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  1. I went to a preview screening last night (2D rather than 3D). It's fucking ace, but really exhausting to watch (in a good way, a proper assault on the senses). Highly recommended if you want a bit of old-fashioned dumb entertainment.
  2. this free match 3 game is pretty ace https://itunes.apple.com/app/id980306335 IAPs seem pretty unobtrusive so far too
  3. I think the new Kingdom Rush game is out tomorrow, the previous two were brilliant
  4. me too please - ricky blaze
  5. I had trouble finding a kinect mount that worked for me, as my TV is wall-mounted and quite slim - so I picked up a really cheap L-bracket for an SLR/flash from Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/niceEshop-Double-L-shaped-Bracket-Speedlite/dp/B00EHCR6M2/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1389818382&sr=1-1&keywords=double+l-shaped+bracket six quid delivered, for what amounts to two DIY kinect mounts, two weeks or so delivery from China), took it apart and screwed it to the wall behind the TV. The screw in the base of the kinect is the same as used in cameras so the supplied bolt holds it in place pretty firmly. Its a little high at the moment, but I was being a bit too cautious with clearance for putting the TV back on the wall
  6. Eighty-Eight is the spiritual sequel to Drop 7, adds mines and score bonuses, highly recommended https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/eighty-eight/id597174223?mt=8
  7. Its pretty much all singles! I worked in a record shop selling jungle/D+B and DJ'd in the 90s so about a third of it is the fruits of that time. Never managed to grow out of the thrill of the weekly record shop, but its just such an expensive addiction nowadays...
  8. yep, I love vinyl. Here's my setup and a big chunk of my collection, I've been buying for nearly 25 years now...
  9. such a great album, worth picking up for the vinyl packaging alone http://pl70.net/landof1000chances/ wasn't on my radar at all until I listened to his interview with Gilles Peterson http://www.gillespetersonworldwide.com/gpww-presents-dj-day/
  10. rickyblaze


    If anyone is after a ticket for West Ham tomorrow night my season ticket is going spare, £35. Its in Block 6 on the back row standing next to Anders Limpar (from here, not THE Anders Limpar). PM if interested
  11. this remix is something else http://youtu.be/Nnp9H0zLt1c
  12. Strictly speaking I guess this isn't the place to ask, other than Play-Asia, can anyone recommend a decent online store to buy NTSC games now then? +1 for 1password, it is expensive, but the peace of mind of having ridiculously long random passwords for every single site you register on makes it worth it. Pretty sure the 20% off coupon code 'iSlayer' still works if you want to soften the blow a little bit.
  13. rickyblaze


    completely true - going to FWD in 2004 reminded me so much of the Blue Note in 1996, without the need to damage the old knees jumping about check this new-ish thing on Clone, more a heavy electro track but fits in with what the more forward-thinking DJs in the scene are playing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXjz2kfUp04
  14. Fabio, Grooverider, Goldie & friends on Kiss FM January 1996 - for me a real golden era, and a pretty funny show. Ripped from a 15 year old cassette, so quality is a bit shit, but as a snapshot of the Speed/Blue Note era its highly recommended enjoy...
  15. rickyblaze


    Its only for the gold members who entered the ballot but didn't get tickets allocated straight away, they were put on 'standby' and could buy any that were leftover from 9am yesterday.
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