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  1. I'm currently using some of them as test models but if I keep up at this rate I'll have a crazy surplus - will let you know as Mortal Realms is more up my street!
  2. I don't even play 40k and thanks to Warhammer Imperium mag I appear to be amassing a collection of Necrons and Space Marines
  3. Amazing dice - those marble and the red ones are lovely. I love me some clicky-clacky rocks. This a crap photo of my current temp dice jar (till I can find something more decorative that I like). There's a load others, but they're just in storage in plastic bags at the moment. Then I have my Elder Dice which satisfy my cosmic horror urges (this is an old pic, there's more now!) And then there's my rag tag assortment from loads of old games. I think there's some Advanced Heroquest dice in there, a lot of chunky old style Games Workshop dice and the real shabby looking in the bottom right are actually from my brother's days of playing 1st edition D&D so they're a bit older than me!
  4. Ooo, lots of cool stuff from FFG announced at Gen-Con if you're into any of their lines. - first expansion teased for the new Descent - new Arkham Horror LCG standalone plus all the old content getting re-released in the new boxed format (I'm going to be dull enough to spend £50 a cycle just for a box to store stuff in aren't I? ) - LOTR card game's getting a refresh (oh God no, this'll temp me to try the game - my wallet!!! ) - Sinister Six is the next big box for Marvel Champions (I don't care the price, give it to meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! ) https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2021/9/15/in-flight-2021/
  5. Might be a bit soon to ask, but would love to know what you think of these (been eyeing up Doomsday Countdown as it's solo-able).
  6. Not my pic, but this look is really striking and I'm thinking I'd like to replicate it. Seems simply on the face of it, but I'm wondering about the depth of shading there. I'm thinking black base coat, off white dry brush and then...? Something like nuln oil to blend it all together, followed by a highlight of the off white? Anyone think of an easier / alternative way?
  7. Dirty great big grin all over my face watching that. Media blackout from me too - not long to go and that's done enough to convince me that I need to see this.
  8. The one I saw was by BoardGameCo and I found myself scrubbing through the video out of boredom. From what they showed it doesn't look to be something I'd enjoy (the mini's are still great tho). I know there was a lot of misgivings about CMON's Marvel United before it was delivered, people saying it looked too easy when it turns out it's actually challenging on times and a lot of fun. So perhaps it's another case of deceptive first appearances? That said I don't think I fancy shelling out around £100 for a basic pledge to try and find out.
  9. Seems it's an original character created for the game called `The Hunter` There was talk of the game allowing you to create your own unique character so it could be intended to represent that, or they just decided to take liberties and give Lilith a new daughter (she's had so many offspring and I'm not totally familiar with the lore, so it could be an obscure existing character I guess.).
  10. Needs more Moon Knight. If we don't get him, and they shoe horn in Cap and Iron Man just to have some bankable characters, I'll have a little nerd pout. But then cave in and buy it anyway cos playing something Dr Strange-centric is a dream come true. edit: Oh wait, its Suns not Sons. Still the same theme I guess but I guess.
  11. This is a long shot but thought I'd ask here before digging into the perils of Ebay - did anyone back the CMON Bloodborne boardgame and get any of the Kickstarter exclusives they'd be happy to let go for a decent price? Never mind, I'm weak with no willpower and went gadding about the dark halls of Ebay. It's a horrible feeling to be pleased that I got what I wanted, but to feel so hellishly unclean at the same time.
  12. Yeah, I'm out too. The gameplay videos haven't sold me on it, plus I've a tonne of other stuff to play which will take precedence. Archon appear to have been getting some grief for not delivering Wolfenstein on time. Given the state of shipping and production globally, a delay's not surprising (hell, 90% of the stuff I've backed has been delayed well in to next year). But quickly reading around it's hard to tell if it's just people being loud, obnoxious Internet brats or if Archon really have been bad in communicating with backers. All things combined it's a hard pass from me.
  13. I've become sort of interested in it as some the the paid previews this last week grabbed my attention. Probably off the back of the new Netflix series too. I'm following and will need to decide closer to the end of the campaign.
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