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  1. Thanks. I bought the deluxe version at launch and have been waiting patiently for new DLC content; and then missed the announcement.
  2. EA are as trigger happy with discounts if not more so than Codemasters were. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was in a sale with 40% off within 10 days of release.
  3. Secret of Mana (PS4) - My biggest problem with this (and something that plagued last year's Trials of Mana remake) is that it's so slow moving. I'd feel like I'd played for ages and then realised I'd spent 20 minutes playing. It's a drag. As a side note, the graphical style they went with is ugly. Akiba's Trip (PS4) - I really should do more research before buying games. I thought this might be a little like Yakuza - I mean it's a 3D beat em up set in Tokyo. In fact, It's just plain weird in ripping clothes off enemies. Nah. Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions (PS4)
  4. Does this also cover a fixed price change? If not you could just slash the price a few weeks before the store closes. Edit: Looks like the price of some games were hiked as recently as last September on the Brazilian store, so could well be an option. https://psprices.com/region-br/game/82294/suikoden-ii-psone-classic
  5. I've had something like this happen. For me at least, going to the game's page in the store on the console showed the game as being owned and had the option to download.
  6. No. I spent around 50 quid last year and that was mainly on cheap PS3 games that a local store was clearing out. If you don't count the PS3 as retro the only games I bought were US NTSC versions of the PS1 games Soul Blade and Soul of the Samurai for £5 and £10 respectively.
  7. I thought there was a cap on how much you could add and it expired after x years? Definitely no refunds.
  8. I made the mistake of buying a load of games over Christmas and since then I've been afflicted by choice paralysis. I've put 2-10 hours into several games and then moved onto something else. So, I've barely managed to complete anything. 13/01 - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4) - Arguably the best of the Uncharted series. It's short and almost all of the padding has been removed. At it's best in the more open hub worlds where you can go off and explore and uncover several optional puzzles. The combat is as rubbish as ever (the train yard shoot out is just bad), and why I much prefe
  9. So is everyone just grabbing everything, with no intention to actually play any of the games?
  10. Neither should sorting newly hatched chickens. It's a bit dark in places. I guess where the work part comes in, is that you have to do a fair amount of grinding to earn money to unlock all the mini games.
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