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  1. What? It clearly says the new animations are enemy death animations. Anyway, it's still a weird thing to headline in DLC.
  2. Mexico left to rue their missed chances.
  3. Sheesh, that slow movement alone would put me off. Glacial!
  4. Mexico have lacked composure since their second goal, been in some good positions but rushed things and at the moment it looks like Poland are going to scrape through.
  5. In as always, PM on its way. Love this thread
  6. Don't you mean Mexico? Saudi Arabia are out of it now. But I agree with you, even in their win vs Saudi Arabia they were rubbish for most of it.
  7. Oh don't get me wrong, I expect absolutely nothing from Poland, but hope springs eternal and all that. I'll be watching the Saudi Arabia game anyway.
  8. I don't see how it was ruled out though, because the defender had to make the clearance regardless as he was being challenged by another French player, I'm not sure I agree that Griezmann was interfering with play. Whilst it's funny (but bittersweet for the Tunisians, of course), I doubt the French will care, its not as if most of that team will start any other games. I suppose Poland and Saudi Arabia doing their bit will provide the laughs tonight by sending Argentina home. Fingers crossed, eh?
  9. Denmark have been really, really bad. Offered nothing in attack at all, considering they need a result. Australia have also been poor, but one moment of very good forward play is so far going to win it for them.
  10. Neither Denmark nor Australia look like they want to win this game, it's been absolutely dire so far.
  11. I have always been a bit reserved about this because I don't like deck builders/card-based combat, but I've remained interested because of the subject matter. Some interesting bylines on that metacritic summary then, with one suggesting about half the game is the social stuff being more than a little bit off putting. The idea of buying gifts as well is just..odd, along with the fact any housekeeping has to be done by traversing the hub, rather than via menus. It leaves me feeling that this sounds a bit more like a 'wait/hope for Gamepass' than one to buy, I think.
  12. I do think the fact that in the recent past we've not had Man Utd or Arsenal or Chelsea offering much competition for the PL title, so it has perhaps humbled players a bit more (and Liverpool don't provide many starters either.) Plus, as noted, the management at club level is perhaps not so toxic towards international games now. Southgate is benefitting from it, whatever the reason.
  13. A bigger problem for Capello - and Sven before him (McClaren had very different issues) was more the cliques that existed within the squad more than being a harsh disciplinarian. Arsenal, Liverpool & Man Utd players have all spoken about it, as has Sven. For example, Ferdinand has spoken before about how he didn't want to be pally with other non-Man Utd players because he didn't want to give them an edge when they met in league games; I think Lampard has spoken of his rivalry with Gerrard, and Gerrard has said how they would all stick to clubmates when with England. Southgate has helped break that down and nurtured better feelings, helped by there being more diversity in the make-up of the England team now in terms of where they play their club football.
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