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  1. I like this photo of the two of them affirming the respect they have for each other after such a brutal day. I was pretty neutral, if not cold, towards Pogacar until this years race but seeing him crack in the Alps and then fight so hard right till the end has shown another side to him that it is impossible not to be impressed by. He seems pretty humble too.
  2. Yeah, it's funny how things turn around. I fully expected Pogacar to win this years Tour, and by some margin, but it has been so much better for us neutrals to have two closely matched riders fighting it out to the end and with the big mountain days delivering so much drama this year. Got to feel for Roglic as he must be starting to think that his chance of winning the Tour has passed. Been a really great tour for Thomas too and Pidcock must surely have a GT win or two in the coming years.
  3. Yeah, that was an amazing moment. What a pair of riders they are but van Aert has been simply incredible.
  4. Yeah, Boulting is great although I find Millar to be a bit dull and not hugely insightful. Kirby and Hatch though just need to STFU and leave it to the ex pros. I have it on the ipad besides my PC screen so don't think ITV is an option and, to be fair, the number of ad breaks they run is chronic.
  5. Yeah, it's a bit frustrating as the commentators* actively degrade my enjoyment. I mostly use the ambient sound these days but have tried that race radio which I did enjoy despite my French being nowhere near good enough. Even auto subtitles would be an improvement. *bar the ex pros who are mostly excellent, especially McEwen and, of course, Kelly.
  6. It's a bit late really but are there any decent live audio commentaries out there? I have GCN+, after accidently letting the promo auto renew, but cannot stand the two lead commentators which means I'm watching much, much less of the racing than I would normally. Carlton Kirby's inane muttering, laughing at his own humour, and ludicrous hysteria are almost tolerable but I just have to turn off completely once Rob Hatch takes over as he is unbearable. IIRC I did find an online audio stream somewhere last year but it was 4 or 5 minutes behind the live images so wasn't that great. Good Tour so far though!
  7. Elden Ring and Returnal are pretty much all I have played this year, and Returnal alone for most of last year. I still haven't actually completed Elden Ring although I feel that I am very close to the end as the Returnal DLC has been obsessing me for the last few months.
  8. This is not a great service is it? Startlingly small and thin catalogue, the usual mess of a UI, and no 4k/HDR content will see me cancelling this as soon as my free month is over. Nice to have Frasier on hand though and I’ll try 1883 as Red Dead 2 really invigorated my interest in those early days of US colonisation/expansion.
  9. Thought I'd demo this just to rewatch a load of Frasier so signed up via the web using the free month code (thanks @davidcotton!). Was a PITA to get working on Apple TV but am there now!
  10. I don't read much fiction but on the non-fiction side I cannot recommend John Higgs' 'Stranger Than We Can Imagine' highly enough. It's a fascinating history of the twentieth century that does a great job of surmising an awful lot of culture, science, social history and politics whilst really opening may eyes to the thought connectivity between seemingly entirely separate fields. The author reads it and has a very engaging reading voice too which really helps. On the subject of reading voices I recently listened to Louis Theroux's 'Gotta Get Theroux' and whilst the content is fine, albeit not revelatory, I was not at all impressed by Theroux's delivery. Initially I found it to be a little stilted - like he was just reading a book but, to be fair, he soon overcame that and loosened up a little. However, he has a cringe enduringly awful tendency to 'do' the voices of people he interviews and he is a very long way from an impressionist. His attempts at a female Yorkshire accent were genuinely painful but the real nadir was him doing Chris Eubanks, complete with Eubanks' speech impediment, which I found to be pretty unpleasant and entirely unnecessary. This was made worse as he recanted how Eubanks' had been upset with his treatment on some sports TV panel show as he felt that they had been mocking him and all delivered in a take on his accent that was so bad it could have been a piss take. HIs Christine Hamilton sounded like something from the shitshow that was Little Britain too. I've no idea why he and his editors thought doing accents was a good idea as it undermined all the stories he was relating including those on some very serious subject matters.
  11. This has indeed worked for Wipeout (delete my disc copy and DL the digital) so assume the same for Returnal. Doing away with the discs for Returnal and Demon's Souls is almost enough to justify the increased cost alone. That said, I'm already just about out of storage for PS5 games but assume/hope replacing disc with digital won't be much different in terms of storage so should be OK...
  12. If anyone subscribes to Cloudwater's monthly Beer Club thing this week's box is pretty outstanding in terms of quality and value. Five US beers (from Allagash, Trillium, Vitamin Sea, Bellflower and Untold), a few DIPA's from them (including the excellent collab with Verdant), couple of barrel project special bottles, and an IPA from Boundary. I used to sub to the Northern Monk one but quit a few years ago as I got tired of the daft gimmicky beers and the endless core range filler but the CW is much better curated and a lot more interesting.
  13. Fuss Club have a decent range of the usual non supermarket suspects for what seem like reasonable prices. They let you add things to a box until the order reaches £50 and then it's free shipping so I'm doing that just now as I've plenty of beer in the fridge. My box so far only contains Beak but I'll probably add a Whiplash, a few Deya, and similar to get it over the shipping line. They do a variety of bundles from specific breweries or by beer style too which might be of use.
  14. I'll do so just as soon as I get home later...
  15. Great, thanks! I may need to do that for Wipeout too then which would be good as I wouldn't mind giving that a spin again.
  16. I can't make head nor tale of these new tiers in terms of what is available as the store front is a pure mess but as my PS+ expires in a month and it's only £5 or £8 for the two higher tiers I reckon it must be worth a trial. If I do though can I just carry on playing Returnal without the disc? It'd be nice to do away with needing the disc as it's been in there since the game's launch day and I am too lazy to insert any other game disc (and have no real interest in playing any other games I own on disc tbf). I recall I could never get the PS+ Wipeout to work, it just kept asking for the disc so I never bothered as I can't be arsed to search for said disc. Also, has RDR2 been upgraded for PS5 at all or is that too much to ask? I quite fancy another playthrough of that but if it's just bog standard PS4 I'll probably pick up a PC copy instead.
  17. The Innocents The Worst Person In The World
  18. FARGO. I can't think of a single thing about it that could be changed to make it better in any way.
  19. I've not said they shouldn't review it though have I? Just that, typically, Edge have not made a habit of reviewing DLC so, when such a lavishly produced cover accompanies the content, I become somewhat cynical. I don't know anything about Street Fighter 2 as I have zero interest in those games so cannot comment but I don't recall that requiring the original game to play. The gaming landscape has changed quite considerably in the decades since that was released so I'm not sure how relevant a comparison it is anyway.
  20. Yeah, that is what the cynic in me was thinking as such a lavish cover seems OTT for DLC of a side scrolling shooter, albeit a very good looking one. Maybe said DLC is revolutionary or maybe, as others have suggested, they just really love the look of it and thought (correctly) that it'd make for lovely cover. Either way, I am now expecting it to be a straight nine...
  21. They do have an unusual, and frequently expressed, affection towards those games but I've no interest in them and disregard any Destiny content so it'd be no surprise to me if Destiny is the only other DLC they have reviewed.
  22. That cover is very nice but it’s a little odd that Edge would go to such lengths and expense for the review of DLC. Actually, I didn’t realise they reviewed DLC at all.
  23. Added 'When the Dust Settles' to my pile of shame. Thanks for the recommendation.
  24. We are going to see this next week and I, for one, am very much looking forward to it.
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