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  1. I’m away at the moment and have this waiting at home. Reading all the verdicts it definitely seems to be a proper marmite affair. I can’t see me getting on with it tbh, sounds like crazy taxi without the taxi and some sort of sponsored walk.
  2. dude I feel for you having this experience. But the problems you’re having are unique to you. There’s no lag or poor hit detection, magic bullets or any other nonsense. it’s stable and must be something your end.
  3. Really enjoyed the read of those. Although I recently finished another run through on Dark Souls. That write up makes me miss it. very surprised @Nate Dogg III Didn’t have Ultra SFIV in there.
  4. Let’s go @skittles me and @RickyDVT will see you for some pistols at dawn.
  5. Shooting the jump shot clowns in the plums with that long barrel shotgun for final kill is never getting old.
  6. Silenced m13 forgrip red dot. that is all
  7. As a package This is quite simply the best cod imo. Gunfight has become an addiction. Domination on these new maps is just excellent. It rewards skill and tactical play finally, not headless chicken quake play.
  8. me too, but if this is just walking for 60 hours like a Tupperware salesman moonlighting as a window cleaner im going to have a proper fucking grumble.
  9. kin el im having flashbacks to working on the docks, and driving that fucking fork lift.
  10. mustn't watch any vids, but Ill have a proper grumble if this is like MGS4 in the sense that it wasn't much of a game, relying on batshit mental and cut scenes.
  11. a week in and the maps are the best since cod4 and mw2 and although the 3 lane formula is applied they are never merry go round, and the sight lines through windows, elevated areas and the likes offers a real tactical exciting form of play. maybe they don't cater for the monster guzzling jump shot tossers who rely on cheap game breaking techniques to win. ive been rather amused killing idiots who are still trying that technique.
  12. From IGN review mediocre maps make spawn camping a frustrating problem and escaping the ones where you know you'll have a bad time. Been thinking about the whole camping whiny thing, camping is a tactic when used correctly is a solid defence especially if your recon, covering large areas on overwatch. I play like this when sniping. But the difference being I move onto other areas clamouring up where I was baiting people to come and get me. A bad camper in a game like this will be killed over and over and offers the victim the chance to tactically approach them and then unleash revenge. Every competitive FPS shooter has to have these tactics applied to win from. CSGO to BF. If you die its your fault end of, so to give the best game in this series for years a poor review based on the above is ludicrous.
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