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  1. oh superb, Heskey's got some confidence, him along with Reo are like you say Nayson, new players
  2. do Wolves not own stretchers? get that twat off the pitch
  3. how have Wolves not scored?! for god's sake Villa this is gonna be a 1-1 at this rate
  4. BOSH 1-0 Very interesting how we're playing under Houllier, bizzarely Petrov seems to be non existent but Reo Coker is a changed man.We need this win.
  5. Other than Parish is there any talent left at 1UP?
  6. Picked up the Starwing cover at the Smiths in Dundee some good choices, Link To the Past, Sonic, Wizball, Warioware, Okami, Bayonetta, Manic Miner, Beyond Good and Evil
  7. Did you see MOTD2 last night? Phil Brown can fuck right off
  8. Surely the ref adds it on for all the corners they had and we did have a few lads that needed to go off briefly. I was surprised how useless Gabby was once he came on, Young had been playing all day and he was chasing everyone down. Gabby just trotted around. I'm so glad we have Collins back, that young lad who's played the last two games was dreadful against Newcastle.
  9. how stressful was that? 1-0 to the Villa! defended against at least 20 corners and snatched the win, UTV
  10. Seems they've gone into Administration this afternoon out of order a real shame, I've met some quality guys from there, hope they find their feet soon.
  11. well I'm glad that Villa had the sense to say "Thanks, but no thanks" to Bob Bradley, so Maradona would be the ultimate no no. Shame you missed the action Nayson, was brilliant from 20 seconds in. Albrighton was fantastic, his hard work led to the third goal, he was full of confidence, getting past players with ease and putting in the odd good cross. Poor old Rob Green though, he got booed to shit
  12. Went to the match yesterday, not been to Villa park in ages. After that performance I'd love Kevin MacDonald to get a few more games under his belt. Albrighton for me deserved the man of the match award, a bit bizarre that Downing got it
  13. Indeed, could you imagine Ireland getting back and putting in some great defensive work like Milner did for us? However, getting Milner's transfer fee minus 8 million with Ireland you can't complain. I'm down in the Midlands, getting married on the 21st , I booked tickets to see us play West Ham this weekend, really unsure how it's gonna go down now, and what the lineup will be.
  14. It's great, and as a bonus you get your copy signed by Sean Noonan of "Sean Noonan's Wheelman" fame
  15. I few times I'd get some great bargains on retro stuff in there £2 for boxed Mario World in great condition £1 for boxed Super Tennis (new been opened) Japanese Dreamcast games for £20 or under. I picked up a Dreamcast once they were dying off, and Chips was great for getting almost anything DC related for under £15. The Middlesbrough branch did a lot of competitions on games during launch. I remember going to the Timesplitters 2 tournament and came second, and got a copy of the game. But it's not been like that for five years, every time I've been in since they've never had anything good in, no bargains, nowt.
  16. The Chips in Middlesbrough was about 2 minutes walk from our back door when we were at Uni. They did loads of imports at very good prices(got most of my Japanese Dreamcast games from there) When I left uni it really had gone downhill, no good deals, very rarely anything retro/worthwhile checking out.
  17. I saw the metal tin version of the game in Gamestation, looks great, think I'll pick it up soon for my collection
  18. wanted to post this Digital Cowboys: Episode 164 - Legends of Zelda Voices from all over the DC community and many of our podcasting friends have submitted hours of monologues talking about their favourite game in the Zelda series a good listen
  19. Played a lot of the team deathmatch last night with friends, definitely has that Quake 3 feeling, I'd recommend giving it a shot.
  20. Seems the music score and or the remix tracks are being considered for a proper release. fingers crossed, I'm loving some of The Qemist's tracks
  21. no worries, have you sent the cheque yet?
  22. or jump off the top of the agency tower and do it
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