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  1. I'm waiting for you to take a punt first
  2. That's not really my point, so I've perhaps not articulated it well. I think there a couple of things here. Firstly, I don't proclaim to make ethical purchasing decisions. As I say, pretty much any mainstream item I buy is going to be ethically dubious and I made peace with myself that I can't live my life like that as there's enough rubbish to deal with in life as it is - but I totally respect and admire those that can and do. Secondly - and this probably better addresses the bolded point - I'm saying I would find it hypocritical to boycott the product but still choose to
  3. I find this kind of stance a bit odd, in that it's saying "I will still consider being able to benefit from what you've produced, just want to make a point by not paying *you* directly for it." Like...it feels like a flimsy ethical position to hold, because in my head, if you are going to boycott a company, then you are making a conscious decision to forgo enjoying that product (whether it's games, food, clothes, whatever) - I guess to put some value/meaning to you on missing out. It seems to me to be the definition of having your cake and eating it. This is partly why
  4. I tend to find these types of polls largely pointless, because as we see in posts already, people ultimately just want stuff and those that do talk about boycotts most usually aren't all that interested in the products anyway (see comments about Ubisoft). Cyberpunk is an interesting one in that there is a lot of mud being thrown at them at the moment, from excessive crunch to the transphobia to an inference that they pay low wages (close to minimum wage if you do the maths), based on an ex-employee tweeting what they were paid for full-time work on Witcher 3. I don't think (m)any p
  5. Thanks, that does sound interesting.
  6. I haven't read anything about this (other than the last few pages of this thread) but @Opinionated Ham Scarecrow what are the innovations it brings to the genre? I get there's no central character this time around, right? What else?
  7. Thanks - this is the kind of common-sense reply I need to hear. I'm more than happy with my current card so it would be silly to change it. I shall review again when the 4xxx series is out. . . . I'm still going to read this thread and gets pangs of jealousy, of course.
  8. I have no interest in Demon Souls (nor the PS5 generally) but I tend to find the artstyle in first/second-party Sony games seem to just look better (incredibly vague and subjective, of course) than for Xbox titles. It's not just this game, but things like TLoU 1&2, God of War etc. I mean Xbox has some nice stuff too, but they never seem to be at the same level as PS exclusives.
  9. I can't deny I want a card now, even though my 2070 Super is going to be perfectly fine for a couple of years (probably) at 1440p. Right? Tell me that's probably true so I don't start looking to replace a card I only bought in January!
  10. Depends on how big the bag of cash they give you is and how promoted you are by the service, I imagine.
  11. So why do you think Sony pulled Bugsnax and Destruction All Stars from sale and dumped onto PS+ - quality issues (relative to the price point) or just to pad out PS+? It's too late a decision to be planned to then pull them from sale and refund everybody so it has to have been a reaction to something?
  12. Watching that video and it seems to me that developers are going to overuse RT at the start, making everything just ridiculously shiny and unnatural, before settling down as time goes on. Some of those scenes look like staring into a mirror in every little patch of water, which is even more unrealistic given that the water doesn't move at all. Plus it makes the character models look incredibly lo-res. Done well I can see it will be fantastic and immersive without you even realising it's there, but in that video it was just too much.
  13. I've only played a couple of hours of this via Game Pass, but the pop-in is horrific and really off-putting. Not sure what I make of the actual game yet, either, though I'll play some more. But already I find the character movement quite odd, though I can't quite articulate why, and I'm not sure I like it. The UI seems quite unhelpful too. And what is the deal with carrying capacity? Why does picking up a few bits of carbon reduce my capacity by about 10,000 spaces? Are there any good guides for those starting out to try and make sense of everything?
  14. Is it fair or right to think that 8GB of VRAM will be fine in 1440p gaming for a little while yet?
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