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  1. @Laine The very fancy stand is in the post!
  2. I now need to rewatch this. Such a great film.
  3. I can only hope this is taking the opportunity to erase the current two sequels and start afresh.
  4. Aah, I misunderstood @Laine as I had no idea I could send the kimono direct from my store! It's going to Windhurst isn't it?
  5. I didn't know that but have only ever sent one thing to someone through the post. Some trousers! Will order the kimono right now...
  6. I am ordering it today if you still want it? I had run out of orders yesterday or you would have had it by this morning!
  7. I think they are 220k though if that is OK? I'll order them tomorrow and let you know when it arrives..
  8. Gates are open whenever you wish to visit. Mike from Pazuzu... If you intend to stay for a minute please can you wear the robes and headwear provided to the right of the entrance. There is not too much to see though..
  9. No problem. You can have the one I have set up and I'll order a replacement for myself tomorrow (used up all of today's orders on spotlights!). I'll open up in a sec.
  10. If you are collecting kimono stands my Island delivered me a lovely black one a while back. I can order one in if you want? It looks like this:
  11. That's the first time I have seen a trailer in which they show clips of the directors previous films. Bit odd. I'm sure this will be fine but that is a strangely unexciting trailer given how much (too much?) is going on.
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