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  1. Very excited to play Maquette. It's gotta be pretty short, right? Might make a nice Sunday afternoon of it. I'm interested in FFVII Remake as well but it's been so long since I played the original I might as well play that first instead so the new game's take on it has more impact.
  2. Tekken was a huge deal when it released for me too. Nobody could actually afford a Playstation obviously but there was a local community centre "computer club" that was open once a week where you could play one of their mega drives for a few hours for 20p or so. They got a Playstation in, but only one, and the big boys were always hogging it. Took me weeks to build up the courage to ask for a go. In that time I'd thumbed through one of those wee yellow cheat books that was free with a magazine (C&VG? Gamesmaster?) which listed the characters' moves and memorised a few for Law.
  3. Omg Sagat punishing Cody's jump-back escape attempt more thoroughly than I'd have thought possible. I hope we see some more high level players using Sagat, I miss seeing him (however I hate fighting him please never use Sagat when we fight).
  4. I still have a fair while to go before I finish it but I reckon I'll play through again on PS5.
  5. Does the upgrade bring more than just improved frame-rate/resolution (and I guess loading)?
  6. Changing recovery on the taunt wouldn't fix the infinite, they will probably change some properties of the light gadoken as the loop is enabled thanks to it hitting so late from that specific spacing that it is +10. If its hitbox extended a couple of pixels forward this loop would stop working because it would hit too early. Or if they reduced its active frames by 1, or its recover by 1/2. Or they could change the standing hard punch so that it doesn't move Dan forward the right distance to keep the loop going. I dunno what they'll actually do but they're patching it soon to fix a
  7. Oh wow that is a beautiful thing. If I had more space and several more money I would love an USFIV cab.
  8. I didn't pick up Sackboy: A Big Adventure even though it looks like a game I'd enjoy because I'm pretty confident it'll be on PS Plus this year. For indie games I usually just buy then when I want to play them since they're usually under £20 however I buy far fewer games than I used to overall. I think that's more down to a realisation that I rarely actually play them than an expectation I might get them for free later. I do subscribe to PS Plus and I also have GamePass for 1 year (and Epic Game Store freebies) but I don't think I've actually played a single* game offered by either
  9. Did you mean to type this into the incognito address bar?
  10. This looks fantastic. Reminds me of Unfinished Swan, Superliminal and Boss Baby.
  11. joffocakes


    This looks like it could be phenomenal. Love the hit flashes and the impact looks really satisfying. I hope it keeps a nice rhythm to it when you get into the flow. Love the visual style too.
  12. They'll absolutely patch the Dan corner loop out if even I can do it (if not for too many reps yet):
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