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  1. Sony then following suit 2 console generations later by pricing the PS3 (60GB) at $599/£425, letting Microsoft bring in the Xbox360 (20GB) in at $399/£279:99 was quite bizarre.
  2. This is GOTY for me. It's compelling, addictive and challenging. First playthrough finished in Time for some New Game Plus. Well, if you really want to know...
  3. Money. That's it. Netflix has a lot more. The gamble of taking the Netflix money paid off big time for David Production as Stone Ocean is number 1 at Netflix Japan and number 6 at Netflix US - https://www.crunchyroll.com/en-gb/anime-news/2021/12/03-1/jojos-bizarre-adventure-becomes-the-most-watched-show-on-netflix-japan-as-stone-ocean-debuts
  4. This game is fantastic. A lot more player friendly than SMT IV ever was. Whoever came up with the run animation for the main character is a legend.
  5. Yes. Super Metroid is excellent.
  6. Entering the code 'PlayD&D' in the store gets you three free packs. Other codes for free alt cards, packs and sleeves are listed here - https://magicarena.fandom.com/wiki/Codes
  7. Strixhaven was a lot of fun. Hoping this new set is too. Card gallery of all the cards in the D&D set - https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-image-gallery/adventures-in-the-forgotten-realms New mechanics for the D&D set - https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/adventures-forgotten-realms-mechanics-2021-07-02
  8. The Nintendo Store decided to stealth drop the Premium Edition 2 days ago (on Friday 25/06/21 at 10am) without a heads up anywhere on social media - https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en_gb/shin-megami-tensei-v---premium-edition-P00072.html Sold out on the day, of course. No idea if there'll be more in stock or if it will be available at other retailers yet.
  9. Pre-orders for Danganronpa Decadence on Switch are starting to pop up at various online retailers. About £40 for the regular edition & about £75 for the collector's edition. As part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations, The Danganronpa staff got together for a 5 part behind the scenes special last year - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS2ekceoJplWdYmjlZC20vUocDDTJ5KD7
  10. Collector's Edition currently in stock at Amazon.co.uk - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Xenoblade-Chronicles-Definitive-Collectors-Nintendo/dp/B086FJTPWB/ref=sr_1_2?crid=23DW75Z07HGB5&dchild=1&keywords=xenoblade+chronicles&qid=1586367708&sprefix=xenoblade%2Caps%2C142&sr=8-2
  11. This was fantastic. Hobbs & Shaw are pretty much the 21st century Tango & Cash. That was not a goof. It's explained in the film that they
  12. Nintendo Store has the Limited Edition up for pre-order - https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-switch-game/daemon-x-machina-orbital-limited-edition-fan-pack/12226080.html
  13. Nintendo Store has the Collector's Edition up for pre-order - https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-switch-game/astral-chain-collector-s-edition-legion-mark-pin/12225252.html
  14. Djx


    Odeon have pulled a bait and switch with Dragonball Super: Broly at the last minute. Looks like almost all of the Subbed versions listed in the above link for Odeon have been switched to the Dubbed version (The exception is just 2 Odeon cinemas). That's annoying, to say the least. Ah well, still going into town to watch it again in IMAX. Edit - Manga UK confirmed the error in listings was due to a glitch - https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/1088756722876014593
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