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  1. 29/09 - Mafia Definitive Edition (Xbox One) - a brilliant remake of the original Mafia. Whilst the game is set in an open world, this is really a narrative driven, cover shooter where the world simply acts as a backdrop. It's misson, mission, mission and all the better for it. 13/10 - Minoria (Xbox One) - excellent Metroidvania from the people behind Momodora. The gothic atmosphere is nicely reminiscent of Castlevania. 13/10 - She Sees Red (Xbox One) - low budget Russian (dubbed into English) interactive movie; where a detective investigates a spate of murders at a nigh
  2. The DS version is also on the Wii U eShop
  3. I’m pretty sure all the PS2 light gun games can be played with a standard controller.
  4. in the epilogue after you’ve completed the game
  5. Same, mine downloaded last night. Although it is out a week or so before the Series X releases.
  6. I’m assuming I’d be better off buying either Origins or Odyssey the next time it’s on sale?
  7. They should have just stuck with making a reskinned Tomb Raider and ignored the multiplayer loot box side
  8. The series has very little in common with Shenmue. It's better to think of the games as narrative heavy JRPGs with real time battles similar to an action game. In addition to this and where the games come into their own are a pile of side stories/missions where the series shows it's less serious side. To add I just found it odd that you like JRPG's and narrative heavy games and haven't bothered to play any games in a series that should satisfy that criteria.
  9. I didn't pre-order a PS4, and then on the week of release decided I'd quite like to have one. The only place with stock was GAME; and to buy one you had to buy one of their bundle "deals". So for 655 quid I ended up with the PS4 value pack (console, two controllers, camera, Killzone); Battlefield; Call of Duty; FIFA; Assassin's Creed Black Flag and Need for Speed Rivals. It wasn't a great launch line up and I seemingly ended up with half the launch games. I think Killzone; Battlefield; Call of Duty and FIFA received about an hour's play each - I don't like first person shooters and FIFA isn't
  10. You seem to have ignored the Yakuza series. It's the best thing on the PS4. Start with Yakuza 0.
  11. I find that for Platinum’s games it’s better for me to play it through initially on easy. You have time to try out different combos; perfect dodges; learn the layout of the levels and more importantly earn experience which unlocks a load of extra abilities without the risk of hitting a frustrating section. Then move onto Normal; then Hard as a kind of natural progression as you understand the mechanics.
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