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  1. Bf2042 think the title is how many bugs it’s launched with not the timeline
  2. When you think of 4 and how utterly incredible it still is, it was my go to for at least 2 years and fuelled so much fun, this is atrocious and thats not even mentioning bugs. 1 and V piss all over this in so may ways its crazy. Its just no fun attall, its totally lost its way and the core elements and systems that define BF have been fucked with and new stuff added that doesnt fit with the game or its predecessors. I always relished the return to modern weapons and thought this would be BF4.2. My fears of these new maps being soulless and spread over massive areas of nothing have come to light. its a really sad thing to see when a beloved series goes this way and I'd love to know how many of the devs from previous games are still at Dice, feels like 0 to me. I cant even be arsed to play it.
  3. After a couple of days tinkering and figuring out some modern day problems such as multi core throttling and 200fps I have it all modded to the max on pc and it looks and plays utterly glorious. Some of the modern lighting, water and weather effects are just breathtaking. If anyone is having any microstuttering problems or sound issues or needs help running ultrawide im your man. Happy to help. Its such an amazing game and really hasnt been bettered imo
  4. Rage Racer was the absolute pinnacle. Rollercoaster tracks and utterly batshit mental cars. that suped up fiat 500 with the engine hanging out the back was the best. It was so fast. would love that and R4 remastered.
  5. It’s very strange. The base maps from what I’ve played feel more like a sandbox tool kit has been used to make them. Made by someone who feels bigger is better, with no consideration for the ebb and flow of what this series is about. I’ve only played a few matches but am astounded at the decisions made. The specialists are a stupid idea. You can’t tell whose who, what role they have and who to request stuff off. The Total number of weapons is paltry compared to previous games. But the customisation is very good. Coming off pubg and even vanguard I’m really not inspired to play this. It’s not offering me any satisfaction. portal however is magnificent, and shows how decent bf games are made with classic maps. base game you can keep
  6. errrr and the scoreboard is?
  7. theres a terrible bug, entitled error message VIVACIOUS which wont let the game update or connect. Only way to fix it is delete and fresh install.
  8. Coming off pubg pc it’s so generous in its hit boxes it’s ridiculous. I’ve turned into a dirty kar98 quickscoper, been driving the subby yoof mental. Really having a great deal of fun with this especially the weapon customisation stuff.
  9. Gutted if the soundtracks have been culled. Joe Jackson steppin out whilst causing bloody mayhem in vice city was the best.
  10. that champion hill mode is superb got a nice win with @KriessG today. we should buddy up peeps.
  11. ive never finished this even though ive played it over so many different consoles a ton of times. I just end up leaving it when something new comes out that takes my time. Determined 'im going to complete it once this version drops.
  12. just finished Metroid Dread and fancy another run through on this and thought about getting the switch version. Can you remap the controls so its the same as the console versions? How does it hold up not docked and are summons still popular?
  13. Anyone have the pad not vibrating bug? The customisation stuff scratches that destiny loot hunt so well. Picked up a few weapons from dropped players and they’ve been fantastic.
  14. Gave it a good old go today and have to say after black ops which I couldn't even get with on the beta. The MP is really good fun, the customisation is really superb and some of the weapons are fantastic to use. It feels far more MW than black ops and strikes a nice balance. Not had any cheap moments, shit spawns .... yet anyway. Couple of way OP things such as the mortar that goes on far too long but hopefully they'll patch that out. Really pleasantly surprised and glad I broke the seal and went in, and had a lot of fun today in MP.
  15. And done. That final boss was a proper knob, took me a good while to do him and learn his patterns. Still think the second phase was a difficulty spike too far. great game tho.
  16. apparently zombies main features land on dec 2nd, very strange to not include a fully realised version at launch? A very kind soul just gifted me a copy, after watching the mp vids I don't know if I can be arsed even breaking the seal, ill just stink up the thread, which might even make it to 4 pages. crazy to see in a video game forum how few people are bothering.
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