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  1. Dave White

    NIOH 2

    ah maybe ive reached my limit! Thanks @MikeF
  2. Dave White

    NIOH 2

    Had a little hiatus why I have no idea, as it’s fucking brilliant. Quick question for all you amazing experts. Always been a spear guy and I have a good few points to spend but can’t seem to? Any ideas?
  3. seeing this for the first time when I was 13 in the Galaxy Arcade in Southport. It could be said that there's really not much game in there, but for me it was one of the most incredible moments as it was literally like playing a cartoon. Where my beloved go to Tron was 10p a go, this was 50p Half of my funds for playing. 3 lives over in a flash with a queue out the door to get a go. I spent an age playing and learning, watching the move sets obsessively as others attempted to get to Singe and take home the rather hot princess. One day I started a go which turned into Halfway, down went the lizard king, mudmen, dark knight and that cheap as fuck crumbling centre piece that only gave you a millisecond to react and pop the movement in the right direction. I could feel the arcade filling up and the crowd gathering around me. And then here came the incredible music as I got to the dragon, rest is a blur but managed to complete it in one go 3 lives. And off I went with a round of applause and pats on the back. Its been a dream since being that 13 year old kid to own one, and in the past 18 years of using eBay ive seen 1 appear I had a special anniversary with my wife and this arrived.
  4. just finished another run through, utterly superb. Wonder if the infected have mutated into even nastier variants in the sequel?
  5. Thanks that’s really helpful. I was streamlining my UI a while ago and accidentally moved the Enmity display off screen so I couldn’t see it. Jesus was I getting an earful.
  6. Ah thanks @Scruff really helpful. No I’m just starting heavensward. Not skipping that like.
  7. Was just asking you nice expert peoples do you have any tips for off tanking? and oops I thought post RR was just going to be filler. Ah well.
  8. I started this last year as a total noob to MMORPG’s, never played one before and always loved FF. Much to my stupidity and love of character models I mained a Palladin Tank. Totally got it’s hooks into me. But a lot of the fetch quest go here kind of stuff left me cold. So as I was nearing level 40 and was partying up with randoms, a couple of times I got my arse handed too me by very grumpy team mates. A good tank I was not. Went away watched a ton of vids and discovered my role and what I should be doing. Leaving me red in the face with what I had been up to in dungeons and duty’s. just finished the main campaign and the final duty I got a nice set of commendations. So think it’s sinking in. Much to my annoyance I discovered to start Heavansward you have to do another 100 quests. In all fairness I did 10 and literally couldn’t be arsed as they fell into the fetchy go here bring this back rubbish. So I’ve skipped them and gone straight into the expansion. I’m really glad I gave this a go, and stuck with it. These MMO things are ace. any tips for off tanking peeps?
  9. I really am, you? I'm sure it will be a phenomenal game, but just hope it isn't all too depressing. Maybe I should get Animal Crossing to balance it out
  10. Think a fresh play through is In order too!
  11. As @Stanley says it really does look bleak. The way the last game ended was just superb, the sensitivity of the writing and the bond between Ellie and Joel was just so touching. The final scenes really gave me the same feelings Ico had on me at the end. This however has gone full on snuff version of the Southern Comfort movie from the looks of it. Whether its the tech and advancements in mocap, but this looks fucking brutal and uncomfortable. Been there with Manhunt and likes but this really is next level, murdering people and watching the life drain from them regardless of how horrible they are looking so realistic isn't really my idea of fun and games.
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