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  1. I have Redd moored up today. Only fake Jolly, Scenic and Moving available if anyone wants them..
  2. That. YouTube. Fellas. Delivery. Is. Intol. er. able.
  3. OK, if you are sure as it is no problem to forward it on. Very decent of you, thanks!
  4. I caught her on @Tets lovely island earlier. Nabbed the Scorpio recipe so, after my visit to yourself for some quick star gazing the other night, I am sorted to craft a lovely lamp.
  5. I went back and bought it for you as I didn't want to see it unsold! I'll post it on when it arrives tomorrow as you had first dibs and I was a late chancer... Thanks to @SteveH for leaving his island open.
  6. Okey doke. If he doesn't shape himself I'll nip over and buy it and can post it to him...
  7. I best leave it then, wouldn't want a rep as a gazumper.. i like your scooter rental and sculpture park very much, off for a snoop round your house in a minute.
  8. Am I allowed to buy the Scary Painting? @SteveH If @Indy @ S.E. still wants it then no problem...
  9. I am popping over to buy a candy as apparently they are needed for when the veil is at it's thinnest...
  10. Great day y'all! Vicariously excited for everyone who finally snagged a card today even more so as it's the nicest looking and most sensibly priced variant.
  11. The silly story and irritating 'one shot' gimmick are not even the worst of it - the acting from the lead pair is just dire and it all combines to make for a very tedious watch indeed. It does have some occasional flashes of decent cinematography but otherwise it is just about the most breathlessly over-rated film I can recall in a very long time.
  12. Dark Souls x 5 1 x PC Games for Windows disc, 2 x Steam (one being the remaster). 1 x Xbox One 1 x Switch
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