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  1. Black Ops Cold War was the first time I ever skipped the yearly ritual. Coming off modern warfare which was an utterly epic return to form. It had the same comedown that Mw3 had after 2. Embarrassingly lazy map design an utter slide backwards in everything. The Beta killed it DOA for me. I never thought the day would come were I would fondly reminisce about the series and never bother again, but alas that’s how it is. glad I spent the year back on pubg. You milked it dry activision and times up.
  2. How did I miss this? What a special thing this is.
  3. just downloaded it, lets see what all the fuss is about
  4. the thought of those 2 subsequent missions involving the rc planes makes me shudder.
  5. would love London/UK or Mexico to be the setting rather than something we've already seen and experienced. That watchdogs legion was a shitshow of a game but does open up the possibilities of how good London could be done right.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone swerve it is.
  7. I was just about to get this but read mixed reviews, some saying its endless corridors and super linear, then to quote it does excell after the crazy 20 hour long tutorial? Should I swerve?
  8. If only I had bought copies of battle monsters on the Saturn. With animation of that quality it’ll be Bugattiville now.
  9. wow man that's super valuable Bob, if it was the Usa version you'd have diamond teeth
  10. the last few years I've got into chasing and collecting arcade games I loved as a kid ( another hair brained idea of middle age) what I don't get is although sealed the amount of these in comparison to vintage arcade games must be so many more knocking about compared yet antique cabinets don't come near these prices thankfully . Im sure more of these sealed versions are going to turn up once this hits the headlines.
  11. its easy to do digital giclee's and spot uv screens over the top, look very very similar indeed. I know a dealer that got sussed due to someone actually owning the same edition number.
  12. with my work we produce ltd edition prints of the originals and the quality of printing these days is insane. I always see these things and wonder how easy is it to replicate these boxes, invest in a shrink wrapper and a sealing machine and off you go? I mean your not opening it right if youve spent 2 mil on it. Ive seen bootleg Harland Miller prints knocking about and know of people making them.
  13. I bought my mario 64 off the chip shop in liverpool for 1.2 million
  14. hindsight is a wonderful thing, I sold my neo geo aes stuff ages ago as it was taking up space. Could have got me to bleedin space now.
  15. I love reading peoples tales in here. Only problem is every time I do I fire the bloody thing up and start another run. Guess there's almost an infinite amount of knowledge and things to learn. Watching that miracles only run vid, I've never seen or heard of the mushroom buff consumable. Undead burg here we go.
  16. jesus, thats some achievement on the miracles run!
  17. Fair points re the combat comparisons saying TLO2 is way deeper and far more engaging but I'd have to say this on par, there's distractions lures, mines and bear traps to name a few and all kinds of cheeky carnage can be had.
  18. ok so this is really really good. Ive said it before but I've become quite cynical as a gamer the older I've got and usually turn things off when I feel a game isn't worth my time. It could be said that there is nothing new in this and seen its all before type affair, last of us, state of decay etc. But the pacing and lack of hand holding is what has grabbed me. The world is glorious and the exploration is brilliant, even the way its very slowly adding stuff for you to deal with is just superb. I was actually thinking about the lack of wildlife and then something appeared I had to deal with. I loved the first last of us and always got immersed in the smoke and mirrors of the game world, but this is something else with it being open. Just had an epic encounter with a group of horrid people and was easily as good as anything naughty dog has mustered. The only rough edge I have found is deacons dialogue were he sometimes shouts at the top of his voice, but that's it. I grabbed me from the off and with every mission something new is offered and the slow reveal is just so welcome. Not even seen a horde yet.... So glad I gave this a chance as its totally up there with the best of them.
  19. yeah read it was same as g36. sound more like a bag of spanners like the beryl but yeah maybe on the recoil.
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