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  1. The whole MCU has been an interesting - and at times, amazing - experience, but in terms of quality I find them to be really hit-and-miss, having found probably half of them pretty boring. Despite that, I agree that the real triumph, as posted earlier in the thread, is in the casting. I'm not invested in Marvel at all and have no interest in the characters outside of the films, yet I really liked this group of heroes based on finding a cast that seem to have great on-screen chemistry, both within the wider group and those smaller character moments (Cap and Black Widow's friendship
  2. @Keiths_DadYou're forgetting we also have Ben Davies, but I think Klopp has probably forgotten that too. As for Werner, I don't think Klopp was ever seriously interested in him, was he? I still think one (or more) of the front three will leave, so another striker is needed in addition to a quality CB and a hard look at our midfield, with some exits likely. I think we were linked with another young goalkeeper the other day too and we do need better backup than Adrian, for sure.
  3. I haven't seen much of him, but has Kabak actually shown he has the attributes to become good enough to be a starter in the team? Because if not I wouldn't buy him for the sake of it, I would invest elsewhere.
  4. Not long, given that @Gotterssaid it in your own team thread.
  5. Leicester are going to blow a CL spot again, aren't they?
  6. Hopefully with a little 5-a-side game before hand, just like the good old days (which only ITV ever showed).
  7. I've just watched the highlights on the Sky YouTube channel and for the disallowed goal Carragher questioned whether it was onside because Cash made an effort to play the ball (following the Man City incident also ironically against Villa). Should the goal not have stood on that basis?
  8. In what way is Returnal AAA? I'm not saying you are wrong - I don't know - but Housemarque would most-likely be classed as mid-tier at best (and most would just call them "indie"), no?
  9. There is that same sort of enemy variety in this, too, so it isn't all that different; you have enemies that will keep their distance and snipe away, you have big brusiers that will come in with the heavy moves and you have the bog-standard fodder that will try to overwhelm with numbers. They all look fairly similar, mind. The problem is that the core punching people isn't all that interesting. I said the same as @MardiganX whilst I was playing it, in that none of the characters every really feel they have dedicated roles. Iron Man is a good example; he should be all ab
  10. I like how in almost all of the shots the drink shown is a hot drink in a receptacle with no handle (looks like a small jug you'd use to serve sauces in) that you'd never be able to actually get out of the damn thing without sticking your fingers in the liquid to pull it up. Great design! (Of course, they charge extra for a proper 'mug adapter'.)
  11. So it was, yes; in my defence, I don't have twitter so didn't click the link.
  12. I haven't read it yet, but there's a much longer set of articles about this all here: https://airentertainment.biz/jane-whittaker-proven-to-be-an-industry-fraud/
  13. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    I agree completely with this, especially the Ad Astra comment, as there's a moment that brilliantly captures the loneliness of the environment which definitely felt like a scene from Ad Astra. I also think it was much, much better than Call of the Sea, both from storytelling and gameplay perspectives.
  14. Looks like the enemies from Mass Effect 2 (without eyes) from that shot.
  15. Well that's surely a bit of a death-knell, to be on a subscriber service after just 6 months? Wonder if it'll hit Game Pass too?
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