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  1. There's your problem. I tried summoning once on my second run through as I just wasn't in the mood for Amelia but it trivialised the fight to the point of it being almost completely without challenge and certainty missing out on the heart racing terror of always being so close to death that I normally endure. I just prefer the struggle and the resultant reward when said struggle is overcome.
  2. I haven't seen this yet but, from reading around, it seems to be an adaptation of 'Mein Kampf'.
  3. Again, do we really need to be sharing the backwards, borderline racist, opinions of adults who use 'woke' as a critique of a film that they have not seen?
  4. To be fair, noone should ever believe hype. I never read or heard any such breathless hype about this until very recently. It was just slow burning word of mouth that raised awareness and interest which, along with having liked pretty much all the other work that I'd seen by Joon-Ho, made it a must see. It did not dissapoint. The advice to not know anything about it prior to watching is sound though but that's not bad advice to take into most movies to be fair..
  5. I like that cover and what it is trying to do but I cannot help but read it as PEATRI ASS AIRTAED. Which, if that really were the title, I would likely still watch.
  6. I'm not really sure what the views of some random dumb racist add to the discussion nor why they need further oxygen.
  7. Fantastic, unexpected, result and hopefully one that will help introduce South Korean cinema to a new audience.
  8. I'd disagree with this. Even if you exclude the optional areas (which make up far more content than the remaining story only areas and contain some proper brilliance) the significant changes to the game world post Byrgenwryth make the final quarter or so of the game pretty epic.
  9. As your very own username suggests, we should not be guilty of things just because they have aged!
  10. So far, I am disappointed that so many films quoted are even considered to be 'guilty pleasures' given that the likes of Q, the Return of The Living Dead films, House, Risky Business, Spies Like Us, etc can all be ranked somewhere between great and awesome. I will offer the archetypal rom com When Harry Met Sally as a truly guilty pleasure.
  11. Mike S

    Xbox Game Pass

    Expansions is a far better descriptor than DLC. I never played The Witcher too much as I never got on with it so can't comment on that but FROM really do expand on the base games when it comes to world building, story, and challenge with no let up in quality. I'm quite surprised there was no additional content for Sekiro.
  12. Mike S

    Xbox Game Pass

    FTFY. FROM make DLC that is every bit as good as the main game and none of it ever feels like it was cut from the main game. They are very much the exception when it comes to DLC though as most is, indeed, of lesser quality/interest than the main game..
  13. I'm not really bothered where a film is shot if the end result is of decent quality although, yeah, I think it highly unlikely that any hypothetical future film would would make such use of full scale sets let alone sail a full size ship to somewhere like the Galapagos. As for CGI, again, if it is of a sufficient quality and the final result is good then I wouldn't be too bothered even if it means not filming on location. Let's not forget that Master & Commander had plenty of digital work to stitch the sets and miniatures together..
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