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  1. Aah, well that explains it, it must have been on adaptive from the off. That said, I'm sure one of the under volt folk in here mentioned 60fps plus for their card though. I'll try dropping the resolution to 1440p and see if I can match the DF benchmark which was just over 60fps IIRC.
  2. Does anyone have a 3080 and Quake 2 RTX? If so, what kind of frame rates are you getting? At 4K with everything on max I stick at 30fps but can achieve 60fps using the adaptive resolution thing but would prefer proper 4k. I'm sure that I was getting 60 when I first tested it but cannot think what I might have changed in game or in the control panel that would have killed my frame rate.
  3. Be over in a minute, just need to check I don't have any of those already.. Thanks!
  4. That is a lot of real art! I'd like to nab one, probably the stone, whenever you open!
  5. Am I right to think that, with the update this morning and the distinct lack of mushorooms on my walk round this morning, that mushroom recipe season is over? If so than I never did get the lamp which is a bit frustrating but, on the upside, I hadquite a good day yesterday as the balloons delivered three more shroom recipes (including an excellent stool) and a pine bonsai. I also received a spooky recipe which was odd as I assumed they would be restricted to the event? @mrpranny I still have those two recipes set aside for you but you are not on my postal list so we wil
  6. That would be about right as I finally bought it 3 or 4 weeks ago. You're welcome.
  7. I forget how posting works i.e. if you or i need to have visited each other but will look into it. In other recipe news my first balloon of the day this morning gave me my second most wanted recipe, the shiny shroom standee! Since then, having checked for balloons on 10 or so times today I have also received mushroom table, a recipe I didn't even know existed and a repeat of the forest floor. All I need is the lamp and I shall be happy with mushroom recipes...
  8. Ssssh! Balloon secret is secret! I'm the same in that I have had very little luck in obtaining recipes until last night and this morning. Nothing at all tonight though. I am now jealous of your shroom lamp as they are fantastic... I have spare red leaf pile and mushroom log recipes if anyone wants them?
  9. I'm not allowed to trade or accept gifts on my Island so all yours. Do you know the balloon timing tip? I had zero luck with getting these recipes until scoring lots in the last two sessions I played but it certainly helps to know the balloon secret..
  10. I'm not allowed to take it unfortunately but thanks for the offer..
  11. Yeah, that's a great comparison as, whilst being a bit simplistic, the combat in Tsushima was tactile and rewarding which that made it compulsive enough for me to complete the game despite finding the world itself to be pretty vacant. In a never happening ideal world the combat of Tsushima added to AC would lift Valhalla immensely and bring a mechanic that, for me at least, would add some reason to push on. I just can't believe how much of a mess it currently is though which is why I'm genuinely surprised at the praise it has received.
  12. To be fair, I'm not a huge fan but did gain enough enjoyment out of both Origin and Odyssey to justify picking them up in sales as one thing they do very well is create amazing looking, detailed, worlds. I can tolerate the bloated, repetitious, gameplay for enough hours as I explore the worlds. I preferred Origins as Ancient Egypt was more interesting a setting for me.
  13. It looks pretty but that is about it but, really, I'd hope for something a bit more than 'competent' from such a big release. Maybe this level of mundane competency is about as far as they need to/can be bothered to go with the series though. It's the distinct lack of any feedback in the combat that really ruined it for me. The thought of yet another raid or encounter with the wishy washy floaty non contact fighting was so awful that I gave up which, given how much potential there is for pillaging and scrapping, was more than a bit disappointing. I'm only down the cost
  14. It's done very well given how uninspiringly poor it is.
  15. It has just started snowing! Zucker instantly popped on a wooly hat and is now chatting about snow.
  16. We had a bottle of the Gambrinus last year and and enjoyed it very much but I've not had a bad beer by them - they are just perfectly crafted and so full of weird and wonderful flavours and complexities. Yes, I would very much like to visit the brewery so think I'll look into a trip to Brussels next year when, hopefully, the worst of this pandemic is behind us. This time last year we had started making plans for a few Europe city breaks to make the most of our final year as EU citizens and did have a tentative Ghent/Bruge via Brussels long weekend on the table but those plans, of
  17. I've not been shaking trees since the last update so have missed this but can confirm that this morning I have found another furniture tree! I am now hopeful that this is where I might find my long wanted graves... In other news after finding four seasonal recipes in an hour or so last night I have found three in thirty minutes this morning. I have now added a forest floor, leaf pile,and aa leaf campfire to my collection so am frantically shaking trees for acorns and pine cones in between my daily mushroom hunt and five minute balloon lookout. i am pretty sure this increased succe
  18. I have finally had a run on seasonal recipes! In less than 45 minutes earlier I bagged four of the damn things! A forest wall, an acorn lamp thing, A GIANT MUSHROOM, and a repeat of the mushroom stump! That compares to the two I have managed to pick up over the last few weeks. Very happy with the giant mushroom, just need the lamp and the the shiny shroom standee and I'll be happy. Of course, I expect to see no more after this wave of lucky balloons. I also found that one of my trees gives furniture when shaken!
  19. I may time travel as I think the island rules may allow that seeing as it appears to have been a bug. Will save it for the weekend though...
  20. Aah, that’s a bit of a drag. I shall just carry on with my daily business of picking mushrooms for recipes I don’t have. That’ll learn ‘em!
  21. I download all the updates when prompted so assume I'm up to date. I had Leif set up in my square all day yesterday so no room for anyone else. I've never time travelled and, having just checked, the date is correct. This is all a bit annoying as I do like an event. I wonder why it never happened for me unless Leif being in town was considered more exciting (it wasn't!).
  22. How did you all make turkey day happen? Nothing happened on Pazuzu...
  23. Treat yourself to a bottle of Cantillon to drink now and one to sit on for years and years or maybe something jazzy from 3 Fonteinen... Both consistently make lambics of a rare quality.
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