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  1. Del Toro shared this on his Instagram this week - it's a CGI test for his old AtMoM pitch https://www.instagram.com/tv/CkwxWwstuW6/
  2. Ouch, that is more expensive than I thought it would be. But one thing I would say is that Themeborne's customer support is pretty great - there were misprinted dials and missing sleeves in the Escape the Dark Sector expansion Kickstarter and they've been really great for replacing them at no cost (you'd think that sort of thing was a given, but y'know, it's Kickstarter).
  3. I watched Episode 7 myself tonight - Panos Cosmatos manages to create a hell of a style with everything he touches. It's insane how good he is at it creating a whole aestheticist and vibe. But I didn't like the story (and that's coming from someone who loved Beyond the Black Rainbow). It seemed to fall into that same trap as all the others in this series; huge time spent in a slow build up but very little pay off when things should should start to happen. I mean I fully expected I went into this with high hopes that the bigger scale stories could, but that's fallen completely on its face now seeing how all of these turned out. I'd love to see Dunwich and Mountains on screen in a way that only modern day tech and budget could bring them to life, but sadly I don't think I'd like whatever they'd have to chop the story up into achieve it.
  4. Pickman's Model - urgh. I'm not a fan of the changes here and that ending was so completely ham fisted. Witch House - amazing to see Keziah Mason and Brown Jenkin brought to life, but the changes to this story weren't for the better and pretty much weren't needed at all. I was looking forward to these two the most, and I can't say I really enjoyed them in the end.
  5. Slowly catching up with these; Episode 2 was a really big highlight that I wasn't expecting. Brilliant to see a focus on practical effects for a change too. Made me wish there was more of that and using CGI to enhance it rather than straight up replace it. Episode 3 - meh. F Murray Abraham could play a man watching paint dry and it would be great, but the episode as a whole fell a bit flat for me. This is where the switch to hour long episodes really highlighted the problem with meandering pacing that was present in the first episode (but that one didn't feel as bad at just under 40 minutes). Episode 4 - eh. Different, but not in a really great way. Reminded me a bit of a less agressive version of 'The Stuff' from back in the 80's. Felt to me like Kate Micucci and Martin Starr were doing a lot of heavy lifting for a rather poorly plotted story here. But it did lead me to find out Micucci was Dr Fox in Unikitty, so that's a thing I know now.
  6. Only managed to watch the first of the two so far - I really liked it. When I skim read the review roundups and it's unanimously being described as Lovecraft AF all the way through, so I can't wait for the rest.
  7. I think Horrified - American Monsters is out this week or next. Essentially it's the same game but the Cryptid theme speaks to me more than the Movie Monsters so I'm thinking of picking that up. Currently I haven't played either version tho. No board involved but the only game I can think of that might fit the bill is Elder Sign - essentially Cthulhu horror themed, Yahtzee. Can be quite challenging, but the basics are really easy to grasp. There's also expansions which add to the variety / challenge of the game if you find you like it.
  8. I'm not sure about long term availability but some of the earlier Kill Team sets are still available like the Tau Pathfinders and Novitites, even from GW's website. Google says those came out September 2021 so I'd say you might be safe to wait a few months for the newer sets. I've just snapped up the Gellerpox and Elucidian Starstriders sets because both had been going for silly prices as singles on Ebay, and I want both for a custom Blackstone Fortress expansion. So many salty scalper tears now their £100 Gnasher Screamer is worth considerably less.
  9. Awesome, I didn't realise there were two Lovecraft tales in this. Can we just get del Toro for that Mountains of Madness film now Netflix? And given that Richard Stanley is a despicable shit (who'd have seen that coming?) can we also get del Toro to do The Dunwich Horror? Also I can't wait to see Eric Andre go utterly batshit insane and smash the place up like an opener for his own show.
  10. I finished up the last two tonight. Overall I've enjoyed it but annoyingly I still can't articulate what I think is missing. There wasn't an episode that I thought was bad or boring, it just felt like it lacked some of the... punch... of the YT series. Perhaps the initial creep / surprise factor has gone for me and this didn't seem to fully roll into it as hard as I would have wanted. That said, the themes are still strong but perhaps some of the delivery is a bit more subtle. I wonder if its because, in my head, I was expecting something like Wakey Wakey, until I discovered after the first few episodes they'd change it. I think I need to watch it all again really and I'm still hoping for more. If the Wakey Wakey style wasn't working I can totally get behind them on that - you can see even with potato-cam that they put so much effort into that pilot, so they wouldn't junk the whole idea for no reason. The articles up on the Guardian website - worth a full read, but the bit about Wakey Wakey is here https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/sep/12/people-might-cry-welcome-to-the-hilariously-creepy-world-of-dont-hug-me-im-scared
  11. I've just finished the Friends episode and it now feels to me like the series is hitting is stride after a wobbly start. I dunno if it's been down to the changes made to fit the format, or the longer format itself. Family felt more like it, but not as dark and creepy as I expected (not that it wasn't still both of those things). I properly laughed at the end of Friends, that felt more like the theming of the Youtube episodes and a bit more off the wall. Red guy is actually really funny in this too. I still find it fascinating about how much of a rough ride this had getting to Telly, honestly I should just over the moon that it got made at all. I didn't realise they'd scrubbed the Wakey Wakey short from the face of the Internet and that people had pieced together half the first episode from potato cam / Sundance footage. If you watch the below, a pre-warning that there's some obnoxious forced guffawing from the person filming; I still think that feels more in line with the Youtube episodes but apparently they didn't like the South Park 'open' feel. That strangers song is excellent tho
  12. How it started vs How It's Going Plague boys are fun to paint!
  13. Excite! I was thinking about whatever had happened to this just the other day.
  14. Yay! err.. Boo...?... I guess I'm okay with this if the price is right. But given the Fell Bats are currently £30 alone, I'm not sure how I really feel. edit: current cost of all the models for that - over £100! Ouchie. I kinda get where they're coming from here from a business standpoint. Cursed City's bumpy early life means those required models probably wouldn't have seen life for some time outside of the game otherwise. But its early demise and resurrection means they wouldn't want to do a set with them all in now and undercut the individual sales out there. Typically if things hasn't worked out this way I would have expected something like expansion 1 with Kritza, expansion 2 Lady Annika etc. I wonder if the next one is going to be "get yourself some Direwolves and Belladama Volga to start, then track down the Crimson Court warband".
  15. Yep, bugs a plenty. Couldn't exit the base at one point today because it said I needed to indoctrinate followers (there were none waiting) - fixed that with a restart. Just now it wanted me to do a funeral ritual for a dead cult member, except the character who it required hadn't been buried and had been*ahem* rationed, so they didn't appear on the list. My follower level took a 45% battering because there was nothing to do but let the timer tick away. That said, I'm still enjoying this as there's some mental, twisted moments. I married one of the cultists who ended up getting disenchanted when the loyalty level dropped. So I tried some harsh conversation therapy, built a stocks and and jammed them in till I could talk them around and they saw the error of their ways. They ended up one of the few characters who I've buried in the game when they eventually died of old age and it's the fancy grave that also happens to generate the most faith with the doctrine too. Felt quite poignant after all that. Plus special mention to the Heart guy out in the wilderness and his weird little back story. Only a few lines of text but I think he's my fav of all the characters so far.
  16. I'll stan for Steve (and Max too) all day long. One thing I've hated about this series is it's brought back Musical Youth's Pass the Dutchie - I hated that sodding song back in the day and turns out I hate it just as much now.
  17. The final tally on this was that the equivalent of 11 whole packs out of the 20 were unusable with dents, dings and crumples. I'm hoping the retailers going to take these back and refund me cos I'm really not impressed with what's effectively over a 50% failure rate.
  18. Maybe it's a stealth reveal of a new 6E rule - that or the Paramount DM's homebrewing it edit: snap!
  19. That looks... kinda fun. I have very awful memories of that 2000's D&D film with Irons Jeremy chewing the scenery. I went to the cinema to watch it too (think I must have lost my mind at the start of the millennia tbh). This looks like it might be the Remove Curse spell that film needs!
  20. Damn, thanks both. I've gone back and looked through some others which I'd bought the start of the year for Marvel Champions. Exact same problems for a lot of the cards but I hadn't noticed. Same retailer but unlikely to be the same batch as the recent purchases (I'm assuming at least, based on how much time has passed). Hard to photo it but looks like this (these are two different cards); Others have horizontal drag lines across them (impossible to photo but if you catch them in the light you can really see them).
  21. Anyone using Mayday Premium Sleeves? I've been doing a lot of sleeving so bulk bought some packs. Out of 20 packs of the 63 x 88, the equivalent of 2 whole packs (so around 100 sleeves) are dinged up pretty bad straight out of the pack. The outer packaging is intact, so it looks to be done at manufacture and looks almost like an angled point impact, commonly in the mid-top right or mid-bottom left. Seemed like a really high number of defects. Is this standard for the sleeves or did I get chucked a bad batch?
  22. I've fallen waaaay behind on my Arkham Horror LCG'ing so decided to ease myself back in this week by revisiting the Core box and Night of the Zealot campaign. Not only the first time I've 'won' the final scenario but armed with only the starter decks and base characters too. Previously I've either died or resigned before I then moved on to the next campaign box. So either I've improved since last playing or (more likely) there was some really lucky card pulls from both Investigator and Encounter decks. Big scenario spoilers for anyone who hasn't played it;
  23. Christ, you watch one trailer for this on Youtube and suddenly you're spammed with videos like; "Rings of Power is WOKE madness" "Tolkien Estate sinking due to Rings of Power!" "Rings of Power's characters look too clean!" "Amazon already thinks Rings of Power SUCKS!" and on and on. Only positive is it quickly identifies entire swathes of channels that need to be hidden forever from view by the channel blocker add on!
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