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  1. I do want to buy a PS5 (if only for Demon's Souls) but will need a form revision or, at least, a colour variation before actually putting money down as the current horror show is not going to be sitting in my house. The astonishingly awful shape is only amplified by it's enormous size and look at me colour scheme. As I have nowhere to hide it out of sight I'll just need to wait for a lower profile design. Blue LED's FFS.
  2. This definitely feels like one of those games that will be used to justify the expense of many a new PC. My PC is due an upgrade as it has been five years since I added a 980 Ti and the rest of the machine pre-dates that by a few years too so it is relatively ancient tech. Still runs pretty much everything I play at 1440p/60fps with high and over settings though so has aged pretty well really. Given the performance leaps in graphics cards and the added oomph of a new processor I am expecting a very significant improvement when I do make the new build. It is therefore quite annoying that the 3080 cards are so close yet so far as I'm not building anything until I have seen what extra they bring to the table.. I suspect this next build will be at the expense of the new Xbox though.
  3. This is worth repeating. Knives Out is up there with a very small handful of films that I struggle to find fault with. Other films I would apply such an accolade to are The Exorcist, This is Spinal Tap, Fargo, Lifr of Brian, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It is THAT good. Also, the house is my dream house.
  4. Yep. Bashed all of them on four islands before finding a monkey. If has been a long time since I found any gold and I do try and bash my own rocks daily. As it were. One of my animals gave me a recipe for an amazing gold seat the other day and that will use all my gold stock so I may be better off not finding the wondourful thing.
  5. Veronica the Horse moved out this morning. She was cool but I'm for a change. Quick scour round a few islands this morning and I have found a monkey to move in! A monkey!! Bashed every rock and still no King Tut mask though so it's not all golden on Pazuzu.
  6. Mike S

    Titanfall 2

    Far and away the greatest FPS of this generation. And that's for both its SP and MP modes. Absolutely peerless.
  7. I ended up doing. The drawback is that by only doing the main storyline you get endless cutscene after cutscene, every one of which is as unskippable and dull as the previous... Still, CEX gave me £40 for it last week meaning that it's only cost me £7 so I definitely got my money's worth.
  8. Yes please!! Let me grab the Switch and I'll be over soon!
  9. Mike S

    Xbox Game Pass

    I much preferred it. I just found the setting to be more entertaining, and more varied. The UK setting of FH4 (even with the changing seasons) just never really grabbed me despite (or because of) the novelty of the familiar setting. FH4 also seemed far worse for overloading the map with endless missions/objectives/races/etc and all with virtually no structure. End result was I was bored of it within 4 or 5 months rather than three times that for it's predecessor. The DLC packs were both great, with the Lego one being a highlight especially as it offered a slightly more structured approach but, equally, the FH3 DLC is also top quality. I suppose, having played FH3 off and on for 18 months or so, I was probably burned out by the time FH4 was released. Either way I'm in no rush for FH5 but, obviously, will still play it to death. Both are immense fun though and far, far more entertaining than the dry, dullness of the circuit Forza games. Them, and the brilliant but sadly overlooked, Onrush have been, along with MK8, my favourite racing games of the generation.
  10. That really sucks. Fingers crossed you are able to recover some, if not all, of the lost data... Fireworks night has been wonderful, all my animals are having a great time and I've been wandering around with a red balloon enjoying my skull fireworks. And then blowing bubbles..
  11. I visited you once and it was lovely. Can't make it over to enjoy the 'works and jazzy beasts just now though unfortunately. It was actually my first ever trip to Australia and my impressions were all very positive. Bonzer!
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