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    Long romantic walks to the fridge.

    To The Moon

    It’s a little trite in places but I’d say a tad more restrained that TTM. KG has another ten years experience with these things and it does show. It hits some similar beats in terms of themes without being quite as much of a rollercoaster. It’s only five hours long though and less than a tenner so well worth seeing for yourself. Edit: oh, but play Finding Paradise first if you haven’t. It’ll really help things make sense.

    To The Moon

    Just finished this. Not entirely sure what to do with myself now. So many themes I identify with. The twist recontextualises the series in a way Lost promised to but never did. Really made me think about what’s important. Can’t really speak more highly of it than that. Poleaxed.
  3. If you mean the code you put into the game to unlock things, it's the Backer Password in your Fangamer account. Make sure to close the game, claim your PSN code, then load up the game and put in your backer password. It won't register that you've claimed it back on PSN if you've still got the game running in the background and go to dashboard.
  4. The good/bad news (depending on your view) is that the third game is also very much of that time. I personally love it. But it will come across as jarring if you haven't played the first two and experienced their idiosyncrasies. Edit: to clarify... the controls are less tank-like and it has some of the rougher edges removed and the meta systems more well-integrated (I'm absolutely loving walking around picking up herbs to sell as sets so that I can buy more fruit to keep Ryo's health up)... but yeah, Assassin's Creed this isn't as free-roaming worlds go.
  5. I could be wrong but I think it’s your Backer Password in your Fangamer list.
  6. Log into your Fangamer account, it’s in there. Your codes will show above where you (presumably) got the Trial Version code. Search your inbox for Fangamer if you’ve forgotten your login. :)
  7. I had a few months without work so got to go to town on this. Really enjoyed the opening, but it seemed to drag about halfway in. the bugs didn't help - one in particular where I had to blow up a console but couldn't, meaning I can never 100% the game. I may have stuck at it until absolutely everything was done but for that. As it is, there were only the 'Tasks' missions left when I entered the endgame and I doubt I'll go back to mop them up. It was a different story with Dragon Age Inquisition, which I loved - and in the end, thought was the better game. ME:A seemed to get a bit sterile, whereas Dragon Age had bags of character - as well as an almighty 'holy fuck!' plot twist att he end which ME:A couldn't really replicate. I'm sad they've shelved the follow up though. Means that even if they pick it back up again in a year, we won't see it for at least another four years. Hoping we get some Quarian DLC. Finding the Arks was one of the more compelling plot points, though I thought they could have made much more of it back at the Nexus once each Ark had been recovered. Is anyone bothering with the multiplayer at all? I'm on Xbone and wouldn't be averse to the odd game now and then.
  8. I've just bought a DC VGA box and am bizarrely excited about replaying a few classics and getting old-skool multiplayer on the go. Also looking into potentially whitening/restoring my machine as its turned a rather unattractive shade of yellow. Has anyone here had a go at that themselves?
  9. Really enjoyed that article. I started reading games mags a little after Mean Machines was at its height and CVG was one of my main go-tos. I had no idea MM was such an influence on CVG. Hope EG continue as hinted thereand go on to do the full CVG story too!
  10. Anyone on Xbone now for some games?
  11. I am. Rise of Iron has reignited the interested. Looking forward to getting on the raid over the next few weeks!
  12. Their problem is they'll have forecasted growth rather than a more realistic target. When I worked at Game HQ they proudly announced they'd had their second best ever year and then promptly told us we were having a pay freeze and no end of year bonuses because despite how well we'd done we were still below their ridiculous projections.
  13. Me this weekend: ????????????????????
  14. Anyone else thinking about taking a short break from this? The recent news about gear progression not carrying over into year two has really blunted my incentive to play right now, and I have so many single player games in my backlog I want to give some time to. Feels like this might be the best chance to do that before Taken King drops and devours my life again. But if I do stop, I know I'll miss it - and kind of feel bad about not playing it. Like I'm letting my usual Fireteam down or missing out on something vital. Such is the way with games of a social nature, I suppose!
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