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  1. We're hitting a new low today and Warnock getting wound up by that thug resulting in a goal is just pathetic. too many good players injured through the OTT training regimes, buying a 37 year old man to save us, fucking dreadful The sad thing is we've played well again, played way better than Blackburn but we can't score. We'll go from 6th to finishing 10th or worse this season.
  2. I've had a few games tonight, great playing with friends, pretty hard on your own. It's great when you're flying into the next area and rain a couple of rockets down and kill everything before you land
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjc8uF9reNE&feature=related
  4. Well what normally happens when DLC is released? you get adds on the marketplace and trailers.
  5. I believe there are ads for it on the marketplace no? We've took CD2 and turned it into a 3rd person bullet hell shooter and now pushes the amount of cheevos available to 1500
  6. DELUGE DLC pack is out today, really enjoyed what I've played of it at work, CD2 now has a total of 1500 cheevo points to get.
  7. just some portfolio work I'm trying at the moment, I must say it was worth learning the ins and outs of UDK just so you can get some great screenshots. On learning Maya, I used Max for years and then we were told at work to learn Maya and surprisingly it didn't take too long to get the hang of it, the tools do the same thing, they're just hard to find at first. You can see they're becoming more alike. After a few months with Maya I can now jump between it and Max pretty well. Adam I could put in a good word for you at work if you're keen on a move to Scotland?
  8. Indeed, if we'd have beaten Fulham we'd have been in 5th spot now, so it's not all doom and gloom. Villa just need a bit of luck to get going again and that Collins goal should be it.
  9. oh thank you James Collins, thank you soooo much! UP THE VILLA
  10. Same for Gardner handling in the penalty area, shame it was such a poor game. As soon as they put two lads up front, we followed suit and the game opened up. I wish Houllier would be more willing to change formations and try something different, putting a load of kids on isn't doing it for us. Carew should have come on much earlier too.
  11. Villa vs SCUM not the best game so far, not many chances for either side
  12. utero2001

    Rock Band!

    glad we asked in HMV Dundee this morning as they just had two 360 keyboards in the back, everywhere else in town had nowt. noticed I got a free cat with mine
  13. I'm not liking Houllier's Villa side at all, 300 minutes without a goal now, and we're sucking against Burnley
  14. utero2001

    Rock Band!

    I'm just ripping the back off my RB2 manual so no one uses the code, trading it in towards RB3, sorted
  15. 1 - Bayonetta 2 - Vanquish 3 - Red Dead
  16. utero2001

    Rock Band!

    The code (on the back of your Rock Band 2 manual) can only be redeemed from the in-game menu (ROCK BAND 2), not the PSN Store/Xbox Live. It then asks you to pay the 800 MS Points and download the 1.4GB file. So all being well us in the UK will be able to flog RB2 for RB3
  17. utero2001

    Rock Band!

    dunno at the moment, I'm trying to get more info
  18. utero2001

    Rock Band!

    The export is apparently out. You have to do it within the RB3 music store.
  19. Really pissed off after watching that.Ireland shouldn't start for us if he does fuck all (again). We came alive and should have scored. Looking at the bench was depressing too, Cuellar,Carew and a few unproven kids. The transfer window can't come around fast enough. I don't want Ireland starting next week against the scum, we need confidence and pace, not someone who looks like he's there for a jog.
  20. utero2001

    Rock Band!

    haha balls big mistake found it's the code for the additional 20 songs, ignore me
  21. utero2001

    Rock Band!

    I have a problem and wonder if anyone can help I put in the redeem code for Rock Band 2's stuff to be exported and it said the code has already been used!? (what the hell, I bought the game new!) Is there anyone here who's willing to give me their code? if your not fussed with transferring songs across obviously or is there anywhere I can purchase a new code? please PM me if you can help thanks
  22. fucks sake, Carew can't make his mind up with our chances then Spurs get a goal, really wish Heskey was still playing
  23. ah gutted for Heskey, would love to have seen 90 minutes from the guy
  24. utero2001

    FIFA 11

    So FIFA10 out the way, I've played 567 games resulting in over 94 hours of play, that's value for money, thank you EA
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