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  1. how have we not scored?! 30 seconds in and he puts it over the bar
  2. wahey we signed Makoun, now he will be eligible to play when he completes the formalities of securing a work permit, a process which could take up to two weeks
  3. some are saying we've signed Makoun if we can grab Rodallega too I'll be really chuffed
  4. RUFFIAN hiring we're currently hiring programmers at the moment, but keep checking the site in case something else arises in the future.
  5. Bridge has chosen West Ham over us, guess it's cus he's a Londoner? But it looks like another target has slipped through the net, wayne bridge would of been an assett to us........There's obviously something fundamentally wrong at the club, it seems like top names are avoiding us like the plague.......
  6. Well is he just nervous when he comes on for first team action? he either seems to be short on pace or lacks confidence. With all the goals he scores in the reserves I was hoping even at 19 he would be coming good this season.
  7. I'm really wondering how much Houllier has to spend this transfer window 2.5 for Charlie Adam? Blackpool told us the fuck off, Adam is on fire this season, I think he's worth at least 4 million after the impact he's made this season. 4.2 for Jean Makoun, they said not unless you cough up way more cash. the only interesting players we're getting in are on loan too. more than anything else, we need a striker, why can't Villa see this problem? Carew is wanting away with Houllier kicking around so why not consider a new, young, target man?
  8. jesus, world cup ref and he's sold that crock of shite
  9. I must say I think Hutton is fantastic at RB though, it's a shame we haven't bought Walker
  10. Kyle Walker is class, ten minutes on his debut, gets the ball on the half way line, gets past 3 players then slots it past the keeper, hope that'll rub off on the other players, you don't have to leg it down the wing and cross it in every chance you get. It's done their confidence a lot of good I'm sure, it's a shame that Ashley Young got a red card.
  11. oh god, this is beyond appalling now, sitting in the relegation zone. I mean for god's sake, Wolves even beat Chelsea tonight and (although it was amazing to watch) we just managed a draw. I would hope Houllier goes soon.
  12. I'm from Wolverhampton, other than seeing nice shots from the Black Country museum this didn't give the impression that the characters were from the area. Only 3-4 people in the entire film even tried to do a Black Country accent.It seemed the director had said, if you're from around here put the accent on, if you're not, don't even bother to try. I'm sorry but it didn't matter how posh you were in the 60s, the young boy, the mother and father sounded southern, his little friend who sat on the wall sounded like he was from Sheffield and Helena Bonham Carter was all over the shop. Was she from London or Tettenhall Wood? Think if this had been set in Sheffield? would they have gotten away with such lazy efforts?
  13. thank god for that Albrighton deserves MOTM
  14. Read this on the official Villa site, from the heading I was half hoping he was talking of stepping down from his position, clearly he's cottoned on about the fans distaste of his admiration for Liverpool outweighing the issues going on with his own team on the night, here's hoping we put in a bit of effort against West Brom this weekend, Ash is back and maybe Houllier will have Heskey available to partner Gabby. As long as Ireland and Pires don't start, Houllier will be doing something right.
  15. I turned it off after the third goal went in, at least the BBC are pointing out how shite we're playing Houllier applauds the Liverpool fans on his return to Anfield
  16. it's like the Germans won the war, it shouldn't happen Villa really have hit a new low
  17. a load of wank, the management can really now just fuck off, all that show boating and we score one goal
  18. more shots of Houllier looking dazed and confused, put Carew on you fool!
  19. great game though, wish the derby match the other week was this good.
  20. 1-1 robbed them, that's so unfair on the scum both linesman are clearly Villa fans
  21. Time for a visit to the circus tonight, hoping we get the win and do it in the 90 minutes. Ireland's apparently very ill but still on the bench along with Pires. I think we're gonna need big John Carew tonight, he'll get us a winner on the 85th.
  22. utero2001


    even though we deserved a penalty, we don't deserve a goal after that awful performance. Arse to win 4-0
  23. Benzema on loan in January please, think we need to consider going back to 4-4-2
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