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  1. I care about Test cricket. Twenty 2O I enjoy watching. You can come home and watch a whole match in an evening, but at the end of the day I don’t really care. One day cricket I no longer see the point of.
  2. For the ridiculously long named one it’s going to be either Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle NieR Automata Become as Gods Edition Probably NieR to tie in with sticking a capital letter at the end of February.
  3. 10/02 - One Piece: World Seeker (Xbox One) - This is an open world take on One Piece, with very blue skies. I don't know One Piece, but by far the best thing about the game were the characters. You can't help but like them all. As for the game itself, the story's good, but the pacing is all over the place. Unfortunately there's a big focus on combat and the combat is bad - it's lacking in variety and is very sluggish. Overall I enjoyed it, the characters and the bright blue skies make it, but a better combat engine would not have gone amiss. Previously:
  4. Beyond Two Souls is absolute rubbish, with the exception of one Native American part that’s really good. Detroit is far better.
  5. I downloaded it this morning. Only 11 GB. So I’m hoping I won’t get hit with another bigger update this evening.
  6. I assumed it was to drive sales of PS Plus. Another quirk is that to download a save of a physical game off the cloud you need to have the game installed.
  7. Can you preload Yakuza 5? I thought all PS4 games had the option, but can’t seem to find Yakuza 5 in the PlayStation Store.
  8. Hang on. Microsoft doesn’t get everyone to update at the same time?
  9. Can you still press the Xbox button and choose it from the menu that pops up?
  10. Aren’t all versions of Final Fantasy XV the Royal Edition just with the stuff you haven’t got access to behind a paywall?
  11. Sayonara Wild Hearts. Some gameplay would have been nice.
  12. They usually give them away as one of the Games with Gold.
  13. I’m not sure. It doesn’t have the variety of games of other consoles; and a lot of the games have aged quite badly. Two of my non gaming mates both went out and bought N64s for nostalgic reasons seven or eight years ago and still have them plugged into their TVs. They’re Mario Kart and Goldeneye machines respectively.
  14. Cashflow for them. In practice if you do pre order anything from GAME you can’t get a refund if you change your mind, but after the release of the item you can use the deposit as store credit on anything else.
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