending 5 minutes a month flicking through them before I go back to my i-Phone
  17. Only time my ears pricked up was when they mentioned Ruffian working on Star Wars Kinect
  18. Fingers crossed the gaming websites report on this tomorrow, such a positive outcome especially if it leads to Molyneux hiring some of the talent
  19. fast intense clap for Capone
  20. Concerned someone has hacked his account, hope it gets sorted
  21. local GAME is filled with guys in suits and ear pieces, looks like the mob is in town
  22. It feels like a old friend has come round to see you and knees you in the balls
  23. Really pleased to announce we're working on the 360/PS3 version of the game, it's a fantastic project to be a part of. Also it's great for Leamington Spa and British Devs with Playground Games around the corner working on the new Forza too
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