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  1. I realise you are simply doing your ever tedious thing and that I shouldn't humour it but I am 110 hours into ER and haven't needed to grind for runes at all as, instead of trying to force an upgrade, I just go and do something at my level instead. Of which there have been near limitless opportunities. It's a game that can be played totally organically with zero need to grind or to frantically chase objectives unless you want to rush to the end but you know that. It also makes all other open world games, bar BOTW and very few others, look like the formulaic, hand holding, snooze fest that they all are and that is a significant element of why so many people, and all the critics, are enjoying it so much. 'Zealots'. Amazing.
  2. Actually, yes! There is changeable weather in ER but I think the OP was referring to the BOTW weather bringing 'useable' gameplay features whereas in ER it is mostly cosmetic. I'm just really happy to really like both BOTW and ER so don't need to waste too much time dissing one or the other but I guess both Nintendo and FROM do attract a certain type of do or die, us v them, fanboy.
  3. I really, really enjoyed BOTW but never finished it as I ended up pissing about off the critical path until I became bored. Still put 80 odd hours into, probably more, but but never made it into the castle and only took down three, maybe only two, of the Divine Beasts (IIRC). I should go back before the next one as it was a lot of fun but Elden Ring really has changed things as it just keeps on giving for so, so, long.
  4. You can't climb the mountains though! And there are no weather systems!
  5. I arrived there yesterday or the day before, I forget. It is a hell of a reveal when you step out and overlook the city. It is also a noticeable step up in challenge (after those easy balloon dudes) so hats off to Miyazaki as I was maybe becoming a little complacent (at Lvl 102) before pushing into the Capital. It seems pretty big and nicely convoluted too and has given me a real Dark Souls vibes once I jumped down a well and found areas: Found a boss now but he seems doable with a little practice. I'm a little disappointed that, even in these legacy dungeons, the Sites of Grace remain a bit too frequent to induce the real nerves and fear that made Dark Souls such an experience.
  6. The presence of Cage would render the film absolutely intolerable for me as I cannot be doing with his OTT gurning. Luckily, it’s not him.
  7. I found that same much needed bearing yesterday too! And, like you, found it’s location through lovely, organic, exploration tempered with a little knowledge of how Miyazaki designs things. I was certainly expecting something where I found it but that may be because there is something almost everywhere rather than my clever insight… Only 107 hours in and still have areas on the map I expect to reveal more map. I’m now at Level 87 and still using my ever trusty +16 Poison Broadsword, +9 Long Bow, and +10 Big hammer with a spike in it as my standard load out. No spirits but last time I checked I must have picked up fifteen or the bloody things. Its amazing how the game has continued to open up and offer new sights and ever harder enemies since I left the Lake District. I think I’ve got half a dozen skull markers on the map now indicating very hard bosses/enemies that I will come back to when braver. I should probably try crafting or using some of the dozens of things I’ve picked up as all I’ve ever made and consumed is arrows. I don’t think I’ve touched a single other consumable item since the start except maybe a fire bomb in the early days. Having elemental ashes for weapons means I’ve not needed to bother buying/making them as I would have done in previous games (assuming the various greases serve that purpose).
  8. I noticed a few weeks ago that the two seasons of What We Do In The Shadows on Disney have been upgraded to much prettier 4K HDR versions if anyone needs an excuse to watch them again…
  9. Yes, that is it, I apologise for being too lazy too Google it when making the post but that was some painfully, cringe inducing, awful shite. Being compared to a show that is thirty odd years old is fair but, sadly for Elton, the world has moved on and his heavy handed forcing of modern things onto olden days things was genuinely painful. Elton needs leading to the knackers yard. Still. I’ve watched a few episodes of Witchfinder but it is very, very dull. It’s a subject I’m interested in, by talented writers and performers, but the end result is so boring and so unfunny. Disappointing.
  10. Instead of arguing about which is the ‘best’ , especially the pure nonsense of why one is worse because it doesn’t have all the things that are in the other one, I’m just happy that I’ve been able to play both BOTW and Elden Ring and enjoy each of them pretty much equally. Each of them show what the worlds best developers can do when at the top of their game and both games stand head and shoulders above almost everything else, especially in the open world genre. Each of them are very different to each other and that is exactly how it should be. That said, despite putting dozens and dozens of hours into BOTW I never finished it, didn’t defeat all of the divine beasts, never even got into the castle but I still enjoyed every minute I played. I am doing as much random wandering in Elden Ring as I did in BOTW but do keep touching base with the critical path now and then as I am always wanting to see more. Very much looking forward to BOTW 2 as it’s been a while since the original and I’ve no doubt Nintendo will pull some real magic out the bag. Meanwhile I am very, very happy fighting way across the Lands Between as it is the most beautiful and cohesive game world I’ve experienced.
  11. I’ll have another peep. I did look all around the back for a cave entrance or suchlike but no joy. Added to my infinite list of things to follow up on…
  12. And when you get to that tempting loot, even if it is hours or days later, it feels so good! Speaking of which I have still not gotten to that body and loot hanging over a ledge at the back of the cave right at the beginning of the game. And have searched hard for the way up there…
  13. I just remembered that yesterday I also found my way into the deep gorge in Caleid that I’d be wanting to get into for a while but left after seeing a huge lad with wings at the end. Mostly because he started firing huge blue bots at me to be fair so I need to add that to my ever increasing mental list of things to follow up on later.
  14. Also, another thing. I woke up thinking about Elden Ring which is something in itself albeit not that unusual these days but, interestingly, I was recalling the conclusion of yesterdays adventures more as if I had watched a film rather than played a game. After a day of wandering the world I finished up last night by making this amazing journey through a towering, overhanging, gorge before winding my way up the side of a cliff through a series of mines and tunnels, and the remains of ruined buildings carved out of the mountain, to somewhere very high indeed . Looking behind me I could see a huge building entrance carved, Petra like, into the rock face and guarded by monumental knight statues and stretching out beyond an endless vista of places I’d walked through (or at least below). It was epic and truly cinematic and all conveyed without any dialogue, without any exposition, with no cut scenes, and no markers telling me to go this way or follow the particular path I chose. I feel like it was I that was making the story, not the developers, and that is a real testament to their skills. It probably helps that your avatar never speaks which leaves your own imagination to do the characters thinking, if that makes sense. It is truly an astonishing thing. I was then killed by a harpie.
  15. Yep and as @Sane says, as close as you can get. It’s very useful when creeping up on enemies as it will do huge amount of damage. It doesn’t work on every enemy but seems to be fine on anything remotely humanoid in size and appearance.
  16. What is does is not spend all of its time telling the player where to go next, who to talk to, when to be there, etc, etc. It is a literally open world in the truest sense of the word as it is a world in which the player has a huge amount of freedom to work through however they want without being guided by endless quests, a map full of ever increasing objective icons, etc, and all without the constant hand holding and guiding of other games in the genre. For those of us who have always enjoyed FROM's aestehtics it has been quite something to see their artists and designers run wild with a huge map that continually offers teasing glimpses of distant castles, towers, hills, churches that we know we will eventually be poking around inside of (and which, when we do, offer a decent dose of the oppressive hostility of previous games). It is an open world that continually promises adventure, drama, challenge, and reward and which, so far, has delivered in ways beyond even my very high expectations. After 80 hours or more I think I've uncovered maybe 50% of the map (although am a long way from thoroughly exploring even that), and am spending every play session being amazed at seeing ever more wondrous sights, encountering a seemingly endless variety of enemies from the tiny and dangerous to the immense and very dangerous. It has engaged me in a way that no other open world has since BOTW and RDR2, but this one has the benefit of also feeling like a Soulsborne game which is a bonus as they are the finest series of games I've played. It is, however, considerably more accessible than FROM's previous output which is attested to by there being an awful lot of people in the main thread who are really enjoying their first foray into the style. I played fifteen hours or so of Forbidden West in the week before this came out and enjoyed it well enough (despite a strong dislike for the irritating Aloy) but it'll be a long time, if ever, before I go back to it as I felt like I was on autopilot, careering around a map doing the same thing to the same enemies over and over whilst endlessly holding Y to grab sticks and berries. The world may have been open but the devs make everything that needed to be done very explicit and that just leads to a feeling of being a dumb avatar being pushed around. I don't get that at all in Elden Ring as I feel I am absolutely in charge of my journey through the game and, in fact, often forget exactly what I am supposed to be doing in terms of the main storyline. Instead of following that I am pulled off mission when distracted by a distant building or giant beast, or the prospect of finding some nice loot in a cave, mine, or catacomb so spend most of my time just exploring and finding my own adventures - a lot of which will easily be missed by many players. It is astonishing that FROM have, on their first attempt, been able to take their philosophy of minimal player guidance and translate that to a genre that is currently so wedded to the Ubisoft style model of explicit player pushing and direction and it is this paradigm shift in presentation that makes the game the game an essential open world game. It's the best open world game of all time and, to be fair, is probably replacing Bloodborne as my greatest game of all time.
  17. I'm the opposite so tend to wander all over the shop double handing the broadsword. At least until I run into archers or projectile checkers in more numbers than I can safely dodge whilst running them down. That said, whenever I remember to use the shield in a more aggressive fight the new counter move is extremely potent, especially given how easy it is to execute.
  18. So long as you are behind the target just press R1 and you should back stab. You need to be stationary though.
  19. I've had a fine old day of it. Started out by beating a reasonably lairy boss my favourite way - naked, alone, and with the absolute slimmest sliver of health left: After that, the immediate next area was small but nicely atmospheric and with outrageous views over the misty lake. Found a sneaky route to a load of loot and a merchant in the previous area before heading back and finding a dragon which I was happily cheesing with a bow until the controller battery died one me but, no problem, quick shift to M+K, move to safety, and grab a different controller before carrying on whittling away at the dragon. It was going OK until the body thing just disappeared. No idea if that was a bug or by design but suspect design as it went out with a few sparkles. Anyways, I carried on with a few tasks in that area before heading to the lakes for a wander. Found a very handy, and much need, cave which finally allowed me to get my sword up from the +8 it it had been stuck at for almost half my playthough. It is now a very handy +14 plus I got my big hammer (with a spike) up to +7 too which really helps in the caves. I've a few NPC tasks that I keep forgetting and which saw me zipping back to Limgrave and the hub for a bit. I did have a very unexpected encounter with an absolute brute of an NPC invader when visiting a shack in Cadeil to buy a few arrows. Hoped out of that one as he kicked the absolute hell out of me. After a few more hours picking about randomly I ended up following the narrow gorge to the north of the Lake District and it was spectacular. I've left myself at the top of a cliff, in another mine (more smithy stones!), having battled through a few too many harpies for my liking. Finally, I found a bell bearing somewhere too! And that looks like it'll be very useful indeed. I'm up to eighty odd hours now and every time I play I am still blown away by new sights, enemies, locations, etc. That the experience is as incredible now as it has been since day one is pretty extraordinary.
  20. As I said, I am soloing them and they are plenty hard given that I am one or two shot killed by all the bosses I have on the go at the moment (and many of the 'standard' enemies too). And that's fine. I will learn them and I'll beat them but it is not easy by any standards (and I'm playing this one exactly the same way as I've played all their other games). I have no idea what 'Radahn, double crucible knights' is as I'm not that far so maybe things will get easier.
  21. Ha! That was my first thought! Thankfully they are a little easier to deal with than those bollocks.
  22. I am up against a couple of pretty challenging bosses just now- somewhere in the Lakes and some very tricky Caelid areas are my current frontiers. I'm not using any summons (spirit, NPC, or people) which might make them a little more of a challenge but it is still a bit off to dismiss them as 'not hard' as the ones I am up against are are certainly as challenging as some of the more difficult of bosses of other FROM games. I'll beat them but it will take some practice.
  23. Aah, good! I find it a really useful tactic against hard hitting, one or two shot kill, bosses that smash through heavy armour regardless. It’s not only the speed of the roll but also that you can get more rolls in that I like as it allows for a quick escape when needed.
  24. Did it work as a strategy? I took a quick look at the spolier but the video name shows it to be a boss I don't think I've encountered yet so didn't watch it. I have just spent half an hour of my lunch having a really chilled trot around the lakes which has to be just about the most beautifully evocative and atmospheric game environments I can recall in many a year. It is also an area that really changes mood with the changing time of day/light/etc. From lovely blue skies to shards of light breaking through trees in the evening to moody mist to night time and everything in between it is a real treat for the eyes. I ended up spending fifteen minutes failing to find the third wise beast and am baffled how FROM could have hidden it in what I assume to be a relatively small area. The three I found at an earlier location were pretty straightforward but I must have ridden around this location fifteen times and cannot spot the elusive last one. I'll resume with that later as it makes a change from high stress combat. The reward better not be a spell or such...
  25. Indeed, and, of course, it is perfectly acceptable game design to ask a little of the player and very much part of FROM's ethos of not hand holding nor overly instructing. You are responding to one of the thread's most dramatic posters though so probably a waste of time...
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