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  1. went into GS at lunch, prices haven't changed since the fire sale started, was hoping I'd pop in one day and everything would be a quid
  2. problem I noticed in with Game and GS not stocking new games ala Ninja Gaiden 3 come friday, the only place in town you can get it is HMV, and they've ordered in 2 copies, 1 which I've pre-ordered. Someone needs to pick up the slack
  3. Tickets booked for Paradise Lost next month, be the first proper metal concert I've been to for 3 years. Few tracks from their new album seem pretty good
  4. Only got into his stuff over xmas, now I just can't get enough, still think the Shitfuckers!!! EP is his best, need more!
  5. bought 8 games over 2 days for £20, think I should stop now, never gonna even get round to playing most of them
  6. Bayonetta and Vanquish for £1.99 each? Even if you owe them yourself, buy them for someone else to enjoy
  7. Asked in Gamestation after work, they're doing a huge clearout of all pre owned from tomorrow. The GS in Lem is packed with games too, feel like a bit of a vulture, but at those prices....
  8. also normally in the day there's usually about 2 staff on, today, there were 7 all in putting stickers on everything, this could be over before the end of the week
  9. comparing the shop prices to the website Bulletstorm - shop - £2 online - £12-15 be worth going in sooner rather than later, the shop I was in was slowly filling with students, actually I've never seen a GAME so busy outside of XMAS time
  10. appears so, but when you see Rayman Origins and Red Faction Armageddon going for a fiver, those can't be over 6 months old surely
  11. when we went in it was just 360 games up for cheap, seems the full sale for everything will start tomorrow
  12. Just went into GAME in Leamington Spa, they're selling 360 games for dirt dirt cheap, got five good games for under a tenner, seems like an "EVERYTHING MUST GO" sale assistant said PS3, Wii and DS games are going tomorrow, so keep a look out before everything good is gone
  13. Well done with those renders, great final results there, it'd be a cracking portfolio piece if you could show examples of wireframes and materials created. First week done at Blitz. What a pleasant, talented bunch of gave devs, brilliant working environment and I hope to be there for many years to come
  14. I start at Blitz tomorrow, it's turned out to be ideal for both me and my wife, we've both wanted to move closer to our families for ages. As for screenshots have a look at my portfolio website in my sig
  15. Great idea, it's very beneficial to have both Maya and Max knowledge on your CV. I find Maya's great for initial modelling and the UV tools are great. Be aware about cleaning an objects history etc. To keep it clean cus it's easy to really mess things up. Starting a new job on Monday and it's all Maya so I'm glad I've had a year or two to learn it, going back to max every now and then is just weird
  16. The ending to Shadows of the Damned was the first game in years that left me wanting more adventures with Hotspur and co. Great ending
  17. utero2001

    FIFA 12

    Due to it being the only option when playing online I've really tried to stick at it.
  18. utero2001

    FIFA 12

    Really hating this new defensive system, I know its early days but god I'd love to use the legacy system online
  19. What I meant regarding QA is 1 you'll get your foot in the door and learn shit loads 2 you can still work on your portfolio and get direct help and advice from workmates, they could give you some art tests to try out 3 Any experience is better than sitting on the dole 4 I've worked with lots of people who did QA and a year later are going on to work in art/design/programming roles
  20. shame Jenas hasn't made the bench today, was looking forward to see if he was going to make a difference, well Ireland's on, would be great if he pulled his finger out. think this could be another poor 1-1
  21. Also it's very much down to 'who you know' more than 'what you know'
  22. Nice work, sounds like Dare has given you some vital experience. I'd say it's very tough to get a job in this field at the moment with all the recent redundancies around the country, lots of talented folks are having to consider going abroad. All I can think is look for the really small companies you've probably never heard of, and call them directly.Or maybe even consider QA. Just getting in on any level is a good start, you can learn directly from the art team, chat about techniques and get direct feedback on your portfolio.
  23. Terminator 2 - NES - £40 Slave Zero - DC Alice : Madness Returns
  24. Very surprised with the simplicity of the architecture used in game, its as if youre waiting for the LOD1s to load in but youre stuck with LOD3s. It looks so dated
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