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  1. Change the en-GB part of the link to nl-nl like so: https://marketplace.xbox.com/nl-nl/Product/Jet-Set-Radio/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258411247
  2. That doesn’t seem bad. I’m playing One Piece Odyssey at the moment and during cutscenes you have Nami’s breasts lightly jiggle as she breaths. Which I guess you can do with the power of current consoles, but seems wrong to me. It doesn’t happen to Nico Robin but she’s wearing more clothes.
  3. Yes. Anyone who played the Last of Us for more than an hour and didn’t turn it off in disgust is clearly a psychopath.
  4. Is the free to play PES actually good now? Or are you playing an older version?
  5. Same. I thought there was the rare luxury of a manual inside the box given the extra weight and was disappointed to find two disks.
  6. The earlier games were - Shining Force borrowed heavily from Fire Emblem. I haven't played the newer entries which seem to have as much emphasis on doing stuff outside of battle than in.
  7. Bribes. From what I recall all of Future publishing (who were notorious for giving massively inflated scores for exclusive reviews) reviewed it months before release. I don't think the multiplayer mode had even been implemented then.
  8. Played through Rising over the past week and got the Platinum trophy. I'd been put off as I thought incorrectly it involved linear levels, as opposed to a hub and a handful of levels that you go back and forth to. I also hadn't realised the big focus on fetch quests (there's 160!), which I'm a big fan of. Great stuff.
  9. The first one was released on the PS1. The PAL version of Magical Drop 3 included it as a bonus disk.
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