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  1. It's more than that as they have a Chinese New Year sale too - so 4 sales in about 3 months (with huge numbers of games having the same price in each one, thus being a bit rubbish.)
  2. I don't really get the point of this sale, wedged awkwardly between the Halloween and Xmas sales. I hope that the Xmas sale is a bit better for my personal wishlist (though I know it'll probably be the same as this one more or less, based on previous years.)
  3. Like I say, I've got games I haven't yet played too so I don't judge others. As with you, the taking part really is the real gift; I do love poring over somebody's profile and wishlist to see what I think would be a good match and then just reading the thread once things start getting delivered. It really is one of the most joyus threads on here, no sniping or criticism just happy people. Don't get me wrong, I do love receiving too - getting that notification is one of the few surprises I get at Christmas and even though they are delivered late Christmas Eve, I try to hold off looking until Christmas morning (that does take some willpower! )
  4. The other day, before this thread was posted and I was thinking about this year's event, I had a look at some of the Steam profiles for people I've previously gifted for and, more often than not, stuff I've sent has remained unplayed or played very little. And that's fine - I'm guilty of it myself. I do still intend to play everything one day, but basically I wouldn't say having an existing backlog should be an impediment to joining in the celebration. After all, the real gift is the giving, no?
  5. What's the release schedule for this? The first 2 episodes are available and then they are weekly or what?
  6. In like Flynn! To regurgitate my comments from last year, I think it's important to stick only to wishlists when gifting, given all the other storefronts/platforms people may already have games on.
  7. Isn't the new phase just this and Black Widow so far? Not a high bar to clear.
  8. Yeah, it was hers to lose I think, and she did. All were very worthy finalists though, unlike last year.
  9. I'm pretty sure the skulls just mean they are elite characters, not that you are underleveled (everything is about the power level in the endgame, and I think the campaign missions just match to your level anyway)? I don't expect that fact to change your mind, but I think you are wrong.
  10. I haven't found anything that tickled my fancy so I am currently on my backup of a £2 Galaxy one (and I don't really like Galaxy all that much.) I will be at Costco over the weekend, I wonder if they have anything decent? Failing that, I guess I'll just look at some of the ones on this page and wish I liked beer/pork scratchings etc. I shall have to live vicariously through you all!
  11. This definitely isn't aimed at kids in terms of scheduling, it's on at 10pm isn't it?
  12. True, but even starting from scratch with your own player it's hard to feel that the stats make much difference in actual gameplay: As a nobody at the start with zero skills I could still smash the ball around with ease - and now my career player is skilled-up, does it feel any different/better? No. Perhaps the timing windows have moved a tiny fraction but I can't really say. I do accept its always hard to balance stat improvements when, ultimately, success still comes down to real-life skill.
  13. This is going to sound way more harsh than I mean it - especially as I have no interest in your videos - but effectively this does feel like you are spamming a single thread, and the fact you say you aren't very talkative and we should ask you questions rather than you contributing to the actual discourse seems a bit...vain? Self-indulgent? It's not about making any money or anything though, it's just that dumping posts with no content (other than a link to their own YT channel, which in the OP is stated as the only reason for posting) isn't really adding anything, is it? As you say yourself, no-commentary videos are easy enough to find so it's hardly a unique angle here. I don't know, I just think that dropping videos and disappearing until the next one is ready shows no real interest in actually being part of the community here - and whilst I guess it ultimately doesn't matter, at the same time it just feels like we're being used whether you view the YT content or not.
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