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  1. After V which was in a far better state on preview I really doubt this will drop in November. The community will meltdown if the previous launch lessons haven’t been learned.
  2. Didn’t want to rant on over the weekend but it’s very special.
  3. This really does slowly reveal itself to be something special and very intriguing the longer you play.
  4. this is deep..... only had an hour but its batshit bonkers and classic Arkane slowly offering you more stuff as you go, think its all hand holdy at the start and im sure the kid gloves will be off soon. Really enjoyed my time and look forward to seeing how it all works with the day cycles etc.
  5. Got my copy too. Let’s see what it’s all about
  6. That’s the game, which is why I mentioned they’ve really fucked the variety with convoluted stat systems and perks which amount to nothing if it’s rinse repeat.
  7. I think L4D and L4D2 feel alot more random and more spontaneous, the formula has been exactly the same on every mission and usually the defend aspects are based on 3 lanes which makes it feel alot more repetitive than it seems. Also L4D is best in class and this although entertaining doesnt come close after prolonged play.
  8. unless I'm missing something every level is the same formula, I'm currently half way through. trundle along getting ambushed from time to time, a mid section defend and then another push to the final last and were everything is thrown at you. Really think they've missed a trick as the core mechanics are great, but stat systems and upgrades mean fuck all if the base game isn't solid enough to warrant replay value. Im having fun but have no desire whatsoever to repeat any of the missions and as for longevity.... its game over man!
  9. I loved this game but I haven’t a clue what’s going on now, and after a 2 year hiatus It would be easier to learn Russian and learn how to pilot their spacecraft.
  10. nothing comes close to the first 3 for me. kind of lost the wow factor after those.
  11. Not that it means much but the ign score got leaked on their page my accident then pulled. they gave it a 7. Now in the Prometheus world and it’s a bit more open, some new enemies and toys to play with. be far better playing with human team mates than these androids but glad they’re a feature. I think these games suffer from once your done that’s it. I certainly wouldn’t play this over and over and couldn’t imagine playing with team damage on which is one of the features on the level they advise you to play on.
  12. This just makes we want quake to get the doom eternal treatment. Would love to see the world and the enemies modernised. The design on the fiend and the shamber is just so well done. also fuck the shambler.
  13. Ok so the good news is it’s a lot of fun. Playing on normal I managed to find human team mates. But you can play solo with 2 androids that make up the party. make sure from the off you increase your sensitivity for aiming otherwise you’ll be squished super quick. Each class has specific weapons and specials. Such as sentry guns, incendiary ammo, mines etc which are all upgradable. You rank up your weapons and unlock better parts which has that whole loot chase thing. I’ve only done the first 3 missions on standard, no team damage etc. , but the combat is meaty and the weapons feel great. Popping skulls and bursting the Xenos is never getting old. The sounds are excellent from the iconic burst of the m41A rifle to the screams of the aliens. It’s all done right. There’s tons of weapons to unlock along with attachments and perks. so far it’s pretty much work towards a destination with some spicy horde defence mid way. Gearing up to the end of mission cluster fuck of madness. Seen a few different types of aliens including a big chap who is a bastard. And it’s astounding how many get thrown at you. Had some slowdown on ps5 when it goes batshit mental. Not game breaking mind. There are various secret stashes to find offering weapon upgrades cosmetics and goodies. And that back for blood card thing seems to be here. You can activate a specific card when you buddy up which offers specific bonuses or random game types . You find them in game but yet to do so. if you love the Universe and movies it’s a no brainer. Nothing ground breaking that you haven’t seen before in l4d etc , but it’s done with love and total fan service. I can only imagine how tight you will have to work together to survive with a decent mix of classes. I had a real blast on the first 3 levels I’ve played and hope the maps open up and offer some varied locales etc. But I’m sure they will.
  14. not too big a patch on ps5, thankfully you buddy up with 2 androids if you cant find anyone to matchmake with.
  15. It actually arrived early on ps5. installing, verdicts later
  16. yeah camomile for me lol
  17. As good as I remember! Something just so pure about it, the nostalgia of the sounds is just epic.
  18. been so long since simply came through early but says its shipped. Lets Rock!
  19. we should play mp. at least there won't be a £600 phone bill.
  20. Black Ops Cold War was the first time I ever skipped the yearly ritual. Coming off modern warfare which was an utterly epic return to form. It had the same comedown that Mw3 had after 2. Embarrassingly lazy map design an utter slide backwards in everything. The Beta killed it DOA for me. I never thought the day would come were I would fondly reminisce about the series and never bother again, but alas that’s how it is. glad I spent the year back on pubg. You milked it dry activision and times up.
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