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  1. still my go to, and spend an hour a day on it. However starting to see the horror of the jump shot wankers getting an advantage again. The vanilla game launched with such a wonderful return to form, considered maps, where strategic play offered satisfying rewards. Ramaza, Gun Runner and Grazna Raid are up there with the best maps ever crafted in this series for me. As much as I love my dirty little shipment, its a bit of fun to rank up. But the inclusion of the older maps, are taking the game back to the stupid runaround, killed from behind every 10 seconds, with spawns that belong in 2002. Moneys on killstreaks stacking soon, and that will kill it dead.
  2. assassins creed odyssey
  3. I’d love them to revisit that cyber demon experience. That level we’re it chased you round was just amazing, cowering in that center stricture as it stomped around was so good.
  4. Oh man. some of the best online fun ever was with their last iteration. fucking @FuntimeDave and his dick dastardly techniques. Lolz
  5. It’s a filthy habit and I miss it.
  6. There’s a god awful bug at the moment which downloads an update patch after every game. Rust is ace tho
  7. Surely that patch is the BR mode? surprised they haven’t made branded external hard drives. Missed a trick there on the Cod money train.
  8. Just gone back to this with a fresh install on pc. Kind of left it sadly. as @HarryBizzle says the performance is massively improved. Running it on extreme settings with ultra ray tracing and getting a solid 60. So atmospheric.
  9. Looks like the UMP is back for season 2. Hope backlot drops today. tasty
  10. finally got round to redeeming a free code I got with some hardware. Utterly amazing on pc with everything cranked up. Got totally suckered into the story again. Only problem is the ultra wide full screen cut scenes fix that's doing the rounds has the most horrendous virus included. Real shame as the game looks glorious.
  11. if you invest in the battle pass right at its launch and put an hour a day as soon as the season drops its not really too much of a grind. Im 149 and completed the season last week.
  12. The mk2 carbine on shipment is fucking brutal. Basically a 1 hit kill. Feels like quick scoping of old. tasty
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