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  1. I found that odd in that you get both versions of the game. It goes against the whole smart delivery ethos.
  2. That's happened to me. Found it strange - it was a cheap game (less than 10 quid) so I didn't really mind, but wouldn't feel comfortable doing that with anything expensive.
  3. Did he ever finish it? Also, the game and the DLC are all on sale on PSN. Think I’ll buy the additional scenario pack.
  4. Impressive. After such a long period of time I’d need to restart but would struggle with the motivation for replaying the earlier parts. In other words I’d never finish such a game.
  5. Did you pick up half way through after so many years or start over?
  6. And have to start over again because given that this is Sony the saves are bound to be incompatible
  7. You need to buy a gift card for that store from somewhere such as MTC game. Switch your console region to the store in question, find the game, click to buy and you’ll be asked for payment method. Add the code. Then if it’s the first time buying from said store, will ask for an address. Google a hotel in that country. Add the address. Once purchase is confirmed, switch your console region back to whatever you normally use.
  8. It's a structureless mess, only redeemed by the DLC. It's comfortably the worst game in the series.
  9. It’s probably to do with the tat edition (the one with the Sonic figure). They’ve form for delaying releases due to not sorting out the production of the tat editions.
  10. No. That's the route if you want to buy a game off a specific game store. You'll also need to buy store credit for that store and register the first time using it. If you go down the game code route. Buy the game code. It will be region specific. Apply a VPN that matches said region of code and go to https://redeem.microsoft.com. Login to your Microsoft account and add the code.
  11. Heré's a guide (specifically for buying from MTC game but the same principles apply). Skip to step 5 once you've received your code. https://xbox-store-checker.com/en/how-buy-game-key/
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