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  1. Busy training for Friday.
  2. I had about 3000 hours on Street Fighter IV across its various iterations and platforms. That was a while ago and I've been playing it a fair bit recently (plus it doesn't count playing on friends' systems or tournaments) so its likely around 3500+. Street Fighter V is over 1000 hours too but im unsure by how much. Animal Crossing and Mario Kart are likely the only games that come close to the 500 hour mark. Maybe the original Super Mario Bros since I still play through it very often.
  3. Cheers @TheShend and @JonSnowPatrol (and @Mr. Gerbik haha); one more and we could just for two teams of two! I don't expect to do terribly well but I'm excited to give it a go!
  4. So uh, anybody wanna be my partner for @Singho's 2v2 tournament this Friday? Working backshift frustratingly but I'll have time to quickly lose.
  5. I saw someone (Atma?) suggesting it might be a metered C+D from how effective it appeared?
  6. Ryo and Robert announced together to complete team Art of Fighting.
  7. Nintendo getting the kids codin' some game logic, and out in a month. Looks like a lot of fun. Curious to see just how robust it is, though a lot of it's worth will come down to how well implemented the sharing and curating of everyone's creations is implemented and Nintendo often make wild decisions with that kinda thing. Very keen to give it a go. I'll me my own damned Piltowings 64.
  8. I don't know any japanese so I left it on english. The voice work on the whole is pretty great though I head the singers for the japanese karaoke versions are pretty good, rather than the (deliberately?) poor english versions.
  9. Returnal wasn't something I was even vaguely considering but now lots of folk are saying things about it and tempting me greatly but I know I just won't play it so I'm holding off. Made the same mistake of falling for the hype with Red Dead Redemption 2 even though I knew it wasn't my thing; barely played more than a couple of hours of it. The price of buying a game Day One is pretty offputting but it's hard not to get wrapped up in the excitement of a new game's thread, even when it's not something I'd normally be interested in, like Monster Hunter Rise recently. Paid over the odd
  10. Yeah definitely, especially if it implies there will be lots of matchup-specific interactions. I love when fighting games do that (Mortal Kombat 11 does it exceptionally well).
  11. I dunno if it's the only factor but I read that running away from fights depends on how much space your character has behind them, if they clip a wall, enemy or object it will fail. I hadn't tried running from fights until that dungeon but it's seemed to be the reason each time I failed to escape.
  12. There's yer pal Chris from primary school rounding off Team Orochi.
  13. A second beta test has been announced for 13th (just checked and it's 4am on 14th May start time for UK) to 16th May, and it looks like I-No and yer aunty Angie are playable:
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