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  1. I've had Alone against the Flames sitting here for a bit waiting for me to have some time to give it a run through. Seems a bit silly saying this when I haven't played the solo adventures that are available yet, but I really wish Chaosium would do more of them.
  2. Figures that The Batman Who LMAO is a Marilyn Manson fan.
  3. Not ashamed Massively ashamed to say it took me 6 months to get through the demo I was so shit scared. Still haven't put myself through playing the full thing Played tonnes of other stuff like this in the past and never been phased (even enjoyed the odd jump scare after the fact - I completed Outlast and that's panic inducing on times). But there's something about RE7 that just gets under my skin. I need to get a grip and play it though, as VIIIage looks brilliant.
  4. Spoilered as very sweary, but.... speaking of sound effects...
  5. Nice one @jonamok, ordered Looks like stock is starting to trickle back in in a few places too
  6. I've been bitten by the Arkham Horror bug. If anyone has any of the LCG stuff that they want to get rid for a sensible price please let me know. At the moment I'm after; - Circle Undone Deluxe - any of the Path to Carcosa Mythos packs - The Miskatonic Museum Mythos Pack - the standalone adventures Would rather buy off someone here than people trying to charge a 200% markup
  7. Looks like the Forbidden Planet outage is because they were the victims of a cyber attack
  8. Looks like it's just been a case of treating your customers poorly during a time of uncertainty and causing unnecessary panic. They do know that Twitter / Facebook doesn't run on their network?
  9. If they are still there it's a hell of a way to annoy your customer base.
  10. Noticed it was down the other day when looking for something, didn't realise it was a longer term thing. Reading the posts on Facebook/Twatter, in the current climate, I'd say that's not looking very good. Though someone pointed out that Titan Books is linked to them; their website is also down at the moment but they're still posting stuff on Twitter. edit: Companies House still shows they as Active, so may still be going.
  11. @jonamok I see what you mean... it's for sale for just £20 on Amazon.co.uk... in Spanish! (bit naughty as it's something you could miss if you weren't paying attention and blinded by an apparent bargain). My core box arrived today so looking forward to cracking that open later (won't have time to give it a run through till at least the weekend tho). Are there any recommended online places that sell the packs for the going rate when they're more readily available?
  12. Thanks @Hexx - I've chucked an order in for the Core box to see if it's for me before going crazy. If so I guess I'll have to resign myself to it being a slow burn on picking up the Mythos packs as I go as I'd like to play them in some sort of order (although I did read somewhere that you technically can play each one as a stand alone - not sure if that was true though as I got the impression they built off one another). A slow burn might not even be a problem when my spare time can be a bit limited. Really surprised that they didn't use the Return To sets for the older modules to bundle up all the Mythos packs with some new cards so they could charge a premium. Seems like it would have been easier for them than issuing random reprints on the older Mythos packs.
  13. Another BOGOF offer on Marvel on Comixology right now (code is MARVEL20) https://www.comixology.co.uk/Marvel-Buy-One-Get-One-Free-Sale/page/23828?ref=c2l0ZS9pbmRleC9kZXNrdG9wL3NtYWxsQ2Fyb3VzZWw
  14. Be interested everyone's view of Arkham Horror Card Game - I've been away from traditional tabletop gaming for over twenty years but I'm getting the sudden urge to start playing `something` again. Was always a fan of CoC but AH seems like something I could stumble my way through solo in the event that I can't get the other half to play through it with me. edit: sorry, should have been a bit more specific - outside of the Core box it looks like the expansions and Mythos packs are quite and investment. Just wondering what the availability of the packs is like outside of the Covid-19 situation? Some of the packs seem impossible to get or going for twice the price. Is this the norm?
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