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  1. If you’re willing to spend £800+ on a console I’d imagine you’d be a big spender on games. It’s better for Sony than selling a PS5 to the person that only plays FIFA or Call of Duty.
  2. I don't think it's that clear cut. Your overall level and job level are effectively cumulative. So you need to be at a cumulative level of at least 60. Also, do the side stories to obtain as many Pound Mates as possible, and in that particular fight have Ichiban summon one each turn. They're great for clearing out a load of low level goons, buffing up your stats and lowering the stats of your enemies (the crayfish is great on bosses - it'll poison them so they lose health on each turn for seemingly the whole fight once summoned). Also - be sure to attempt to dodge all
  3. It's older than that. First release was mid 1980's
  4. The objectives are optional. If I recall correctly you receive sponsor bonuses for achieving them, but they can be ignored. You receive 3 stars for coming first. Two for being in the top 3. One for simply finishing the race.
  5. That’s Ronaldo. PES is still great.
  6. I notice Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ is down to ten pounds in the PSN sale. There seems minimal chat on here about it. Is it any good? Looks like Ys crossed with Persona.
  7. It plays like rock, paper, scissors. Red (Labour) beats green (Capital) which beats blue (Land). You need to take in at least one employee of each colour. The shareholders will ask a question. Whatever colour that question, answer it with the employee of the colour that beats it (so if the shareholder asks a green question, an employee who is red should answer it) and the shareholder will stand down. Then you need to permanently shut up the shareholder. The shareholder will be of a certain colour (note that they don’t necessarily ask questions of the same c
  8. I don't think so, because the UK government has been making consumer facing companies that export to the UK register for UK VAT. The idea being you pay UK VAT there and then, so there shouldn't be any additional charges and thus you should avoid the need for any handling charges. The down side is that due to the additional admin a lot of companies have decided not to sell to the UK anymore (see the William Shatner web store).
  9. My initial thoughts are that the HDTV doesn't support PAL 60. Might be worth googling the TV model.
  10. Do stats or accessories carry over i.e. should you play on Normal, unlock some better karts or something and then play on Hard?
  11. The hunting is brilliant Saejima for me always takes an age to click. You can’t play him in the way that I play all action games, which is to dodge and counter because he doesn’t have a dodge. He’s a tank and adapting to using him always takes an age. Not helped by his sections in both Yakuza 4 and 5 starting with a part where you have minimal healing items.
  12. Sitting close to the screen definitely makes the game easier
  13. It’s not very clear but post Brexit transition period I think it should only be VAT - as in you’d need to pay UK VAT as opposed to German VAT if you ordered from Amazon Germany for example. Amazon should have the means to calculate and pay that for you, which should eliminate the need to pay the courier a handling charge for paying the UK VAT on your behalf. I would strongly suggest waiting for someone else to order something and see what happens.
  14. Also, you recover all your HP and MP if you gain a level (either character level or job level) and you receive so much experience that you shouldn’t run out of skill points.
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