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  1. I was getting absolutely battered when a mob attacked when I first started. last night I parried and deflected and gracefully danced around, avoiding the unblockable attacks just out of their reach with a step rather than a roll. Im enjoying this far more than TLOU2 which is a massive surprise.
  2. Is it just me or does the armour seems to get more distressed and weathered the more you play?
  3. wow. Talk about being utterly wrong, this is really superb on so many levels. Im only a few hours in but the art direction and visual flourishes are just epic. The landscapes are just fantastic. Although only a few hours in and have a very basic moveset I can see this is geared towards you all feeling like you are training throughout the game getting better and better at your craft. I love the parry system and stand offs. its so well thought out and worth the price of admission alone. The patience precision game combat is wonderful. So glad I gave it a go.
  4. looking forward to the photo mode more than the game. Thanks to you all you and bloody Jim Sterling
  5. Thanks Jim you’ve cost me 50 quid
  6. Thanks for the replies chaps Thing is those flight Yokes look daft. That A-10 stick looks the fucking business, decision made.
  7. So as much as I love that warthog stick. Now I’ve seen flight yokes and wonder would one of those be better for this?
  8. Cannot wait for this. been looking at flight sticks, why did I have to see this.
  9. After watching some vid reviews, no doubt it looks glorious with some amazing touches graphically and the combat really looks like it nails the whole samurai thing. But after Odyssey and its feeling of exploration of the islands, mythical bosses, ship combat and the likes, I just think I'd give up on this.
  10. Dave White


    idiots https://www.kotaku.co.uk/2020/07/13/ubisoft-reworked-a-famous-holocaust-quote-to-promote-watch-dogs-legion-which-is-a-terrible-idea
  11. The whole rinse repeat of their games and how very similar they are all is becoming a problem. Releasing 2 games in the same window is a bit daft imo. They all seem like reskins half the time and changing a setting isn't really making me want to invest. Couldn't be arsed with another far cry. As mentioned Kaasandra was such a great lead and the writing was superb, am still enjoying playing Odyssey. Valhalla looks proper poor and wonder if Legions novelty will wear off quick, although that looked the best of the bunch.
  12. still very much not arsed about this. I'm still loving Assassins Creed Odyssey dlc and have sunk a crazy amount of time into that. Another life sucking open world isn't something I'm bothered about at the moment, unless the reviews are utterly glowing.
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