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  1. Been enjoying outriders, but if it wasn't for the loot hook Id have probably given up. This on the other hand looks superb and I'm really intrigued, defo day 1 for me.
  2. You know I loved this but found it unbelievably tough. It seemed like any bit of progress was met with a boss or mini boss that literally bitch slapped you hard. I got to some monkey bastard and caved. Its the only From game I never completed, and it irks me. I need to face the fucking music and man up. re installing
  3. Like 40 b and h a day
  4. Just turned 50 and game more than I ever have. If anything I play pubg more than anything and got 16 wins with slipper king @RickyDVTlast season. I find the hand holding and eye rolling storylines a chore more than ever in gaming. But give me from soft all day every day. just bought a vewlix for sf and am currently shaving times off daily on my newly arrived initial d arcade stage 8 cab.
  5. Been obsessed with this since I first saw it in japan and played it. Hit 50 the other week and my wish was always to own a cab.mrs got me this for my birthday. It arrived yesterday all 300 kilos of it. Had to strip it all down and rebuild it. Then no sound, wheel not turning left. 24 hours of hair pulling but finally an hour ago I got it all working. got it from Shadaloo in Amsterdam. And Chris the lovely chap who runs it has been amazing. He even built a bypass for the impossible to find card saves. im off to drift a bit
  6. I'm liking this far more than I should do, and having more fun with this than the last GOW. Enjoying shooty looty stuff
  7. seems the epic store version is fucked and won't launch, refunded and am now trying steam.
  8. thanks chaps, hopefully it stabilizes asap. it seems to have the destiny/ diablo loot hook right.
  9. just downloading on pc. You reckon you'll get a taste of if its a keeper in under 2 hours?
  10. Bought this on a whim after reading such glorious praise. What a great game!
  11. Have the issue but not read the Deathloop feature hope its bit like the club, I loved that game.
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