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  1. Give the joy cons sometime as well. When I got my Switch I didn't like them at first and went and ordered pro controller. By the time the controller turned up the cons had clicked with me and I never used the Pro.
  2. I got in through PSN (just) - I'm downloading now. No email.
  3. RIP Frankie. You are a deep talent, we lost a good one.
  4. I just got a phone call from Bethesda. They are well annoyed!
  5. Corleth the Fey


    Great games guys. Long live Blur - The multiplayer game of the generation.
  6. I asked Shopto a very similar question just the other day. Only the console is going out with DPD. Any games or accessories will be sent separately. Shopto said that they would arrive in time for launch. So I'm expecting them the day before. Going by this you'll get Zelda sent when it would have normally been sent.
  7. Ha - good lad another wild Banderas. Well dunno if that was worth getting up early for - but good to see you guys. Take care!
  8. Don't tell them that thousands already have PS4's. See that would have been good. ^^
  9. That was the MGS 5 prologue game - called Ground Zeroes. It's not real MGS cause no Hayter! ;P
  10. My mind isn't blown, Hideo.
  11. A few more dates would have been informative for most the games shown tonight.
  12. Shu doesn't need subs. He did Banderas at the win. Teasing TLG again.
  13. Still waiting.... Still time for the Last Guardian! Some new Final Fantasy footagewould be nice. Destiny too.
  14. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2013/11/05/youre-invited-experience-ps4s-launch-live-november-14th/
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