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  1. Will there be a general beta release for those of us on PC without a code?
  2. The short answer is that I'm not really a fan and it was by pure chance I happened to see the last bit of The Big Bang and something about Smith's performance made an impact on me and sold me the character, even if a lot of episodes are actually a bit naff. I suppose I was more interested in Smith and his relationships with Amy/Clara than I was the lore and any overall stories and it all just hit me at the right time. Capaldi then came along and brought a different dynamic with Clara and, for that first season, I enjoyed that too. I was never a fan of Billie Piper, so I probably would never get that same feeling with Tennant, however good the writing is and, with limited free time as it is, I guess that's the line in the sand I've drawn. I rewatched both of those again yesterday and they were great - again, they played into that dynamic between Clara and the Doctor. Even Kill the Moon has some great character moments and emotion flying around.
  3. I'm not looking to claim hypocrisy, just that there was certainly a lot of noise initially that the Epic store's intentions were great, but hampered by the fact that it was a very heavily curated marketplace. At the start it was filled with indie games that had already sold loads on other platforms and, as such, wasn't actually helping more devs make more games as touted as one of their key battle-cries against Steam. There's still not a great deal of content on there, so the fact devs can go elsewhere is rather counter to the whole point of differentiation they got a lot of good press about. I actually think the 12% cut would be great to see elsewhere, but what incentive is there for anybody else to fall into line when only a handful of games on the Epic store actually benefit from it?
  4. I wonder if Epic will open up their own walled garden to allow all developers on there to benefit from the lower cut, rather than their current curated approach?
  5. So Arsenal have signed Willian then. I like the player - he would've been great at Liverpool all those years ago when we were originally linked and even now would be a useful squad player a la Milner - but a 3 year contract seems incredibly generous and does reek a bit of Arsenal being a club you go to to be put out to pasture.
  6. I guess this is a case of US=LOL, but on what grounds can Epic successfully argue that Apple have to open the doors to anybody else? And if they did manage to bust that open, would MS and Sony be next? Should they be?
  7. Exactly, I can't think of any sitcom that doesn't have the occasional episode that deals with more adult themes, it's a staple of the genre.
  8. So what is the consensus of this from Capaldi's second season onwards? I've re-watched some of Matt Smith's episodes today and originally saw Capaldi's first season, which I quite liked, but I fell away after that. Now it should be noted that a) I haven't ever watched any new-Who pre-Smith (and don't really intend to either) and b) I actually liked Clara and her relationships with Smith and Capaldi and found them a bit more heartwarming than with Amy and Rory (though I liked them too) - though I recall not many in here are fans of her. Setting that as a bit of a benchmark for what I enjoy, is the rest of the Capaldi run and beyond worth it?
  9. Gabe

    Football Kits 2020/21

    That's actually pretty heartening to see.
  10. It certainly sounds different, but I'm not a fan of rogue-like structures in games - especially those 'just because' - and whilst it's exactly like RPG elements are put into everything, I happen to like RPG elements . In terms of your current frustrations, is the game expecting you to come up with clever tactics to beat that boss? I saw on one of the videos you are encouraged to build combos and stuff that give free attacks? Anyway, that, coupled with the rather unappealing art style is probably enough to take this from something I had on my wishlist to 'not interested' - so in that respect I appreciate your posts on it.
  11. Most TBS games will have a defined story arc and progression, so grinding isn't really a thing in general. It sounds like Othercide is really trying to mix things up with that structure though so comparisons to other titles is probably unfair on them.
  12. So nobody wanted to pay what WB wanted then?
  13. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    Found a pub! Exciting and tense. Will be a brilliant result if they pull it off, given the shambles of the first innings.
  14. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    There's an absolutely cracking game going on and I'm stuck out all day Would love for Buttler to bring it home.
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