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  1. I loved it and think you will too. I enjoyed it far more than last of us 2 tbh.
  2. yes fordy!!!
  3. Beating Dragons Lair in the Galaxy arcade in Southport age 13. Once singe was felled the cheers and back pats as I left the arcade made me feel like Dirk himself, although the foxy blonde wasn’t on my arm.
  4. Bf2042 Been playing this series since 1942 on pc. And each launch tops the last with the utter shit show at release. The bugs were utterly unforgivable. Scenery not loading, broken textures and the icing on the cake was guns not firing were you were aiming. I was concerned on the beta that the new maps were soulless just icons that you arrived at with no thought of what existed In between. I found the full game to be exactly that. All of the staple stuff was missing and as for leaderboards not being included it’s a joke. Portal is the saving grace but exposes what greatness came before and shames the current iteration for the wanting sham it is. played 3 times and uninstalled.
  5. Pubg No other game has such a high sense of reward with a win. The Adrenaline and dopamine overload in the end circle is insane . Unsurpassed ballistics that make every other online shooter feel sub par. 4 years in and nothing scratches the itch for me like this game.
  6. there's no denying this is really good, looks amazing, plays so well and does nearly everything I had hoped for. The only thing I feel is missing is the mystery. When you land on Halo on CE it just blew my mind, the slow reveal and journey was unsurpassed. Nothing was rushed and it took its time, The silent Cartographer has never been bettered imo. I really wish this didnt have a map or was so hand holdy. its the only blemish for me that it takes the Ubisoft, Just Cause approach with markers and things to do. Discovering all these objectives and stranded marines etc of your own accord would be so much better. I want to explore not be guided. The removal of this kind of thing in Assassins Creed made it far more rewarding to play. Being brave like the first game was with so many decisions would have been an epic return to form. Its still utterly superb mind.
  7. late to the party, utterly incredible but had some proper game breaking bugs like.
  8. The random encounter stuff has really made this for me. Had so many moments that totally remind me of CE in the best way. Some of the base clearing encounters have been really superb. I just hope some of the fan favourite weapons make an appearance. But as a return to form I couldn’t really ask for more. The new mechanics and weapons fit well in the game. A nice logical evolution as are the boss fights.
  9. Just got back. What’s with this download? It’s like it’s coming down a 1991 modem.
  10. so the NZ trick won't work as they have the launch locked down. New Zealand launches on the 9th.
  11. can you still set your consoles territory to Australia and bypass the release date? Just got an X for this.
  12. get on the super people beta this weekend, was watching choco and hollywood bob play. Looks like a nice halfway house between PUBG warzone and apex. Some great ideas in there and ballistics looked fun.
  13. Bf2042 think the title is how many bugs it’s launched with not the timeline
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