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  1. im 50 and my go to is pubg wont accept the yoof have an advantage. 20 chicken dinners last season.
  2. ive cancelled my pre order and will wait and see. not doing bf4 at launch again, spent 2 weeks in lobbies and that was nowhere near as fucked as this is.
  3. If shes a rock star hurry the fuck up and OD on drink and drugs and take that song with you. Come back Bugsnax all is forgiven
  4. bug fixed. if you like the formula its great fun.
  5. Anyone having frame rate trouble? It’s like 3 fps in the hub for me.
  6. Been watching some streams of this by all accounts they’ve made an amazing successor. A lot of the beta problems have been addressed. The gun play just looks so satisfying, great it drops on game pass today.
  7. Had no bugs amazingly and although on paper I should be all over this as always with a new BF. im just not arsed, bottom line is it’s not PUBG which like any battle royal you get one life and that’s it. The risk and reward and dopamine hit just done compare. Like COD I’ve moved on and feel this is just the same capture A B A C A D. And it doesn’t have anything new in fact the movement mechanics are worse and feel so sluggish and a massive backwards step from V. And that crouch slide spam is stupid. Based on past BF launches I can’t see this being finished in 4 weeks and why show an old build? Character models are a joke and I can’t tell whose who half the time. Where is the destruction? It doesn’t feel like a massive progression and still the vehicle controls are just dumbed down with no skill needed. I craved a modern BF but actually I don’t know if I’ll bother. see you on Erangel.
  8. kin el the size of the special edition box.
  9. It’s great fun as long as your not expecting puyo puyo battle royal football.
  10. ok spent the day with this and what is becoming apparent to me is the base clearing which used to be pretty run of the mill in their past games has now turned into a full blown batshit game of defend if you goof your stealth as everything from chopper gunners coming at you, which then release parachuting elite types, people on horse back strafing with scorpion machine pistols ,snipers pining you down, grenades flying, stuff on fire which sweeps through like fc2, then reinforcements arrive and it goes even more mental. Thats just one encounter, I had another where I had to retrieve some supplies and got proper Halo CE vibes as your rebel accomplices defend from all angles, I did it twice to see and it never pans out the same. its really really clever and very organic. Have to say I'm really impressed and having a massive amount of fun with this.
  11. This is really fun from the off, the random encounters are as brilliant as ever. managed to shoot a Molotov out of an enemy soldiers hands as he was about to lob it at me he went up and his poor guard dog ran off yelping into the woods on fire leaving a blazing trail. Im only on the starting island and that's big enough, then I've seen the full map, its bloody massive. The options on base clearing are really well thought out, as you can approach them from so many different ways, parachute in guns blazing, or find many hidden ways in from numbers of different directions. Seen it all before of course but its the best its been and so well realised.
  12. Reviewers grumbling about the formula being the same. It’s like fifa or cod every game is a version of what’s gone before, what do they want? But at least in this by the looks of it there’s some innovation in the load outs and weapons. I’ve always loved this series. Batshit protagonist, clear out outposts. Get loot, shoot down choppers, cause mayhem at roadblocks. Blow shit up in a nice place you’d like to go on a jolly to. Stealth or balls out mayhem, what’s not to love. plus a gun that fires the Macarena cd at people and you own a fucking crocodile. 10 sets alarm for 6am
  13. so good to be back in modern choppers rather than some balsa wood thingamajig from those magnificent men in their flying machines.
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