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  1. These two sentences are entirely contradictory!
  2. Oh, OK. With regards to that fort there is one of the ghost knights who can one shot me and I am at 25 VIG or so. He is a very hard hitter indeed but way off the run to the ladder. My bother was what is in the room below...
  3. I have noticed one NPC at a very early grace site but no others so far. I am a frequent visitor to early areas of the map (currently in the Lake District) as I like just having a relaxed ride around seeing if I've missed anything (last two days have turned up three or four catacombs and chambers I'd totally missed amongst other minor finds) so, hopefully, I'll encounter any migrating NPC's. My current gripe remains my stalled weapon development. I am sixty hours into this and have been at +7 and, yesterday, +8 for a very long time now and could really do with some more +3 stones to level up as there are still very few enemies that require less than two hits to kill even in the very early game areas. They will come with time but it is starting to become frustrating...
  4. Oddly enough I just did that fort myself this evening. EDIT: hang on you already know more about the talisman than I do! Is it part of an NPC quest that I have forgotten/missed?
  5. I needed a minute to compose myself before my current boss attempt (dragonkin something something) so went for a ride around a random corner of Limgrave and have found a cave (full of horrible poison and rats) and one of those chambers under a ruin (not looked in there yet). I really thought I had totally rinsed the area but that is two days on the trot that a random run around has revealed biggish things I’d totally missed. If every area is as packed as Limgrave then I will be exploring for the rest of the year and then some…
  6. All episodes are up on iplayer now. Really hope it is good but just having a nagging worry as seeing the period costumes caused me to remember that piss awful Shakespeare thing with David Mitchell which has tarnished period comedies forever but that was Ben Elton I think and, hopefully, he has been nowhere near this so fingers crossed... Either way, I shall save it for a weekend binge.
  7. But that is correct answer. And to make life easier on that front, strip off all your gear. When facing enemies that can one or two shot kill the player, regardless of how much they are wearing, the increased mobility of a light load will be a game changer.
  8. Should have read this before writing much the same but in a longer winded manner!
  9. And it is definitely a highly rewarding way to defeat them. I discovered a huge dragon man giant lurking deep in a cave the lake district last night who was reasonably manageable for his first phase but then totally destroyed me in his second. However, I learned a little more with each death and after modifying my tactics a little (dropped all gear bar my sword for maximum dodge and consequent i-frame benefits) got him down to 5% this lunchtime after a couple more attempts. I find it useful to spend an attempt or two just watching and baiting moves out of harder bosses in order to familiarise with what I need to do (mostly how many hits I can safely get in before needing to get out the way) before going in with a serious intent to defeat them. When I first saw his second phase it was more than a tad overwhelming and I thought I might need to crack and use a jellyfish but I have since taken a few attempts to learn him and he is very beatable solo. Just need a little patience, a calm mind and maybe a dash of luck so fingers crossed...
  10. I'm trying to avoid using them tbf as I quite enjoy learning bosses and so on but, should things start to get a chore, I will try and upgrade the blob.
  11. How can you be sure you haven't missed any though? I keep finding new areas in places that I thought I had rinsed so could easily miss an NPC or two. Just today I found a whole new catacomb on the edge of Limgrave, a mine, a tunnel, a giant golem I'd missed and a few other buts and pieces whilst having a chilled ride around Limgrave and (slilghtly less chilled) Caleid. It's just incredible just how much stuff is packed into this... My biggest gripe at the moment is that my sword levelling has been stalled at +7 for a few days which makes even the most basic of grunts north of Stormveil and almost everything in Caleid more of a chore than I would like them to be. Anything above such a grunt and it's a full on duel. Bosses are just being walked away from until I can level the sword up bar one or two that I have dealt with OK. I've got 55 hours on the clock now and am am at Level 55 so that is pleasing.
  12. I think it was at +1 but I gave up on the spirits after that dismal showing. I do use the wolves on mobs in the wilderness when allowed though...
  13. Same here. The three attempts I made saw the jelly dead in 20-30 seconds leaving me to manage him on my lonesome.
  14. I tried a few a while back after having my eye caught by the great packaging and they were pretty good bar the Goat Slayer DIPA which was awful. A long way from being a new SMOD though as Dann & Martha have some proper brewing history behind them as well as a deep appreciation for traditional styles which makes the resulting offbeat and highly personal twists on said styles almost unique in the UK. Yeah, I've always enjoyed Chubbles so went for them again. Not really sure we need so many variations but hype is hype I guess and I've no worry that they will all be of a decent enough standard. Plus, a special glass! Will try one at Unit 9 this week so time to cancel if it is a hot mess! I thought this year's Putty was no better nor worse than most other Verdant DIPA's so of a decent quality but can't say I remember previous editions taste profile's enough to make direct comparisons as it seems many folk claim to be able to. I think you are right about other brewer's catching up - back when Putty was first released it was much, much rarer for UK brewers to get that close to the best of the US output so Putty felt like a real challenger to the hazy US hype beers that were much harder to come by on this side of the pond back then. It doesn't seem quite so special these days as there are tons of high quality NEIPA beers out there but my can was still very drinkable. I was told that it was pretty green when it hit the shops so left mine for 3 or 4 weeks...
  15. No idea on the arrows as I've not used any ranged weapons yet (but really should as they were very handy in the other games). I don't see your pic but the glowing lines typically show that some kind of buff/protection is in effect. I have one that seems to activate in some situations but have not idea what it is or what it is doing. You'll see similar when you use a flask of physik...
  16. This is the sort of information that really needs to be spoilered.
  17. Yes, exactly that. They are referencing a recurring Demon’s/Dark Souls NPC, a crow that the player can trade items with. In DS3 the crow chats away, using the phrases ‘pickle pee’ and ‘pump a run’ in his responses to exchanging items. The words are originally from a children’s poem ‘The Ceremonial Band’ by James Reeves and refer to the sounds of a fife and drum.
  18. At least he has moved on from 'WHY ISN'T IT EXACTLY LIKE BOTW?' But, really, don't feed the trolls.
  19. You need to assign them via the equipment screen after which you'll be able to use them as you would your health shots, horse whistle, etc...
  20. You haven't really missed anything but:
  21. You can do just that! You can assign four items to the pouch so, on an Xbox controller at least, I press Y and up on the d-pad to whistle for the Torrent. This is done on, I think, the equipment screen (only discovered it myself a few days ago so a bit vague, sorry).
  22. I did as I tend to, leap, R2, poison ash. Repeat. Speaking of cheese, l left the game dead in a cave after being assaulted by a very slashy, teleporting/invisible, mini boss but went back with a new tactic - try shield. It seems the shield riposte/counter type move might be very OP as block, then that counter flooded him without too much bother. As an eternal roll/dodger I shall be using my shield more often from now that is for sure.
  23. Just out of interest, are there the same numbers of achievements/trophies across the platforms. They aren't something I usually bother with but they are front and centre on Steam along with percentage of players who have the ones I have. On PC there are 42 and I have just five. Also, 59.5% of players have defeated the first proper boss and 42.9% the second, both of which are higher numbers than I expected.
  24. I made them although I don't have the stats to use but, yeah, that one does look outrageous!
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