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  1. I'm out and about so I don't know where the info from (possibly the UI in the trailer) but a friend said that online points are back to being per-character like SSFIV so that's good. I'm thinking Kimberly and Ken for me so far. Unless one of the new characters is really annoying.
  2. Been hoping for this since even before the Ken design leaked They're on track to have a complete game at launch this time (well, as complete as a fighting game could be in a post-DLC world) and the World Tour stuff looks genuinely interesting. Can't wait for a deeper dive into that.
  3. A bunch of World Warrior reveals, World Tour info (including customised avatars) and thr online Battle Hub lobbies allow you to play old Capcom Arcade games too. Honda and Blanka are lookin a little uncanny but otherwise I'm very excited. Closed Beta test on 7th October too.
  4. So strange. I hoped they'd just release the remaster on Xbox and Switch. Happy to play it on the go (wee crunchy blasts of the KF7 Soviet through Bunker 2 doors' thick windows) but improved resolution and, more importantly, framerate, would have been very welcome.
  5. Kinda sounds like it, weirdly.
  6. Pullblox Collection! Rhythm Paradise Megamix DX! F-Zero GX + AC! Ridge Racer! Pilotwings Archipelago! Mario! That BotW prototype with the physics interactions in the visual style of Zelda 1! Silksong! Boom Street 2!
  7. They probably don't want the stream chat for their UK account playing host to negative comments about the dead woman. It is presumably ok if those same people sit at the same screen and say those same things on their American channel however.
  8. They'll be demoing Kimberly and Juri over on Capcom's channel shortly:
  9. Finally earned the Platinum trophy for Kiwami this evening. Less to do than Zero but a few things were a wee bit tougher. I thought the Climax Battles might take me forever but luckily the toughest few were at the start. I'm gonna try just mainline Kiwami 2, maybe. Probably. I really wanna catch up.
  10. Noodalls on Twitter just tweeted input lag test results for the PS4 version on PS5. Hyperstone Heist has an average of 142ms delay, which is around 8 or 9 frames, definitely significant enough to notice. The delay for the SNES version of Tournament Fighters is almost a quarter of a second. PS4 games on PS5 (and some native PS5 games) have been consistently pretty poor for input lag so I'm sure the native PS4, Xbox and PC versions will be significantly more responsive.
  11. Didn't expect the english language version of Mother.
  12. Apparently the Japanese NSO N64 app has the Shindou version of Wave Race 64 and Rumble included.
  13. If you boost and deliberately collide with an obstacle (Pipe, Tree etc, any of the sprite-based ones I think) then let go of the accelerator you'll maintain your boost speed for a lot longer, even across rough surfaces. The fun of the game for me was going for pixel-perfect drifts so switching to that approach would have sucked much of the fun out of it. Similar to snaking being the optimal approach for F-Zero GX I guess, it just wasn't as fun as racing "properly" (that game probably has wilder rubberbanding than Mario Kart as well).
  14. Yes YES. I love Super Circuit to bits. I'd probably consider it my favourite in the series if GBA multiplayer wasn't so much of a faff to get going. I mostly obsessed over the Time Trials too though but got soured on it slightly when I found out about the weird mushroom boost glitch. Not that I was going for world record times, I was just trying to better myself, but still.
  15. A wee clip of the versus intro for Juri and Kimberly on the new stage:
  16. Working my way back through Kiwami on Legend difficulty for the last couple of trophies and having maxed out stats plus Tiger Drop has made most battles pretty trivial (very satisfying to return to that initial slog of a battle versus Shimano and just slug him in the gut until he's down) but that highway chase section is a nightmare and has halted all progress. I am hoping that complaining about it on the internet will mean I easily clear it on the next attempt, as is tradition.
  17. Ah cool I didn't even know Monopoly Madness existed.
  18. I do find the dpad on PS5 to be a bit worse than PS4; stiffer and a little fussy with diagonals at times.
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