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  1. Seeing as I have a mound of plastic to get through,for 2023 I'm taking the approach to just getting stuff done in basic monotone colour schemes. Once again more poor photo skills let these down, but they're relatively quick and easy to knock out (bonus!) The overall scheme here means I'm still playing with grey minis, at least this way you can see all their details rather than it being a poorly defined plastic blob (it also means I can get stuff the table quicker since I hate playing games with partially painted minis). For reference this is how they look unpainted (and they're flipping tiny too!) Plus if I do want to paint them with more colour in the future I can just touch them up a bit and go over the top with something like Contrast paints. Final Girl's been done, next up is the entirety of Zombicide 2nd Edition.
  2. I can't honestly believe that someone though this bit of their press release was a good idea; Baffling.
  3. Yeah, washing up liquid in and gave them a light scrub with a toothbrush before making sure they were totally dry. I might have to give them another bath and see if it helps. edit; it took 4 extra wash downs to stop it.
  4. Anybody ever had an issue with primer or paint refusing to stick to mini's? I've had a bit of a mare today when I finally decided to paint up some stuff from boardgames I've amassed. It's the first non-GW models I've tried to paint in a long while. Cracked open Zombicide 2nd Edition and followed my usual process of priming through the airbrush using the Vallejo black primer. The primer refused to stick to 70% of the models, and you could literally see it pulling away and collecting into globules. I'd read there can be issues some times from the releasing agent used on minis, so I washed and dried them thoroughly. Exact same problem. Then, thinking it might somehow be the airbrush or primer, I tried again with a different brush on primer. Exactly the same problem, like it's hydrophobic and actively repelling the paint.
  5. Excellent thread - loads of cool recommendations for me to dig into. I started listening to the Old Gods of Appalachia series last year. Got through the first story arc before taking a break but will be going back to it soon. I found it quite well written and it did a good job of painting in your mind the horror and dread.
  6. I've bought myself the latest Arkham Horror LCG campaign, The Scarlet Keys. My post-Xmas lunch will be spent getting a kicking from all sorts of weird cultists and Eldritch abominations. And then when the relations do finally leave I can start playing Arkham.
  7. Mini's - it's the third 'season' of the Marvel United games https://cmon.com/product/marvel-united/marvel-united edit: looks like the 1st (Mostly Avengers) and 2nd (Mostly X-Men) seasons are coming to UK retail next week (bar the KS exclusives)
  8. HURNGH! www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/marvel-united-multiverse
  9. Del Toro shared this on his Instagram this week - it's a CGI test for his old AtMoM pitch https://www.instagram.com/tv/CkwxWwstuW6/
  10. Ouch, that is more expensive than I thought it would be. But one thing I would say is that Themeborne's customer support is pretty great - there were misprinted dials and missing sleeves in the Escape the Dark Sector expansion Kickstarter and they've been really great for replacing them at no cost (you'd think that sort of thing was a given, but y'know, it's Kickstarter).
  11. I watched Episode 7 myself tonight - Panos Cosmatos manages to create a hell of a style with everything he touches. It's insane how good he is at it creating a whole aestheticist and vibe. But I didn't like the story (and that's coming from someone who loved Beyond the Black Rainbow). It seemed to fall into that same trap as all the others in this series; huge time spent in a slow build up but very little pay off when things should should start to happen. I mean I fully expected I went into this with high hopes that the bigger scale stories could, but that's fallen completely on its face now seeing how all of these turned out. I'd love to see Dunwich and Mountains on screen in a way that only modern day tech and budget could bring them to life, but sadly I don't think I'd like whatever they'd have to chop the story up into achieve it.
  12. Pickman's Model - urgh. I'm not a fan of the changes here and that ending was so completely ham fisted. Witch House - amazing to see Keziah Mason and Brown Jenkin brought to life, but the changes to this story weren't for the better and pretty much weren't needed at all. I was looking forward to these two the most, and I can't say I really enjoyed them in the end.
  13. Slowly catching up with these; Episode 2 was a really big highlight that I wasn't expecting. Brilliant to see a focus on practical effects for a change too. Made me wish there was more of that and using CGI to enhance it rather than straight up replace it. Episode 3 - meh. F Murray Abraham could play a man watching paint dry and it would be great, but the episode as a whole fell a bit flat for me. This is where the switch to hour long episodes really highlighted the problem with meandering pacing that was present in the first episode (but that one didn't feel as bad at just under 40 minutes). Episode 4 - eh. Different, but not in a really great way. Reminded me a bit of a less agressive version of 'The Stuff' from back in the 80's. Felt to me like Kate Micucci and Martin Starr were doing a lot of heavy lifting for a rather poorly plotted story here. But it did lead me to find out Micucci was Dr Fox in Unikitty, so that's a thing I know now.
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