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  1. Aah, OK. I thought I'd looked all round the courtyard, especially after: I shall look into it though but, after I finally managed to find the bottom of the lift following a very thorough nose around near what was the most obvious grace point I was again at a dead end, so went for a wander in the lakes. Now dead at the bottom of a cave by boss that I failed to get a single hit on! I need to leave it there for now...
  2. It's more surprise at just how much of my free time has been swallowed by this one game given how little critical path progress I have yet made. It's incredible.
  3. Not a bad thing at all! Just amazed at how much game there is!
  4. Ok, thanks. I shall continue looking!
  5. Question for anyone who has explored Stormveil castle:
  6. I just checked and I am a worrying 43.5 hours in (and about Lvel 43 too, which is nice) and have also just defeated the second proper boss so it's likely going to be 100+ hours to get to the end at this rate. My mission today is to gain access to parts of the castle I can see but haven't been into, especially as I need to see what is at the bottom of the very deep lift I have fallen down several times.
  7. I would bet on there being a different outcome to that. No idea how to trigger it though as I had the same situation as yourself. Something to play with on NG+ in a few months time…
  8. That was me! I’ve been doing it forever in the previous games where the runs to bosses were considerably longer and harder so all time saved lessened the pain. It’s a top tip!
  9. They are available inside Stormveil. What you can’t see in the OP’s pic is the extravagant mane on the back. It is that outrageous flamboyance that makes it my helmet of choice too.
  10. They seem to point to sites of interest and/or the focal point of an area.
  11. MUST RESIST OBVIOUS JOKE. Edit: beaten to it.
  12. I think he's one of those bosses that are all talk and not so much trouser. I found him yesterday and had a couple of attempts with my +5 broadsword and my +1 Jellyfish managing to get him down to his last third of health both times (although the Jelly was dead in less than 30 seconds). At lunchtime I fired it up, nipped to the smithy, and levelled my sword as high as I could (to +7) and went and did him first time as the increase in damage output made all the difference, plus I was no longer as concerned by his dramatic second phase as it is all dodge able. Stupid Jelly was dead in thirty seconds again though. I was level 40 though which seems to be over levelled. Now I need to work out the rest of the castle layout as I can see tempting glows of loot in areas I've not got access too, plus there is a huge lift shaft I cannot operate. That's tomorrow's mission I think...
  13. Especially like the ‘welcome to hell’!
  14. Wretch club is the best club! Every item of gear discovered feels really significant and will be an improvement however basic. It might make for a harder early game but maybe a more rewarding one. Also the wretch club is a genuinely handy weapon even at the most base level. I still use mine occasionally as some enemies are really susceptible to being smashed on the head rather than sliced or diced. You can always go back to the tutorial as it does teach a few little tricks.
  15. Yeah, the only issue I've had since I started playing on Saturday are occasional micro-stutters that appear to be new areas loading. They have had zero impact on being able to play the game let alone my enjoyment as they are barely noticeable. No crashes at all. This is with a Ryzen 3600x and a 3080. It'd be nice if they get patched out completely but, until then, I am very happy to 'suffer' the minor intrusion of occasional stuttering in exchange for being able to play in shiny 4K/60fps. There certainly does seem to be a lot of hysterical over-reactions out there but that's 'gamers' I guess. That said, I'd have to agree with them with regards to it controlling poorly with M+K as this is categorically not a M+K game but I guess their complaints will be something far more trivial than using the wrong tool flor the job? I wonder how poorly it controls with a steering wheel whilst we are crazy talking...
  16. I have been offline since I started (also on PC) and have not seen a single player message or bloodstain which is just as I like it. The devs left one or two guidance messages in the tutorial area but that is all.
  17. In my two attempts the jellyfish was dead in thirty seconds at most! It’s only +1 though.
  18. Yes! I left after inspecting a giant.
  19. I just arrived at him before quitting to make dinner so only had time for two attempts. First phase is very manageable although I did use my jellyfish (who lasted about twenty seconds!) but that second phase is pretty wild. I reckon I should be able to upgrade my sword from +5 now though as I’ve found a few stones and the extra damage should allow me to easily swing this in my favour. Plus, dig out the heat resistant pants… One thing I will say is that his design is spectacular. The art team have been knocking out of the park all the way to this point.
  20. Even I have been there! There's a warp.
  21. Why the hell would anyone read a guide on their first run through of a Miyazaki game? The unknown is the fun.
  22. Felt cute, might delete later… You’ll see that this outfit, whilst it at first suggests practical, almost standard, knight day wear, actually has a host of fun details that really let the wearers personality shine through. Firstly, the leg wear is heavily distressed, even rusted in places, which adds a dash of urban edge - think underground tunnels, dark alleys, and grease. Then, over a neatly detailed leather and mail singlet (in on point, muted autumnal shades), I’ve thrown a lovely cashmere cropped cape in bang on trend dull burgundy which really helps to soften the look and add a little versatility to the ensemble. I would really only need to change the shoes and I could go straight from work to a smart casual evening function and no one would bat an eye (if only because their heads would be turning so fast as I strode majestically into the venue!). Of course the real highlight is the helmet which, with its flowing mane and bold, knowingly kitsch, dragon motif really does scream ‘look at me! I’m here and I am absolutely owning the room!’. The gauntlets, in a fine polished steel, just add that final touch of bling necessary to amplify the dazzle of the helmet and to also add a little contrast to the more muted tones. It’s an outfit that says ‘I am here to work, but I’m happy to have fun and to literally let my hair down!’ but, also, ‘if you come near me I will fucking cut you’.
  23. Brilliant news and, of course, well deserved as this game is a legitimate masterclass in game design. I do hope the industry looks at the success of a game that pisses all over the icon splattered maps and quest log horrors of the ubisoft open world model utilised by so many games of the genre and that some devs decide to try something different. Amazing to see this success despite FROM making the mistake of releasing a game that is not exactly like BOTW and that has 360/PS2 era graphics. It is heartening that an awful lot of players are happy to be thrown into a world and make sense of it without the endless hand holding and tedious exposition that has become the norm so I hope all the folk who may be new to Soulsborne games, or who have been deterred/bounced off in the past, like Miyazaki's unique approach to game deign and world building enough to go back and try the earlier games...
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