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  1. Imagine thinking Titanfall 2 is terrible! Astonishing. Almost as astonishing as thinking all games should have a story. And a narrative that makes you think.
  2. It really is quite something. Hope you like it!
  3. It's maybe not quite what you are looking for @PK but this thread reminds me of the incredible 'Tales of H. P. Lovecraft' album by The Duke St Workshop. They took a pair of brilliant readings from From Beyond and The Hound read by horror actor Laurence R. Harvey and set them to an amazing 'spooktronica' score which hits just the right notes of disturbing and dramatic. The result is genuinely brilliant and I always wished they would revisit the idea with a few more readings. Even if it's not exactly what you are askkng for I highly recommend a listen as it is a very eff
  4. He has said that he makes so few films, relative to other actors, as he invests to much energy into the projects he does choose that he needs the space between to recover. His investment certainly shows in his performances... Also, moving to Florence in order to learn how to cobble from a master cobbler is not something that can be done if wasting time filling a schedule with easy, wallet filling, roles!
  5. There is an excellent adaptation of Blood On Satan's Claw starring Reece Shearsmith and Mark Gatiss along with Linda Hayden who was in the film back in the day. I listened to it via Audible but it may be available elsewhere...
  6. Sure thing. Gate is open now but I'll be afk. As always, help yourself to recipes and Nook gear...
  7. Redd is here with not one, not two, but three real paintings and all were new to me too which made choosing a long process. I settled on the perfect painting but still have warm and worthy if anyone is interested? Hit me up and I can open but will likely be afk..
  8. I came, I watered, I bought the painting! Thanks very much.
  9. Will make a flying visit as I need to pop out in a minute! Thanks
  10. Sorry, missed this! Let me know when it is next convenient...
  11. Ooh, can I pop over some time for the Solemn Painting?
  12. I think your last point must be bang on. When shopping at my local Morrisons (which, to be fair, I've not been into since December) I have a decent awareness of where pretty much anything is that is on the shopping list but still end up wandering around looking for the odd random, rarely bought, and sometimes hard to categorize item and that will invariably lead me past things that were nowhere near my shopping list but which end up in the basket. These days I am well into the local market as they have an excellent chicken/eggs/farm shop type gear man, an excellent chee
  13. You are right. All that short list above shows it that a lot of bands have since aped the MBV sound or don't sound like them at all (Ride!). MBV were pioneers rather than followers and I agree that no-one else sounds quite the same. Much as I love Isn't Anything and Loveless I am finding it hard to get excited about a new album mostly as my expectations are tempered by just how disappointing I found MBV to be.
  14. Other streaming services are available! But, yep, nice to be able to again listen to these when out and about.
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