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  1. Really sad news for DC, one of the finest UK podcasts ever made
  2. 4J are just upstairs from us, a nice bunch of lads, seems like a great project for them.
  3. Build I got needs a password cannot wait to play this
  4. utero2001


    I wonder if I've grown out of them, I loved the first 3 albums, White Pony was fantastic,the self titled album stank so bad and the other two releases have had the odd good track, but for me it lacks something, maybe it's too laid back.
  5. I went along to that, met up with some now unemployed friends, what a sad state of affairs. I was called away at 2 but the first two hours didn't fill me with confidence. The "how to write a CV" section seemed like a right mess, had they even planned their answers beforehand? So much talent there I'm sure but hardly any jobs to go around. I hope Outplay are able to grow to their expected 150 staff count to get more people employed around here.
  6. IS this being shown on TV at all?
  7. Not to be negative but this is surprisingly spot on
  8. it seems the website and changing names on your xbox are slightly out of sync nearly cried man tears, found out starscream was available, rushed to my xbox to find it's gone
  9. utero2001

    Rock Band!

    would hope they release the rest of Violator if this sells well
  10. utero2001

    Rock Band!

    Depeche coming to Rock Band 3 makes me so glad I shelled out for the Keyboard
  11. I would second that, XSI is so dramatically different and I'm really not a fan. I've used Max for 8 years and then we moved to Maya last year, nowadays I'll choose Maya over Max for modelling and UVs.I don't understand Maya as well technically but the general tools are great to use. If you want to work in games then pick Max or Maya.
  12. lots of new Games jobs created in Dundee outplay superb news, Dundee lost so much talent when RTW closed, it'd be great to get another big company set up in town.
  13. Philip K Take a look at this guys site, some fantastic tutorials using more up to date methods. If you can get this stuff presented in UDK you'll get some fantastic results.
  14. missed the game, thought it was on at 3 well we've won and Pires scored? WOW things really are turning around
  15. on Sunday 27th February 2011, if you value all that's right in the world, you'll support Arsenal for a day
  16. from a game that seemed so easy and laid back that last 10 minutes was horrible to watch. Another 3 points, so glad this game was called off until now.
  17. YESYESYESYESYESYESYES, forgot what it was like to see my team win! UTV If we beat Wigan next week (which looks likely) then we could be looking a lot healthier
  18. I never thought I'd say this but we now have a goal scorer up front
  19. Yeah, created in Max/Maya and brought into Unreal, I must say unreal is priceless for showing off your work, everything looks great in it, no need to take renders, just take a print screen image and the results speak for themselves.
  20. we need a goal machine, and Bent is it. As long as he's not injured he'd find himself in the first team every week.
  21. One of our concept artists was offered a chance to work on this down in London. He looked like a very excited man.
  22. right, sack Houllier and look for someone who cares
  23. YYESHHH COMEON! bit of passion and we can beat these cunts
  24. Can't stop screaming at the TV, so frustrating lovely to read this ""Houllier wants Spahic at Villa," Pasalic told The News of the World. "But after he lost against Sunderland, his job is not secure any more. "If his team wins the derby, he will stay as Villa manager and be given a free hand to buy anyone he wants." I would love it if MON just popped up again on Monday and said sorry
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